Saturday, April 26, 2008

Archbishop calls for Communism

Rowan Williams is not merely a bumbling fool but, it seems, a deeply unpleasant man. Let us remind ourselves of his record over the last year or so, shall we?

In January 2007, one of his speeches could be—as was, by your humble Devil—summed up thusly.
The shorter Dr Rowan Williams: "The terrorists of 9/11 had no other option but to fly planes into the World Trade Centre killing over 3,000 innocent people and those people weren't innocent anyway because they were involved in trade and every time anyone trades anywhere it is, in fact, an act of violence."

Fucking hell, it seems that the Church of England is being led by someone who is not just naive, but actively evil. I can barely disguise my contempt for this little shit...

Then, in January 2008, Rowan Williams won your humble Devil's Unspeakable Cunt of the Day award for his attack on free speech.
Wales also produced today's Spectacularly Unspeakable Cunt Of The Day.
In the James Callaghan Memorial lecture, Dr Williams challenged the argument that free speech must always prevail, saying that society had to protect the sensibilities of people who were not in a position to defend themselves.


The only good thing about Dr Rowan Williams is that, being a Christian, once I've stabbed him in one side of his face, he has to turn the other cheek so I can easily pierce the other side of his smug, hairy twat-face.

And then we can start calling him "Kit" Williams. As in "assembly kit". As in one lamp-post; one length of rope; one illiberal, Welsh, Archbishop of Canterbury: some assembly required.

In February 2008, the bearded clam then called for people in Britain to be able to decide whether they would like to be subject to British law or shari'a.
I would like to echo my colleague's assessment of Rowan Williams's latest piece of crap—why can't this man shut his fucking face?
The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams says the adoption of Islamic Sharia law in the UK is "unavoidable".

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is an utter arsehole who should be strung up by a meathook through his scrotum.

You, Williams, are a fuckwit and a dangerous fuckwit at that. Oh, who will rid me of this turbulent priest?

[Waits expectantly for four knights to go and murder the bastard.]

Yes, yes, I know I'm not a king but throw me a frickin' bone here*...

* Preferably one of Rowan Williams's.

Ladies and gentlemen, how can the hairy (corn)flakey bastard possibly top this litany of evil, stupidity and ignorance? By supporting communist policies, of course!
In a pessimistic analysis of modern British life and the economy Gordon Brown has overseen for a decade, Rowan Williams said the Government should impose tougher rules on lenders and demanded action to close the wealth gap between rich and poor.

Go fuck yourself, Williams. Seriously.
Dr Williams warned that an "economy built on spiralling, more or less uncontrolled, credit" is leading to "the erosion of family life and the erosion of self-confidence" for many people.

Oh, really? I'd blame it on authoritarian wankers like Williams and the bastard sodding state, myself.
Christian charities working with the poor have found that as many as one in three of their clients are being driven to consider suicide as they struggle to pay off debts, he told the House of Lords.

You know what? Tough. They voluntarily took on these debts; no one forced them to live beyond their means. No, not even advertising did that. These people are solely responsible for their indebtedness.

And if Christian charities are helping them, well, excellent; that is what charities should exist for—voluntarily helping those in need.
Young people in particular, he said, are under greater pressure, often becoming burdened by "crippling" levels of debt because inadequate financial education leaves them unable to understand the consequences of the loans they take out.

Really? You take out a loan; if you cannot make repayments, then there will be consequences. The loans are based on an interest rate which, in many cases, can fluctuate. You can choose to take out this loan but it automatically means that you are living beyond your means.

There, that's financial education for all of my readers: it wasn't difficult, was it? Oh, and by the by, if the state education system in this country is a massive load of old shit, whose fault is that, precisely?
Significantly, the Archbishop said the introduction of student loans has intensified the problem, helping persuade many young people that large debts are routine and normal.

Oh, well, such is life. One would have thought—from the number of students and ex-students that I know who bitch and moan about the size of their student loan—that "young people" would be extraordinarily keen not to take on yet more debts, wouldn't one?
Amid the global credit crunch, mainstream lenders are increasing wary of lending to people on low incomes, meaning they are forced to rely on specialist loan companies that charge higher rates.

Dr Williams said he was "bothered" by such lenders profiting from charging high rates to the poorest members of society, and called for stronger regulation, and possibly even a legal cap on interest rates.

Look, Williams, you dumb bastard, rates to those most likely to default are always going to be higher. If a reputable lender will not let you borrow money, I would say that it is a message that you shouldn't borrow it. And certainly not from someone who is going to charge you huge amounts of interest precisely because you are a bad risk (and who might break your legs if you default).
The huge salaries and bonuses enjoyed by many bankers and financiers are breeding "envy and cynicism" and leaving less well-off people "alienated from society," Dr Williams said.

"There may be an element of 'I would like some of that' but there is also an element of 'What kind of society is this? How can I trust the system when it rewards some people so disproportionately in a way that doesn't connect at all with where I am?'" he said, The answer, he said, could be the "regulation of high salaries".

Could it now? So, we should legislate to cap the maximum salary, should we? My goodness, Archbishop, how very Communist of you. Seriously, matey, go fuck yourself. Without lube.

Who deems what is a reasonable salary level, Williams? You? And shall we regulate for every job or just those that you don't like? Fuck, but you are a loathesome individual.
Alan Duncan, the Conservative business spokesman, yesterday backed the Archbishop's call. "Too few politicians have appreciated the plight of poorer people trapped in debt," he said.

You fucking what?

Harry Haddock sums up the Archbishop's latest car-crash speech quite nicely.
Not content with demanding an end to free speech, the Archbishop now believes that the Church should tell us how to run the economy, what is acceptable wealth, and various other statist rubbish.

I can’t be arsed to fisk the article ~ some of it is stupid, airy fairy left wing nonsense, some of it (for instance the call for regulation of salaries) is borderline communist, but it strengthens the call for disestablishment of the Church. And then preferably Williams’ head from his body.

Amen to that.

UPDATE: I like this aside, from Finding The Bomb...
I've always found it funny that the guy who supposedly represents the Anglican church has the eyebrows of the fucking devil.



Dom said...

To quote a letter in the last copy of Viz, "Why doesn't the Archbishop of Canterbury just bend over and put his hat on his arse?"

Bill Haydon said...

Oh fucking hell, theists need a spokesgodbotherer who isn't a subsidy sucking socialist twat. Unfortunately it says fuckloads about us that we don't.

I feel like a socialist circa 1989 - ie losing and about to die.

Anonymous said...

The James Callaghan Memorial lecture? What the fuck? Who came up eith that sodding stupid idea? Can anyone tell me why we would want to remember a prime minister who brought Britain to its knees? Then again, a useless unelected cunt who presided over an economic meltdown, it reminds me of someone. How many eyes did Callaghan have?

Sacerdoteuk said...

Oh come on, Christianity is intrinsically a socialist religion. Remember, it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. We should all be as poor as the proverbial church mouse, on our knees begging the church for crusts and worshipping God for his bounty. That would keep the ArchBish happy.

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