Monday, March 17, 2008

St Patrick's Day

Apparently it is St Patrick's Day today. Traditionally, people don stupid fucking shamrock hats and get unbelievably ratted on a drink that they would never normally contemplate touching in a million years (not fizzy enough).

Of course, St Patrick was an Englishman Roman Briton (or possibly Welsh born in the area we now call Wales) and Guinness stout is a type of porter, which is first recorded as being drunk in London in the 1730s.

Still, never mind: you can bring something genuinely Irish to the proceedings by being drunk from morning to night and not doing any work...

UPDATE: this post contains all sorts of errors. It isn't St Patrick's Day today (thanks ever so much to the person who texted me saying that it was) and my statement as to Patrick's nationality appears to have caused some grief. So, I'm designating him a Roman Briton; whatever, he certainly wasn't Irish...


JonnyB said...

St Patrick's Day was on Saturday, I can exclusively reveal.

It gets moved every few decades or so, as apparently it must not fall within Holy Week, which is exceptionally early this year.

Not a lot of people have realised. But a dry night for you once more, I'm afraid.

Old BE said...

I knew that and have been chuckling to myself. It's a shame that the pubs didn't realise because I'm sure that they do better trade when Paddy's is on a Saturday than a Monday.

Thud said...

This is the time of year I thank god my family left Ireland...god bless the potato famine.

Anonymous said...

Jonny must have been to the pub ... St Paddy's was moved to Friday as His Holiness wanted it to coincide with the Gold Cup. St Joseph was on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

and not doing any work...

That's a bit harsh isn't it DK? If it wasn't for the Irish Navvies we wouldn't have any canals.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of nancies you lot are. In my drinking days I never needed an EXCUSE to go and get shitfaced.

Anonymous said...

St Patrick was Not English under any logic. He was Welsh. What does "or possibly welsh" mean. In the sense the Winston Churchull was possibly English.
This is lunacy he was not English take that comment down you ignorant bufoon. English racists. And how English was your patron saint. He had never even heard of England let alone been there.

Devil's Kitchen said...

"St Patrick was Not English under any logic. He was Welsh. What does "or possibly welsh" mean."

I was pretty sure that he was Welsh (it actually cropped up in the pub quiz last night), but the Wikipedia article that I skimmed quickly mere says that he was born in Roman Britain.

"That's a bit harsh isn't it DK? If it wasn't for the Irish Navvies we wouldn't have any canals."

Or railways, for that matter. It was just me attempting to stir up trouble...


MatGB said...

Was in pub Friday when one of the regulars pointed it out to the landlady—I was coralled to look it up using my phone. It was indeed StP's day last Friday and not today, it's apparently not allowed to fall in Holy Week (so I found out it's Easter next weekend at the same time).

Next time it's due to happen is in 2160 or something stupid. Why they can't just set Easter down as a set date is beyond me, but that's what happens when you put the Pope in charge of a pagan festival I guess.

Don't like Guinness, don't like porters either, probably explains both then. Of course, pub in question serves Guinness—doesn't sell much, it's got 12 hand pumps so there're loads of much better choices.

Anonymous said...

Patrick was not English and, in many ways, it's unhelpful to call him Welsh.

He predated the Anglo-Saxon migration to Britain and definitely predates the establishment of any concept of Welsh nationality or identity.

Patrick was a Briton, in the late Roman sense of that word which implies full membership of the Roman Kulturwelt. I don't have a copy of the Vita Patricii handy but I'm fairly certain he's described as being a cives Romanus (Roman citizen).

Problem is, stupid fucking mediaevalists who don't know jack about the late Roman world retroject their flawed assumptions about later mediaeval Europe onto the world of late antiquity and hey presto! In their epic ignorance, a Roman citizen from Britain becomes Welsh half a millennium before the concept of Wales existed.

Unknown said...

And I thought St. Patty's Day (parades, wearing green, drinking yourself stupid at parties) was an American thing.

Anonymous said...

