Friday, March 14, 2008

What are they hiding? Not their fear...

... at having to reveal their expenses claims under an FoI request, for that is only too obvious, as my skint Athenian friend has noted.
He said the Commons Members Estimate Committee, which is reviewing the expenses system, was "coming to the view" that every MP's expenses for the past three years should be published - and was set to make that recommendation to MPs.

But in return MPs are likely to demand higher salaries or a £160-a-day allowance, he added.

This is absolutely unacceptable. Let me spell this out: fuck. Off.

Can you imagine what the reply would be if I turned around to my boss and said, "well, you pay me £60,000 a year, but I am not actually going to turn up to work unless you pay me £160 every time that I do". The answer would be short and sharp, I would imagine.

My skint Athenian mate puts it rather well, I think.
No, fuck you. It is I who will make the demands of you, not the other way round. If I am to pay for your coffee machines and your whirlpool baths, then I absolutely fucking demand to see a receipt. And I fucking know you have one, so cough it up. You will not get a no-questions-asked per diem, and you will not get more money; since you have outsourced most of your legislative functions to Brussels anyway, we should be paying you less in any case.

That they treat the British public as a cash cow for their stupid government schemes is bad enough; expecting us to keep their wives in upholstered deep-pile luxury, and put their sons and daughters through university via non-existent jobs funded through the public payroll, is worse; and demanding that we stop asking awkward questions simply shows them up for the grasping scumbags they are.

This is, of course, symtomatic of the rot within the entire system. These fucking high and mighty little bastards have forgotten who they work for: you work for us, you cunts. We will dictate the terms, not you.

And just because you have been found to be abusing our trust by milking the expenses system for all you are worth, that is not a reason for you to get more money. In fact, it is a reason to give you less; you have shown that you simply cannot be trusted in terms of either honesty or competence. Had you not been taking the fucking piss, continually, for fucking years, then you would not have got into this mess.

Fuck off.


Anonymous said...

What some members of the public miss in all this is that all these things are completely free of tax and NI and equivalent to a salary rise of over double the anmount.

Nobody else working away from home for over two years could claim for a second home near work. Claiming for a TV set???, stereo?? I really must try that one on the tax man.

Neal Asher said...

You're only allowed to pay for that portion of the running costs of a second home that relate to work, or work equipment (computer, desk, whatever). Damn this sort of thing so pisses me off. When doing manual work self-employed I couldn't even claim in full for the truck I used exclusively for that work.

Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it except shout loudly about it and hope embarrassment forces them to do the right thing, and we know how well that works, or until large numbers of us start refusing to pay taxes and start lobbing bricks at them. And they damned well know it.

DC said...

Why don't they just buy 650 old army married quarters in London. Fit them out with military furniture. Move in the MPs. If you lose your seat you leave your house (after thoroughly cleaning it). You get a £1000 flat rate to cover moving expenses - setting up a phone line, getting rid of the crap curtains, etc.

If that's good enough for the armed forces then it should be good enough for our parliamentarians.

Oh and they'd pay rent and council tax for the privilege of living in a rather run down 1960s house.

It would be a whole lot of fun having them all live on the same street too.

Anonymous said...

Some shit article in the Guardian today saying that MPs should actually get paid more because they work so hard and are certainly not cunts at all.
The comments expressed afterwards were much more insane. Someone suggested that because city types get paid "obscene" amounts, they hardly think MPs getting a "few extra quid" would make a difference. It's frightening that some people hate capitalism so much that they abandon all logic and reason and spout such utter shit. Can't see any difference between private money and public money - it's all evil money to them.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea us. I spent a few happy years doing march outs as OC GD Flight at RAF Catterick before it was closed. I can personally testify to the considerable lengths a lot of the wives went to to bring their houses, not least their cookers, up to the standard required. I rather like the idea of going from room to room, doing a white hankchief inspection of the work of some self regarding MPs wife. Perhaps you would care to join me?

Anonymous said...

US said:

'Why don't they just buy 650 old army married quarters in London.' for MPs.

Excellent idea.

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