Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Via Shuggy, whose mortal sin is unthinking tribalism, here's how your humble Devil is condemned to Hell.
Gluttony:Very High
Lust:Very High

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It all used to be so easy but, now the parameters have been redrawn, it is as Shuggy points out, difficult to tell.
But as for all this hippy tree-hugging shite - who knows?



Prodicus said...

Wrath - 'LOW'? Some mistake, surely?

Jackart said...

Lust "Very High". Are you boasting?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Not at all. It doesn't ask you your rate of success...!

Oh, and, Prodicus, I think that wrath is so low because I don't get into fights...


Roger Thornhill said...

For me:

Greed: High
Gluttony: Med
Wrath: Med
Sloth: Med
Envy: Low
Lust: Low
Pride: Low

An imaginary Socialist:

Envy: Very High - the cornerstone of any determined Socialist.
Greed: Very High - or is that covetousness?
Wrath: High - class war
Pride: High - hubris, more like.
Gluttony: High - as long as they are not paying
Lust: Low - unless it is with a researcher
Sloth: Very Low - tireless in their pursuit of interference and control.

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