Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There's Something About Mary Libertarians...

Third Party Watch has picked up on the New Statesman's blog concerning your humble Devil, and comments on the sweariness of Libertarians.
Speaking as a recent former Director of Communications for the U.S. Libertarian Party, congratulations and welcome aboard. Next time both of us are in the same city, I’ll buy the first round.

With regards swear blogging on the job, the only advice I can offer follows:
  1. I’ve been accused of cursing like a sailor before.

  2. Most of my political reporter friends curse like drunken sailors.

  3. I don’t believe I’ve ever been quoted in the mainstream media using profanity—as much as I would have enjoyed it in a few random (and not-quite-so-random) political situations.

As an aside, the Libertarian Party Media Coordinator’s Facebook account reads Andrew “Effing” Davis, a tag which has been around at least since his college days. I’ve probably received at least five f-bomb laden e-mails in the last day or two from an LP campaign media coordinator with whom I’ve often worked.

Perhaps there’s something in the effing water we Libertarian communications guys drink.

Although the sentiment is very much appreciated in general, if the first round that you're buying is fucking water, then there will be liberal cursing from my end—I only drink water that has been diluted with alcohol (or caffeine).

Perhaps it's just that libertarians are angry people? Though with the statists growing in power every day, who can blame us, eh?


Anonymous said...

I am as Libertarian as the next devil and have been known to swear a little in everyday life. I am too old-fashioned to do it on my blog though. There might be ladies present don't you know. For the same reason I dress for dinner when blogging as I may be read in someone's home. B^)

I don't think Libertarians are more prone to swear than your average human, but then who gives a ****?

Anonymous said...

Have no fear. I only drink alcohol or caffeine which may have been diluted by water.

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