1:46 To use your sophisticated use of language. You are being fucking stupid, and insanely patronising. It is funny how you do not get angry at someone claiming he was English but you do get angry at someone saying he was Welsh. You are being pedanitc in the extreme. He was Welsh. He was born in the coutry so he was Welsh. To say he was not Welsh is with all respect pedantic rubbish. He was born in what is Wales. He was not English.
And the concept of Wales did exist as the language existed at the time. When he was born, the English had barely emmigrated to the British isles. It is a very clever trick by the English to claim that the concept of wales did not exist at the time, but to leave out that the Engklish had onlt just decided to emmigrate to this country. So the idea he was English is any way is no true. But I nottice you do not get angry at that claim.

The concept of wales did exist at the time to greater extent than the English, who were just a newly emmigrated trube from germany and Denmark.

MatGB said...

@ Prof: Yes, that sort of thing is. In Britain, it's a marketing exercise by Guinness and "Irish" pub chains to invite you in for an excuse to get very drunk on their "Irish" product. There are of course some ex-pat Irish (including one of my bosses) who celebrate it as if they're Irish, but for the most part we either ignore it or go to a pub.

Some people are fool enough to actually drink Guinness as well. I'll never get the appeal...

Anonymous said...

Last anon is correct save that the descendents of Roman citizens from Britain,the Combrogi,ended up in Wales (Cymru),Cornwall or Cumberland if they did not emigrate to Amorica (Brittany).So if St Patrick could be said to be of any current national identity ,then Welsh would be the closest.(This is sad).

Anonymous said...

@dirty european socialist

Are you fucking retarded or just illiterate?

First, I plainly said that Patrick was not English because he pre-dated the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons.

Second, you tiny-brained fuckwit, the claim that Patrick was "Welsh" is significantly more annoying than the claim he was English for one reason: no-one ever claims Patrick was English, you fucking cretin.

Spare me your ignorance, spare me your bullshit, spare me the shite you've read in Plaid Cymru manifestos. Wales didn't exist, you fucking peabrain, for one very simple reason: Patrick was not born in Wales; he was born in the fucking Roman province of Britannia, you pig-ignorant cunt, and actively described himself as a Roman (and was, fyi, described in contemporary continental sources as Romanus).

The fact that he was born in a region that later became known as "Wales" and the fact that his descendants might later have come to think of themselves as "Welsh" changes sweet fuck-all. Using your "logic", a Polynesian born in Hawaii in the 11th century is an American because, nine hundred years later, Hawaii is part of the USA and his descendants have US passports.

Are you really that fucking stupid? Don't bother answering the question - your tag of "European Socialist" answers it for you.

When you have a doctorate in Classics, you can some back and debate with me; until then, just go fuck yourself.

If it's a battle of wits you want, I never fight an unarmed man so just fuck right off.

And, for the record and just to establish my claim to Celtic racial purity, I'm Scottish not English so you can just go fuck yourself, you sub-literate waste of skin.

Legitimate points, indeed, although I dislike the idea of retrojecting later mediaeval/ early modern national identities onto the late antique cultural landscape.

What's particularly fascinating to me, apart from the desire of various contemporary nations to claim historical figures as "One Of Ours", is the sense of identity that these historical figures themselves felt. I think it unlikely, purely based on what little I know of Patrick (largely reading third-hand accounts in the fifth and sixth century Gallic sources and reading something of his Vita as an undergrad in Classics) it is unlikely he would have thought on himself as anything other than a Roman, with all the cultural baggage and implications that entail.

Anonymous said...

4:34 You are a arrogant dick. As for claim you did not want a battle of witts funny how you have just ranted at me.
Well you got a battle dick for brains. Let;s call this the battle of wittis. I am the first part you are the second.
As for the classics as Plato once said go #### yourself.
The saint was Welsh, and the concept of the Welsh did exist at the time, obviously they were not called the Welsh. But he almost certainly spoke Welsh. He was of the Welsh people. I doubt very much he would have seen himself as a Roman.
By the way you contradict yourself you say a Polynesian of the 11th century, would not be an American, well how dare you refer to them as Polynesians they were bla bla bla tedious impression of a pedantic rant.
Wales has existed for centuries it has had a language. Morons like you might want to supress that fact for your own political aims or out of ignorance but the welsh as a people are one the most historic in Europe.
I am not welsh, I too am Scottish. But what about morons who try to claim the scots never existed as a nation until centuries after England. When the reality is far more complicated. I do not see why you have to insult the Welsh. Maybe you are the type of right wing anglo tory scot who hates the Irish and other celtic nations. St Patrick would have spoken welsh which would made him of the welsh people, or of tribe that created the Welsh nation. It is totally acceptbale for the welh to claim him as welsh. He was born there and proably spoke the language. You are the nationalistic retard.
You may be Scottish but you sound like an English man with some issue about other celtic nations. I am scottish and I do not go around insulting the welsh to creep up to the English. You are a dick. We have welsh people who creep up to the english by goading ther scottish too. I bet you are right wing monarchist who want to supress any celtic identitiy. I bet you think England is the only country in the UK with a real identitiy.

