Monday, March 24, 2008

Vista still a triumph!

A little while ago, I read the following on Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.
MicroShaft™ is due to release Vista Service Pack 1 on Tuesday, and shortly thereafter, the final Service Pack for XP.

But here is the caveat:

Aparently, there are some computers currently running Vista that have certain drivers on them that cannot be upgraded with the new Service Pack. Last week there was an automatic upgrade that went out that caused those machines with the drivers to fail in the middle of the upload, causing the machine to do the continuous reboot routine.

So MicroShaft™ is going to block those machines from getting the SP1 upgrade.

They refuse to let people know what the drivers are, or what hardware those drivers are for. If you go to the Windows Update site, you just won’t be offered the option to upgrade to SP1.

In other words, they intend to just let you stick with the heavily patched, original version of Vista — you’ve come as far as you can go.

This creates a really complicated problem.

MicroShaft™ is NOT going to create a separate Vista stream for Automatic Updates. Any security patches that come after the SP1 upgrade will only be applied to those computers with SP1.

Sure, you might be able to downgrade to WinXP. but if you bought your machine right when Vista was released, chances are you have some hardware in it was designed for Vista and will not work in XP.

Additionally, MicroShaft™ slated to stop selling XP at the end of June.

Surely not? Not even Microsoft would be this incompetent? So, I thought that I'd leave it for a little while and see if any more details emerged. After all, to be fair to Microsoft, they do have to support a lot of drivers and if it just peripheral drivers, well, such is life. And, of course, it could just be that those peripheral manufacturers weren't supporting Vista properly.

But now we have a confirmation of that story, and it's not peripheral drivers that aren't being supported.
PCs from Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, Lenovo, and other major computer makers that contain a widely used Intel chipset can't be upgraded to Windows Vista Service Pack 1 if they're running certain drivers.

Microsoft has said that Vista SP1 won't work with "a small number of device drivers." The list, however, includes drivers for an Intel chipset that's found in thousands of PCs and laptops.

The affected chipset is Intel's 945G Express series, which is used in computers from virtually all major system vendors. It's also found on standalone motherboards sold by Asus. The 945G Express chipset driver versions between numbers and won't work with Vista SP1, according to Microsoft.

Chipsets provide a connection point for all key subsystems within a PC.

The 945G Express chipset includes Intel's GMA 950 graphics core, which also won't work with Vista SP1 if those drivers are used.

Microsoft is urging Vista users to update all of their hardware to the latest drivers before even attempting to install SP1.

The service pack also won't work with computers that use certain, widely-deployed audio drivers from Realtek and certain drivers for security devices manufactured by Symantec. Microsoft has published a full list of drivers that are incompatible with the service pack.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is continuing to receive reports from computer users who say Vista SP1 is wreaking havoc on their systems.

Seriously, Vista is a complete fucking disaster, isn't it? I mean, naturally I have to suppress a belly-laugh (well, I don't normally suppress it, to be honest) every time that I see another Vista fuck-up story, but this is incompetence on a grand scale.

Fucking hellski...


Anonymous said...

Sounds about right A friend of mine bought a laptop with vista on it against my advice and after a week no Internet(a known problem it appears) like a fool I said gis a go and after a week of hard work finding obscure drivers and work arounds I got XP sp2 to work and its still going.When I finally have to ditch XP im goin MAC.Bill Gates can suck my knob if he thinks Im paying for that huge malware prog called vista.I wouldnt even get a pirate copy.

Anonymous said...

I have had my iMac for three weeks now, and it has not crashed once and I have not had a whisper of "can't find driver, please insert CD and so on". This is an unsettling new experience.

The last thing I did before I said goodbye to Bill, was put VISTA on my Hewlett Packard PC

It was a driver nightmare.

Why are software manufacturers excused from the Sale of Goods Act? Why is there no concept of merchantable quality? Why do I never read the small print?


Bag said...

It's the level of incompetance you would normally only expect from a government.

And like the government M$ continues on down it's planned path without a care in the world.

Bishop Brennan said...

Perhaps the Competition Authorities should have sorted out MS's anti-competitive practices when they happened, rather than allowing it to become a behemoth that can afford to laugh at their rather pathetic 'fines' of a few hundred million Euros...

Now those of us who aren't as techy as DK (and therefore don't want to go down the linux route) are left with Apple's monopolistic pricing as the only option... :(

MrHunnybun said...

Oh come on, it isn't that bad.

I've installed Vista-SP1 on nearly a dozen computer with no problems at all.

Most of the driver problems that you mention have been resolved or will be by the middle of April. Then Microsoft update will pick up the driver update, then pick up SP1. Well, in theory :)

Anonymous said...

Frightening news.

Vista is slow and frequently goes into caning the disk mode when it will refuse to do anything else, the PC is just totally dead. WTF it is doing I have no idea.

Unfortunately, as I have a very small s/w company I have to develop for it, sticking with XP is not an option.

Anonymous said...

PS To others stuck with it, always instal on a user kept just for instals. When drivers screw up it always seems to be something in the local user settings.

Quiet_Man said...

Been running Vista SP1 for a while now, no problems at all.

Jones said...

Microsoft Vista is the best sales tool Apple Macintosh have ever had. With this in mind, I have decided that the next computer I buy will be a Mac. Unless they make a similar cock up of course.

At present I'm still running 2000 on my old Compaq without a problem, my only bitch being IE6, hey, but there's always Firefox.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the reason for Vista's problems is explained here.

The article is primarily about Internet Explorer 8, but applies to Vista as well. It's actually a tough problem with no easy solutions. I suppose Microsoft is going for short term suffering now for longer term gain.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Is it possible that Vista was developed by Apple moles at MS? Vista was probably the best marketing tool that Apple have ever had. Also, what Dr JC says.

Anonymous said...

I bought a new desktop which came with Vista.

The scanner was incompatible. Tolerable because I can still use it on another PC on the home network.

It is very fussy playing video files and frequently freezes whereas the Win 2000 PC plays them without flaw and the XP laptop plays them providing I have the proper codec.

Unknown said...

Ah, Vista. My latest joy was not being able to use my DVD-ROM at all from the GUI if I disabled autoplay. So I've either got to use their cruddy excuse for a command line or put up with autoplay irritants in their book. Cheers, Microsoft. This is with a laptop that's supposed to be designed for bloody Vista too.

Good thing I have Cygwin installed really. A proper CLI that lets me work around the whole issue, though it's not properly compatible with Vista either (the installer requires manual intervention in several places as processes it spawns go haywire).

Anonymous said...

shit ,, i hate everything and evrybody....i just sat here for 2 fuckin hours used up a good deal of my bandwidth allowance only to be told that vista dont want to install this £$$%$service pack FUN((*** on this laptop... fuck it. fuck you microsoft.

vista is a pile of steaming shit...
the only good thing out of all this is i found this blog, so now i can read ACE rants as well....before you say it, fuck off with your vista love fancy Icon and graphic junkies OIBH*P&^)*^i'm NFI

Anonymous said...

You better believe it, micro-tard will fuck the world one home-user at a time.

Bring it on... let's all go back to paper receipts, note-books with lines in and have to wait 3 weeks to get a bank statement.
oh the joy of a non working BIC Biro and then the next one you pick up as well heh.......meallshurepuhhhhhhh

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