Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shifting sands

New look Devil's Kitchen Design.

As I have been applying for jobs, I have been engaged in overhauling my Devil's Kitchen Design portfolio site recently. I spent Thursday night totally reskinning the site, and I think that it's looking pretty (good).

I now need actually to get more of my work up there—a task I have been dreading. I have about 500GB of files on my assorted hard drives, in various applications. Just opening the files is a nightmare: almost every file requires me to track down and activate fonts, relink images and, in some cases, convert files from legacy formats.

Add to that the fact that most of this stuff was designed for print before the web became anywhere near ubiquitous and you have a task of mind-numbing tedium for mixed results (how can you represent metallic ink, embossing or foil-blocking on the web, eh? Especially when you don't have finished printed samples anymore).

Still, comments on the reskinning welcome—especially IE6 issues (it's acceptable in IE7)—and, since my design site used the same look as this blog, the question now stands: should I port the look over to The Kitchen?


Unsworth said...

I run IE7 - OK I'm looking for sympathy here - but it's fine in IE7. I have noticed a distinct improvement today. When did you reskin etc?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Yikes, i realised that I hadn't put my portfolio site URL in: that's now done.

Nothing has been done to The Kitchen recently...


MatGB said...

Bit too pale and pasty for my taste—looks very professional but not as good for a blog.

No issues that I can see. If you do decide to port it to the Kitchen, narrow the main text colum down, it's too wide for comfortable reading. But I like the current skin as is.

thefatman said...

OK inIE7 and IE6 - in fact it behaves better in IE than in FF where opening tabs with tabs within causes a weird left right shimmy.

I take it we cannot expect any fix for Dr C which is still u/s in ie 7 and 6


Devil's Kitchen said...


I have emailed Dr C. Just wanted to see how the template bedded down, but I suspect that there will be changes to be made there.


countdruncula said...

You might want to spell check the last paragraph of the front page.

Prodicus said...

Yes, bring it over here. Nice and clean. The present brown-background job is beyond horrible if one uses the 'enlarge screen' function in Vista and like it or not, mate, there's a lot of Vista users out there - and they are breeding.

Jon Worth said...

It's OK in IE6 - quite an achievement, bearing in mind how gruesome IE6 is normally! (Tested with Parallels and XP on a Mac)

I think the site could do with some more images - small screenshots of some of the pages maybe?

Don't bring the design over to the blog though - I think it's fine to let the designs develop a little bit separately.

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