Anonymous said...

4:34 Who called me a "waste of skin". What kind of insult is that. So my skin is a waste but the rest of me is not. thanks great one LOL. My skin is not wasted anyway. What am I supposed to do with my skin give it to charity. It encloses my flesh i suppose but what am i supposed to do with skin. Most of it falls of after a few days anyway, and turns to dust and as for the terrible rashes. I am sure you will be pleased by that as you seem to have a petty vindictive hatred of my waste of skin. I will put my skin to better use. Maybe i will sell it to supermarket for food. Anyway look at the queen she is bigger waste of skin. She does nothing with it. She has far more of it than i have the shaggy old cow. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I have genuinely never come across someone as completely worthlessly stupid as you, European Socialist.

Kudos on the achievement, you stupid child.

Have you read Patricks letters? They're available online at

Go have a read - they're in Latin, but you can read Latin, right? I can. Sanctus Patricius could.

Oh, btw, you have some sources to back up your claims about late antique Wales? You read your Wales in the early middle ages by Wendy Davies? Read O Croinin's Early Medieval Ireland? No? How about Rankin's The Celts and the Classical World? No? None of those? And you surely haven't read the original sources, in Latin or in any other language.

So, here's a thought: when you can provide an accredited source (modern, ancient or medieval) showing that Patrick was culturally Welsh (as opposed to, for example, being a fucking Roman), I will listen to you. If you can even demonstrate the existence of a cultural continuum of 'Welshness' in the later Roman empire, I will listen to you. Otherwise you can suck my enormous dick.

I've given you the Monumenta Germaniae Historica site for the original sources. You can use Google Books to search modern works. Hop to it, fuckface. Prove me wrong. You've got all the tools you need on the interwebs so get busy.

You fucking joke.

Anonymous said...

Ooops. My mistake. I sent you to the MGH publishing site not the digital MGH.

Here you go, European Socialist:

Now get busy proving me wrong.

And, erm, try to brush up on your spelling. M'kay?

Anonymous said...

5:20 What a fucking dick. He spoke welsh he lived there. Yes he spoke latin but that did not mean he grew up speaking the lingo. For someone who claims to have an understanding of classics you have naive idea that anyone who spoke latin was Roman, or that they grew up speaking the lingo. Or that everyone in Britain spoke latin as part of their day to day tribal culture. Bull shit they spoke their own languages such as welsh, and the other languages that may have excited too, the educated would learn latin too. Or are you seriously suggesting he spoke latin only. If you think that you are an idiot. He would not have survived in welsh culture. He would not have written letters to people in Welsh. Just as Irish church men in the dark ages often only wrote in latin, preserbing latin in the monastries, rather than gaelic but it did not mean they grew up speaking latin. Grow up. Are you suggesting none of Irish monks in the dark ages spoke gaelic or were really roman because they wrote in latin.

Anonymous said...

I will never find A letter he wrote in welsh but he was from there and almost certainly for anyone with any commonse sense would have grown up with the language as his first. Use your common sense. Did the dark ages irish monsk speak gaelic. No because have no prooth. That is your logic.

MatGB said...

*grabs popcorn*

The follow up comments to this post are most amusing. I love that the idea that being born somewhere automatically means you speak the local majority dialect, regardless of oyur parents.

Strange, my Cornish relatives mostly speak English, and my Welsh friends speak that too, especially the ones of English descent.

