Friday, March 14, 2008

Relative safety

The Tories have announced another "family-friendly" policy.
On the eve of the Conservatives' Spring Forum in Gateshead, Mr Cameron said he would allow parents to take up to 26 weeks leave together if they wished.

He said flexible parental leave would help make Britain more family-friendly.

As a single man who has never claimed any benefits in his life and who has no children (that I know about), can I just say how absolutely fucking irritated I am with all of these family-fucking-friendly policies?

Why, in the name of all that is un-fucking-holy, should my money be stolen in order to fund the other people's lifestyle choices?

I can just about deal with funding free education—although I would prefer it if we had schools that actually educated the children who sit in them for years on end—but why the cunting hell should I have to fund the leisure time of those who have chosen to have children?

Where are the tax breaks that give me more time to spend with my beer, eh?

UPDATE: more on this policy, and its implications for the pay gap, from Timmy.


Anonymous said...

I'll second that Devil. And if I hear the phrase 'hardworking families' one more time I'm going to have to maim someone. I have no kids, I get up at 6.40am every morning to go and do my job then when I get back in the evening I make dinner and do some work on my other job writing training leaflets for a company. But apparently I don't class as 'hardworking' because I've not popped out a sprog. And no one will pay me to sit on my arse for 6 months at home. As an aside this idea would absolutely cripple small businesses who will have to pay 2 sets of wages for 1 job.

Neal Asher said...

Absolutely, it is a life-style choice, and an utterly selfish one at that. I choose to drink and smoke, it's part of my life-style. Can I have six months paid leave, distributed over the year to give me time to deal with the hangovers? The fuck I can. I am so utterly sick of this government and the fact that the only one likely to replace it is equally packed with 'socially aware' wankers.

QT said...

WHAT? That's insane.

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