Monday, March 03, 2008

The Vista is beautiful (if you have good enough hardware)

A whole load of emails have been submitted as part of a class action lawsuit against Microsoft for its "Vista Ready" campaign. And, as Fake Steve notes, the hilarity never stops.
Meanwhile a lawsuit reveals that even as they were telling the world how great Vista was, Microsoft executives and board members were tearing their hair out trying to use it and complaining mightily that it was a piece of shit. Former Borg boss and now Borg board member Jon Shirley refused to upgrade his second machine from XP after seeing how bad Vista was on his first machine. Also, it turns out Dell was blasting them too. In other words they all knew it was an unusable piece of shit even as they were out encouraging customers to buy it.

Indeed they were, and some of the quotes are priceless.
Private Microsoft emails unearthed during a US court case have revealed that even the software giant's own executives struggled to get Windows Vista running smoothly.

Early adopters of the operating system, which launched last year, battled with widespread hardware and software compatibility issues. Many PCs initially sold as "Vista Capable" were unable to run some of Vista's core features, sparking a class action lawsuit against Microsoft.

Many computer components and peripherals required updated drivers in order to work with Vista. In numerous cases these were not available until long after the operating system launched.

But the emails show that it wasn't just end-users who were incensed by Vista's teething issues. In fact, Microsoft's top brass were fully aware of them from the outset.

One executive, Mike Nash, complained he was "burned" so badly by compatibility issues he was left with "a $2100 email machine".

Steven Sinofsky, the Microsoft executive in charge of Windows, struggled to even get his home printer working with Vista. In an email to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in February last year, Sinofsky outlined reasons why Vista struggled at launch.

He said hardware and software vendors never "really believed we would ever ship [Vista] so they didn't start the work [on updated drivers] until very late in 2006".

"People who rely on using all the features of their hardware (like Jon's Nikon scanner) will not see availability for some time, if ever, depending on the [manufacturer]," Sinofsky wrote.

Ballmer responded with a terse "Righto".

Aahahahaha! Brilliant! Still, as Fake Steve says, sometimes one even begins to feel sorry for the Borg.
You know what? It's really starting to get sad up there in Redmond. Most days I can't even work up the energy to hate them. But some days I still can, and on those days I feel really, really good about myself.

I'm with you there, Fake Steve...

UPDATE: Fake Steve loves those XO laptops too...
Attention freetards: $100 laptop now available for only $600

See this ad on Craigslist and act fast if you want to snap up one of these precious machines for only six hundred dollars! That's right. Six. Hundred. Dollars. Or you could just take the money out into your backyard and set it on fire. Or you could send six hundred dollars to help some kid in the Third World get food. Or medicine. Just saying.

It's not been an unmitigated success...


Anonymous said...

There's plenty of this partisan PC bashing on the web, why keep sticking this kind of crap on this usually shit-hot blog.

If you're so biased over this matter, how credible do your other viewpoints look?

Unknown said...

It's not even all that pretty. The translucency loses its shiny factor after a while and then it just looks kinda stupid. It certainly doesn't make up for the godawful UI design, like the amazing lack of a button to go up the directory tree in some of the file dialogues or how when your directories have media files in them you somtimes can't adjust the size of the columns.

I miss XP. It was more reliable, had better performance, and didn't have the random compatibility problems I've ran into so far. Really should have looked a bit harder and bargained for an XP install on my laptop.

Anonymous said...

My copy of Vista works fine, and has done for the last 6 months.

DK you're just a Microsoft-playa-hater. Admit it!

Everyone loves to hate Microsoft because they're the biggest and the best.

Anonymous said...

Lots of this boring Vista-bashing all over the place. Personally I've been using it for 18months, and it's just always worked, not a single crash (unlike XP), and it's marginally faster unless you have ancient hardware. The driver problems aren't even MS's fault - manufacturers had literally years of prerelease versions to get them working. Plenty of my really obscure hardware worked from the go, including some truly ancient DVB cards.

Meanwhile, my flatmate's Macbook reboots whenever it tries to access shared network files.

Yes, Vista really isn't much of an improvement, it's a waste of money etc etc. But most of the whining about is just tedious drivel, that makes even this committed Microsoft basher feel compelled to defend it.

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