Last I looked, there were Romans and Romano-British all over most of the country, including most of what we now call Wales, at the time. As a man of Dumnonian (ie "West Welsh") descent, can I proclaim that if there's any dispute we'd rather not have him and leave it at that?

Anonymous said...
But the story is he grew up there surely he would have spoken ther language. Thta is common sense. I speak the majority lanaguage of where i live. Abnywauy way he wasa welsh. Wales has more of right to claim than anywhere else he was not roman.

Anonymous said...

If you actually think that:

(a) the language of Roman Britain was Welsh,

(b) the cultured son of a Romano-British elite family would have spoken Welsh,

(c) that in late Roman Britain it is remotely feasible to talk in terms of "tribal" affiliation as referring purely geographically to anything other than the civitas from which one originated,

you're extremely ill-informed.

If you continue to insist on pushing this crap in the face of the evidence and my gargantuan genitalia, you're a total fucking cretin and should do yourself, your family and the entire world a favour by throwing yourself under a train, thus pushing the global average IQ up a few points and sparing your family the shame of your continued existence.

Apart from anything else, my painfully imbecilic yet strangely entertaining punching bag, the Welsh language had not yet begun to evolve out of Brythonic in the early c5th. So you're insisting that Paddy spoke (a) a language that didn't exist yet and (b) lived in a country that didn't exist yet.

That's some powerful fucking logic, homes. You should be a fucking theoretical physicist with a brain as powerful as that.

I should, at this point, simply declare victory and tell you to shove your empty head up your own arse until you disappear but, being as I'm such a fucking utterly wonderful guy, I'll give you some secondary reading on the language and culture of late Roman western provincial elites:

AUERBACH, E., (trans. R. Manheim), Literary language and its public in Latin antiquity and in the Middle Ages (London, 1965)
KASTER, R. A., Guardians of language: the grammarian and society in late antiquity (Berkeley, 1988)
MacMULLEN, R., ‘Provincial languages in the Roman Empire’, American Journal of Philology 94 (1966) 1-17
WOOLF, G., Becoming Roman: the origins of provincial civilization in Gaul (Cambridge, 1998)
CAMERON, Av., ‘Education and literary culture’, in CAMERON, Av., and GARNSEY, P., (eds.) The Cambridge Ancient History XIII The Late Empire, A.D. 337-425 (Cambridge, 1998) 665-707
GREATREX, G., ‘Roman identity in the sixth century’, in MITCHELL, S., and GREATREX, G., (eds.), Ethnicity and culture in late antiquity (London, 2000) 267-292
HARRIES, J., ‘Legal culture and identity in the fifth-century west’, in MITCHELL, S., and GREATREX, G., (eds.), Ethnicity and culture in late antiquity (London, 2000) 45-58
LOYEN, A., Sidoine Apollinaire et les dernier éclats de la culture classique dans la Gaule occupée par les Goths (Spoleto, 1956)
MARROU, H-I. (trans. G. Lamb), A History of Education in Antiquity (New York, 1956)
RICHÉ, P., Éducation et culture dans l’Occident barbare VIe-VIIIe siècle (Paris, 1995)
HEATHER, P. J., ‘Literacy and Power in the Migration Period’, in BOWMAN, A., and WOOLF, G., (eds.), Literacy and power in the ancient world (Cambridge, 1994) 177-197
HEATHER, P. J., ‘The barbarian in late antiquity: image, reality, and transformation’, in MILES, R., (ed.), Constructing identities in late antiquity (London, 1999) 234-258

Learn from these and become a better person. Or, at least, pretend you know how to read and stop being such a cockmongler.

Either way, quit shitting up my interwebz with your goddamn fucking ignorance.

Anonymous said...

@anon 05:52:00 PM

What.The.Fuck. is any of that meant to mean?

Are you just randomly mashing the keyboard with your grotesque outsized fingers?

Jesus fucking Christ. I read some of these comments and I absolutely despair about the state of British education.

Then I realise that they're all fucking lefties anyway, a demographic that's never been much renowned for its cerebral capacity.

So, anon, I shall simply say this: polish my knob with your drool, you empty-headed sub-literate embarrassment to mammalkind.

