Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What will you do today?

Apparently, the Gobblin' King is going to launch the local polling campaign. Needless to say, The Nameless One isn't impressed.
The world waits with baited breath for the man who can make failed terrorist attacks seem boring to announce how he is going to fight an election that won’t really change anything at all. I’d love to be at the launch but unfortunately I have something more interesting and fun to do. I’m going to sit in the corner and hit myself repeatedly in the face. With a tyre iron.

Like TNO, I have better and more worthwhile to do. I shall sat sit, naked, on a freezing metal chair on my balcony, shivering in the icy wind, and repeatedly wallop myself in the nuts with a piece of two by four.
It is telling that the BBC can’t make this news exciting. All we have is the same phrase repeated over and over again—basically that Brown would like a better showing in these elections than what happened last May. No, really? A politician wants to do well in an election? Crazy stuff.

Colour me bored.


Anonymous said...


take a look at this.

James Higham said...

Warren Zevon:

I'm going to hurl myself against the wall 'cause I'd rather feel bad than feel nothin' at all .....

Anonymous said...

I could be overjoyed that Brown will bring Liebore down except that the Libdums are worse and Cameron has the EPP promise hanging round his neck. God help us, these are the people with what's left of the power over us that the EU has not been given.

Anonymous said...

Imagine, the door bell rings.

You open the door to see these pair of clowns looking back at you.

I'm getting annoyed already!

AndNowInStereo said...

I couldn't care less about local elections now, so I keep an eye on world elections instead. But I couldn't hope but groan when I saw
the BBC's coverage of the recent Bhutanese election: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/7313325.stm

Look at the quote from an EU election observer: "We do think that plurality of viewpoints, and giving the voters a genuine choice of alternative ideologies, is important in democracies," said EU observer Holly Ruthrauff.

"And this is one of the things we will highlight to the Bhutanese authorities, something they might want to work on in the future."

When will the EU get around to doing that, then?

John Trenchard said...

"EU election observer"..

ha ha.

what next? An North Korean Democracy Advocate?

A Nazi Zionist Organisation?

Or an Islamic Human Rights Commission?

oh wait. that last one, errr, actually does exist

jabrwok said...

"Baited breath"? What, did he eat a worm?

Anonymous said...

I shall sat sit, naked, on a freezing metal chair on my balcony, shivering in the icy wind, and repeatedly wallop myself in the nuts with a piece of two by four.

We do expects photographic proof, you know ;-)

Anonymous said...

Jason beat me to it!

Anonymous said...

How about this campaign gets extended.

Ban ALL Labour politicans from EVERY private institution, forum, group, facebook, you name it.

Them fuckers need to taste their own bitter medicine!

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