Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wikio, Wikia, Wikium

#2 is you know who. Woo. This piccie is for posterity.

Yesterday I was contacted by one of the chaps behind Wikio, which aims to be a central point for news and blogs. This is the rough summary as it was told to me.
Wikio has just launched in the UK; it is Europe's number 1 news portal, providing the most comprehensive news searches on the Internet.

Wikio's search engine scours not only traditional news sources, but blogs too: a Wikio search returns all the relevant articles, blog posts, videos and mp3s on a story from tens of thousands of news sites and the collection of over 13,000 blogs indexed thus far.

We shall see how it does amongst all of the other aggregators out there. After all, Politics Home should be launching soon. Well, soonish. Well probably sometime in the next decade anyway.

Naturally, although there are a number of well-known blogs missing and I have no idea of how Wikio's team are measuring such things, but I am very happy to see The Kitchen at number 2 in the "Most Influential Political Blogs" charts. No doubt I shall be supplanted soon, but just allow me this little moment of joy, OK?

UPDATE: how the rankings are calculated.
The position of a blog in the Wikio ranking depends on the number and weight of the incoming links from other blogs. These links are dynamic, which means that they are backlinks or links found within articles.

Blogrolls are not taken into account and Wikio only counts links from the last 120 days. We thus hope to provide a classification more representative of trends in the blogosphere.

Moreover, the weight of a link depends on the linking blog’s position in the Wikio ranking. With our algorithm, the weight of a link from a top blog is greater than that of a link from a blog that is less well ranked.

This will be interesting: the omission of blogrolls will make it particularly so...


MatGB said...

Political Betting only at 4? Weird. And people actually link to LabourHome enough to get it in the top 10? I mean, I know it's always good for comedy value, but even so.

Wonder how they'd classify my only personal blog at the moment? General I guess. Really ought to write more stuff at the Conspiracy.

Unsworth said...

"Politics Home should be launching soon. Well, soonish. Well probably sometime in the next decade anyway"

Got that in writing at all?

Anonymous said...

Er.... political blogs, and guido is missing?

And some odd omissions from health too, though I hesitate to say it


Mr Eugenides said...

It seems a little idiosyncratic. Mind you, since my name is in there, I shall complain not.

In the spirit of reciprocity I shall give 'em a plug later on.

Anonymous said...

There are certainly still a few omissions that we are remedying, not least Guido Fawkes' site.

As for how the rankings are compiled, there is a brief explanation on the rankings page [link is above the list on the right], which should hopefully make them a tad more tangible.

Oh and let me just offer my hearty congrats to you, DK, for the 2nd place.

Anonymous said...

What took you so long? (well, that's one way to get a link from the No.2 blog!)

Anonymous said...

It IS indeed idiosyncratic. I'm the 300th most influential blog in the UK although I am not, in fact, IN the UK. The 96th most influential is another Canuck as well.

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