Anonymous said...

>Did the dark ages irish monsk speak gaelic. No because have no prooth. That is your logic.<

You stupid, stupid, stupid fucking bastard. We have whole fucking libraries full of Christian Gaelic literature from the fifth century.

For the love of Christ, on the fucking bookshelf behind me there is a book containing some of the Gaelic hymns and poetry written by Irish monks on Iona!

On the other side of the room, there are books detailing the Gaelic manuscripts produced by Irish monks in continental monasteries. There are even fucking Gaelic translations of Latin monastic literature which were produced by Irish monks in the south of France.

So what, in the name of ever-living fuck, are you talking about?

I'll tell you what you're talking about, fuckwit: things you simply know nothing about.

Shut the fuck up and get the fuck out before the sheer vacuosity of the inside of your head actually becomes a black hole and sucks the whole earth to oblivion, you disgusting insect.

Anonymous said...

thud -

and it's silly little remarks such as yours that make us Irish glad your family went. Gray clouds, silver linings and all that.

Folded at Dawn said...

Ahh, the sweet, sweet fisting of an ignoramus. It's wonderful to read. Well done, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

12:54 You are the idiot you think he was not Welsh he was welsh you cunt and why do you talk about fisting. Go back to fisting as you normally do right wing wankers love fisting. LOL

Anonymous said...

dirtyeuropeansocialist do stop it. Or rather don't: your dyslexic rage and rather odd assumptions about the interface between sexual practice and political views are pant-wettingly funny.

Now the, tell us again. How green was St Patrick's valley, bach?

Anonymous said...

It returns.

European Socialist, just go die of rectal cancer in a Third World country that hasn't discovered morphine yet, you fucking proctonaut.

You haven't refuted a fucking word, you brainless useless worthless dole-sponging bastard. All you do is spout "lol omg partikc wuz wellshe lol lol omg wtf". I mean, what the fuck is the matter with you? Are you 12 years old or are you fucking retarded? Or are you a retarded 12 year old? There is no way on God's green earth that any normal adult should be writing the way that you write.

I mean, what's your fucking story? Are you posting this from the 'tard home while your fellow mongoloids distract the nursing staff or what? You're obviously fucking mentally and educationally sub-normal.

If I didn't know better, I could almost believe that you were a troll trying to make left-wingers look stupid. (Yeah, yeah, I know - these cunts don't need any help from us looking stupid.)

Since you obviously aren't going to address any substantive points (because you're a fucking mongoloid), just go back to primary school. Learn to spell. Learn to punctuate. Then you can talk to your intellectual betters. (If by "talk to" one means "fetch pizza for".)

If Schadenfreude is a spectator sport, Euro Socialist, you are the consummate showman.

Anonymous said...

7:17 You are an utter dick head. You ask me to die, becuase you dissagree with me what a scary evil wanker, I have almost certainly a higher IQ than you, that is not difficult, and it is not why I want you to die it is because you asked me to die, so just fuck off and die you tedious bore. Jump of a train yourself.
You are a talking bull shit. You get angry because I beat you in debate wihtout barely trying. You list a stream of books you have not read, and you seriously think I am going to read any of the list you just noted, because you tell me too, Are you insane? You Who spout out angry Bull shit.
He was born in Wales, and spoke almost certainly the Brythonic language, as you claim yourself, which was basically welsh. Many refer to the language as welsh as they are so simmilar in origin. Only a pedantic bore would say it is not able to be referred to in informal debate as Welsh. It was the foreunner of welsh and the was spoken in Wales. Just as Latin can spoken of as by most sane people in informal company as an Italian language, wihtou be ing jamp on by the president of the royal cunt society as having made mistake because italy duid not exist at the time. Yes there may be difficulties in understanding the two. Just as if you find Chaucer's late Middle English hard and Chaucer wouldn't have been able to read Anglo-Saxon poetry like Beowulf from only a few hundred years earlier. But surely only a cunt of the first order would be angry at these being referred to as the languages of England and their people. We have very little information about the British language of classical times and how it became modern Welsh (even once you establish what 'modern Welsh' is). The welsh have a right to claim him, and he did speak what was the Welsh lanaguage and what became the language of the welsh people. Wales is one of the Brythonic lanaguages, so how on earth is it offensive for you for the welsh to claim him. Thye are dervided from the Brythonic lingo, He almost certainly spoke what was basically the welsh of his day. Just as Latin was the Italian of the roman era. Welsh started off in the 6th century so are you seriously suggesting he cannot be clamed as Welsh, because he spoke the precurser of welsh by 100 years. Talk about a total dick for brains.
But I see the welsh cannot claim him but roman britian can. Hey here is little history test for you dick for brains the romans had left Britian before he was born. So who deicded he was Roman Britain.

