Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What Do The Scottish National Party And The Crew Of The Starship Enterprise Have In Common?

They're both groups of space cadets engineered by technocrats from Linlithgow who spend all day complaining they don't have enough power.


John Trenchard said...

OT: last years floods were not caused by "climate change"


nothing to see here. move along now...

( this was reported on by ITN tonight - but relegated to a local news report)

Anonymous said...

In fairness, one has to note that the SNP have, since day one, said that the only situation in which they will have "enough" power is when Scotland is completely independent.

That being so, everything they are doing and have done - including the demands for more power to be devolved to Edinburgh - is wholly in keeping with their stated long-term intentions (viz., independence).

Besides, Big Alex annoys me a whole lot less than the leaders of the Big Three. And his successes piss off the Labourites no end so, y'know, more power to him.

Anonymous said...

Actually they have some neat policies. They are engaging in a very realistic way with us, the punters, and they have shafted Gordon the bogeyman.

I voted for them and I am English. I have no regrets.

The only snag is the Scottish press, who are Nulab almost to a man and Westminster, who are by turns vindictive and mocking.

Sooner or later they will realise that this does not go down well North of the border.

There is nothing absurd about the SNP. They are succesfully managing a minority administration and pleasing the punters.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 01:55am said:
'There is nothing absurd about the SNP.'

There is. Their almost complete lack of understanding that Scotland is ruled more from Brussels than from London is absurd.

As we know it is not possible to be in the EU without being ruled by the EU. The EU is not a cosy intergovernmental chat room that will act on the SNP's criticism of the CFP.

And the EU will impose its own methods on Scotland, such as Corpus Juris, more completely than London has ever done.

RfS said...

What a can of worms you opened here Martin.

I tried a Star Trek joke at TerryWatch and within a day I wish I had not.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

In "The Scotsman" today...

The SNP Government's efforts to attract more foreign investment were reinforced yesterday when Scotland was named European "region of the future."
Beating off competition from 38 other nations and regions in Europe, Scotland was found to be the best location for foreign direct investment (FDI).

In a competition run by fDi magazine, published by the Financial Times group, Scotland came out ahead of Flanders in Belgium, Northern Ireland and the Cote D'Azure in France.

Martin said...

Anonymous 02:13:00 PM

I'm afraid I'm a little more cynical about such surveys than you are.

That one is a great place for for foreign direct investment could mean the locals are so skint that everything's a bargain.

This is not a finding on which the SNats should be trumpeting the virtue of separation; for so doing so would mean they believe we'd be just as skint separate as in the Union.

Anonymous said...

The DK wrote a couple of paragraphs above. ...Further, I am not xenophobic in the least and nor are the vast majority of EUsceptics[Nationalists] that I know; we simply want to be ruled by the Parliament that we have elected, not one that we have not...(You should be consistent if you are planning being a politician)

Scottish Nationalists/Eurosceptics want to determine their own destiny. We should be defined by our intention to control and manage our government systems based on elected members we voted for. This has historically not been the case. Who is in power in Westminister has nothing to do with how Scotland votes. It is not a rejection of England just an adjustment from a landlord / tenant relationship to a home owner neighbour.

We have many problems that are Scottish problems and require Scottish solutions. Remote management from London based on the needs of 50 million people should never reflect the priorities of 5 million in the north. We need to deal with our own issues and come up with our own answers. We surely cannot fuck it up any more than the two options currently on the table. Ex-Public School Cunts and Ex-Public Service Cunts

Now I am not saying out politicians are any less cheating corrupt cunts that total fuckwitts in Westminister have always been but by having the option to vote them in or out based on their performance would be a step in the direction of democracy.

If we are not able to look after ourselves then we should fucking learn. If we are being subsidised by England let it stop and if we are being robbed let that stop too.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10:04pm

You are fixated on 'Remote management from London ..'.

Scotland is much more 'remotely managed' from Brussels than London. The EU is more remote, less democratic, more corrupt and more insistent on uniformity than London is.

Further the UK government has always had a Scottish element, - often far greater than the relative population sizes.

Until the SNP addresses the problem of EU control it will continue to look absurd.

Anonymous said...

Budgie. What I meant about "Remote Management From London" was that they surely have the needs of the 50 million people of England to deal with. At no point did I mention the SNP as having all the answers nor mention Brussels as the answer.

In fact I am making the case that Scotland should manage its own affairs as should England and everywhere else.

The SNP are angling for anyway to provide independence. Wheels within Wheels.

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