Anonymous said...

I mena the history lesson is that the romans had left before he had died so how can be called roman britain. He was under no way Roman Britain.

Anonymous said...

How can he under any bais be described as a roman britain. He was born in 373 and died 460 or 490 the romans had left 50 yeard before he died it is like saying The indians of the sevnties were british. So why is one histroical inaccuracy allowed by not another. He was not a roman britian he did not carry a passport, he was welsh. end of story. It seems you just want to avoid calling him welsh under what bais was he roman britain. He was welsh.

Anonymous said...

3:16 You seem to be the one with some rectal dysfunction that is why you are so angry and keep ranting on about how you think he was no welsh. Tell me on what bais you claim he was roman britain, but not welsh did he carry a passport saying hi roman britain. Tjhis is just a crap conspiracy tp put down the claim he was welsh if you claim him as a roman britian he can be claimed as welshman. . Tell me on what bais he was a roman britain.

Anonymous said...

Look, I'm not even going to fucking try to decipher this gibberish any more.

Apart from the fact that I genuinely find it more difficult to read Euro Socialist's sub-literate screeds than to read just about any Greek or Latin text, this has reached the point where it's just getting embarrassing.

Granted, I am the kind of person who likes to loosen the screws on the handles in the disabled toilets but I have discovered that even I have my limits.

One small point though: Euro Socialist, you stupid, fucking animal, since Patrick was born in about 415 and since the Epistolae Patricii show that Roman villas were still in use in at least the 430s and since the Roman Britons were communicating with Aetius and the continental Roman state as late as 446 (in the gemitus Britannorum), you are, as usual, talking through your fucking arsehole.

For fuck's sake, you can find self-described Romani in Frankish Gaul as late as the seventh century. As late as the ninth and tenth centuries, you utter fuckwit, you can find Frankish barons who describe themselves as senatores Romani. The disengagement of the Roman state does not equal the death of all Romans or the end of the Roman Kulturwelt or cultural continuum. You ridiculous contemptible dogkmongler.

And, for the record, yes, I read all those books and a good four hundred more when I did my doctorate in the culture and literature of the Roman and sub-Roman west (c.400-550).

You, on the other hand, can't actually spell the word 'the'.

Anonymous said...

>Tjhis is just a crap conspiracy tp put down the claim he was welsh if you claim him as a roman britian he can be claimed as welshman.<

FUCK! Quickly! Alert the Stonecutters and the Illuminati! Our anti-Welsh conspiracy has been discovered! We must raise this when next we meet at Bohemian Grove.

One question, dogmongler: exactly why do you think we care about stopping the Welsh from "claiming" Patricius as one of "theirs"?

Please explain. Do you think that saying that Paddy is Welsh will revitalise Welsh industry? Will it cause Welsh independence? Will it lead to the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant? Explain to me why you think we have this conspiracy?

About 95% of people in this country would happily describe Paddy as Welsh, including my teacher at school. That being so, can you explain, you revolting embarrassment to this country, just what lies behind this EEEEEVUL KONSPIRRASSY AGINST TEH WELLSCHE?

Also please die soon in tremendous pain. And film it. And arrange for it to be uploaded to youtube so we can all laugh at your death.

Anonymous said...


maybe institute an IQ and/or spelling test before letting people post comments?

Anonymous said...

3:29 Look dick for brains, most sources seem to say he was born in 373 But obviously they are all wrong and you are right.
What an arrogant dick.
If he was born when you say then he was even less a roman britian as the romans had left 5 years before. So why do you regard it as acceptable to clalim him as a roman britain but not a welshman. It is bull shit. You are a right wing facist shit for brain who hates other celtic nations. I have post grduate qualifications degrees in subjects but i would never claim to be a all knowing being in any of them you seem to have been taught nothing but arrogance. I am sorry you have bee been owned and outsmarted in your own subject. LOL. what a moron. What partof Britian is Frankish gaul.

Anonymous said...

3:38 You are an utter dick. You want me to die soon because i outsmarted you in your own subject what loser. LOL. Right wing violent nutter. No wonder everyone in Scotland hates the scottish tories you are unpleasant section of the country.
There is a conspiracy by English people to make celtic nations forget their history I suppose you would not know about culloden or the attempt by the english elites to supress the welsh lanugage no they were all made up. What a dick.

MatGB said...

*muches more popcorn*

@ "socialist". Give it up mate, seriously. If you're as educated as you claim, you do yourself no favours by typing and spelling in the way you do, and the palpable anger about something so trivial is obivously causing you to lose judgement.

The Roman state may have disengaged and called the legions home, but there were a chunk of Romans-by-descent and Romano-British who considered themselves to still be "Roman", that's I thought common knowledge? Early Arthurian stories are thought to refer to a Romano-British king after all.

I dunno, as a Dumnonian I disclaim Patrick, as a market socialist I'd like to disclaim the dirty one as well, he's not one of us...

Anonymous said...

3:45 You're not a Dumnonian, you're a dumbonia,. LOL. One nil Killer punch. Straight to the groin. He walked into that one.

Anonymous said...

He walked into it, his guard was down and it was free shit band bang.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Apparently it's on again.

Patrick (you say) was born in 373 (which means he lived to be about 120 years old...) but the web source you cite says the dates are unclear. WOW! That's some fucking excellent use of sources, bitch!

Go to google books, you shitting dicknipple, and make use of the valuable resources available therein.

By the way, prizes that you get in Rice Krispies boxes don't count as postgraduate qualifications. M'kay? I can tell you, purely based on your obvious literacy problems, that there is no way on earth you could into a degree programme at any university worth the name.

Quite seriously and leaving our "argument" aside, I implore you to go to a Further Education College and take some remedial English classes. Your problems are clearly deep and long-standing and the longer you leave it to get help, the more difficult it will be to remedy your problems. You should also get tested for dyslexia as soon as possible.

But, back to knocking the shit out of you: Britain was effectively under Roman jurisdiction until at least 446 when Aetius, on behalf of Valentinian III, effectively renounced any nominal Roman suzerainty. (I refer you to Michael Kulikowski's reasonably recent article in Britannia and Snyder's An age of tyrants: Britain and the Britons, AD 400-600 (Stroud, 1998).)

As far as hating other Celtic nations, you stupid fucking cunt discharge, I have helped raise money for the SNP, have a research interest in the early mediaeval Latin of the Celtic fringe and helped organise a conference on Scottish Latin poetry of the Renaissance as well as having a reading knowledge of Old Irish. This is not to mention teaching a class on the interaction of the Celts with the Greek and Roman worlds.

So if you really want to play Celticker than thou, you have picked the wrong fucking Jock to pull it with, fuckface. And if you're one of these worthless wankers who defines his Scottish identity in terms of how much he hates the English, you can just gargle my nutsack, you racist prick.

Anonymous said...

>3:45 You're not a Dumnonian, you're a dumbonia,. LOL. One nil Killer punch. Straight to the groin. He walked into that one.<

Oh, please tell me he didn't do this.

This guy cannot be a fucking grown-up. He has to be 12 years of age and attending a fucking sinkhole school in Possilpark.

What's DK's policy on underage posting? Is there a banhammer in effect or what?

MatGB said...

He did indeed say that. It does at least show he knows nothing about which we speak, otherwise he'd know what a Dumnonian was. I personally care little to nothing for my ethnic identity, but at least I know what it is.

Morons R Us it appears. Wonder if he's actually reading anything we're saying, or just getting into a righteous fit of fury over the way we're saying it?

Anonymous said...

>I suppose you would not know about culloden<

I've visited Culloden on more than on occasion, you sack of rancid cum. I have a fucking impressive collection of MP3s by The Corries too.

>or the attempt by the english elites to supress the welsh lanugage<

Source? I am conscious of no deliberate policy of suppressing Welsh. When the English (and Lowlanders) tried to stamp out Gaelic, it took them barely a century and a half to do so. Wales has been under English rule for nearly eight hundred years and yet Welsh continues to be very widely spoken - far more so than Gaelic is in Scotland.

So what, exactly, are you talking about?

Also learn how to read, you useless bastard. I asked what lay behind this conspiracy. All you've done (assuming I am translating your screed properly from Spastic into English) is say "lol soncpirracy omg omg cosncpriacy1!11!!".

I will ask again and this time try to listen to me and not to the voices in your head:

Anonymous said...

Also, may I ask about the constant stream of iliterate posts by "Anonymous" that follow posts by European Socialist...

Are these just stupidity (i.e., Euro Socialist forgetting to sign in) or are they a desperate attempt at creating sock puppets?

Anonymous said...


lol omg suht up u dumbo dick. lol omg wtf. what looser.

Anonymous said...

3:52 I jhave larready dealt with the other one with a partculart devastaing one liner that live long in the relams of internet witt.
Now for you.
I have postgraduate qualifications from the one of the most respected and well known uni's in the UK. I did not do English I did IT. So my level of english is not important in such an area.
By the way here comes the one liner.

You say you helped riase money for the SNP. How did one of their mwembers collect ransom, for murdering people on trains, on you LOL. Two nil.
I now leave having won the debate You have convinced me of nothing the saint was welsh not grow up and get over it.

Anonymous said...

4:00 You are utterly mad, you claim you have no knowledge of english opprresion of the welsh you are an idiot. An utter idiot grow up. I have no time for a moron like you read it up and fuck off. Idiot. I will publish on my blog later examples of opression of the welsh by the english how do you think they conquered the welh by laying down rice krpsises for them to eat on trial you stupid dicks for brains

Anonymous said...

Cany anyone translate the message at 3:52?

I am not pulling anyone's pisser when I say that it is literally incomprehensible to me.

For the record, as a lecturer, you could not get into any university with your level of English. I know a good many people who've completed outstanding degrees in Computing Science and I have literally never in my life - and, understand, that this is not hyperbole - met anyone over the age of 9 who spoke, wrote, acted or thought the way you do.

You're a fucking cretin. I sincerely hope you're just some not very bright 12 year old randomly shitting up other people's blogs because, I have to say, the idea that there are adults walking around who are as utterly fucking mentally retarded as you fills me with a cold dread.

Still, if this is typical of the British left, it's no wonder ZanuLabour have had eleven years in office.

Anonymous said...


There is a difference, fuckwit, between conquering a people and trying to annihilate their language.

You said the English annihilated the Welsh language. I asked for a source. You randomly hammered the keyboard with your mongo-paws and shook drool all over your monitor.

Produce a source or get the fuck out, you fucking abortion-that-should-have-happened.

Anonymous said...

I thought I couldn't laugh any more after reading what Heather Mills was after in the divorce courts. Then Mongo spent the afternoon banging out his illiterate Welsh conspiracy theories. THEN I had a look at his blog.

Anonymous said...

@ dr cromarty

Not so much a blog as the ravings of a lunatic written on the wall of his padded cell using his own faeces.

Mind you, he is dealing with the pressing issues of the day. For example, he has a video about potatoes.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely fantastic, and why I love the net so much. On the one hand you get interesting facts and informed opinion, and on the other you have dirtyeuropeansocialist.

Frankly, I thought he was a particulary good troll until I too checked out his blog, where I gleaned the following gem ...

"Right wingers like to Con people on the internet. Actually as they right wing so the evil ones it is Decepticons who are doing the con trick, against the autobots."

The man's a master, I tell you...

Anonymous said...

Fuckin' 'ellski.

Seen this one? Turns out that Euro-sceptics "always claim the Nazi's admired nternational organisations or that they were not nationalistic, because they invaded other countries".

I want some of what this fucker is smoking. I want a whole fucking lot of what this fucker is smoking.

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