Saturday, March 01, 2008

The pointlessness of the political process

There's another excellent article over at EU Referendum, which I recommend that you read in full. The first extract gets my Quote of the Day... [Emphasis mine.]
To those who say we must go on paying MPs ever more because if we pay peanuts we get monkeys, there are three responses. First of all, when you add up handsome salary, handsome expenses and no supervision we are not talking peanuts; secondly, the number of people who want to be MPs is absolutely enormous, so clearly the conditions are attractive; and thirdly, I’d rather have a bunch of monkeys there than the useless misfits we have now.

Hear, hear! At least the monkeys might, eventually, produce the works of Shakespeare; our politicians might produce a similar volume of paper but they are unlikely ever to match the quality of the monkeys' output.

And here is another choice nugget.
The truth, the harsh, unvarnished truth is that there is no point to the House of Commons or to MPs.

Let us go through it systematically. The House of Commons is supposed to legislate and hold the Executive to account. It never does the latter. The only body within the British constitutional structure that still does it to an extent is the unpaid House of Lords and, with the help of the House of Commons, it has been emasculated and is to be destroyed completely.

Legislation no longer happens in the Commons. Between seventy and eighty per cent of it comes from Brussels, often bypassing Parliament completely. Even if it does hit Parliament, it cannot be rejected. Scrutiny, even if there were time to do it thoroughly, without the right of rejection or amendment is not legislation. It is akin to rearranging those famous deckchairs on the Titanic.

A good deal of the legislation both European and domestic, often intermingled, is produced by quangos, who are also responsible for implementing laws and rules. A good deal of the legislation that does go through Parliament is nothing more than the implementation of rules created by tranzis, starting with the UN and its many off-shoots.

In other words, MPs have abandoned all their duties and, while most people probably do not know the details of the EU or suchlike matters there is a widespread if unfocused understanding that there is no point in voting as that changes nothing. This is not because they are all the same, though that is true as well, but because they, the politicians, are not in a position to change anything and when they tell us otherwise, they are lying on a scale no politician has lied before.

Quite. It is not that politicians have never lied before: they have. It is not that politicians have never been corrupt before: they have. It is that the politicians pretend that they can do anything at all about the problems in this country: they cannot and, once the Lisbon Treaty has been passed, they will be able to do even less.

As it is, the politicians are forced to wander forlornly around the Commons, wondering what on earth they might do to prove their worth.
The other side of the coin is that in the little that has been left to the politicians to deal with, they micromanage. No part of our lives is safe from their grubby little fingers: not education, not behaviour, not whether we need plastic carrier bags or not.

This is an argument that I have made before. In fact, I suggested that MPs be paid no mor than £5,000 a year for, if they are busy scrabbling around and trying to make a living, they have less time to sit about, dreaming up yet more pointless and illiberal legislation.
No, we do not trust politics or politicians, Mr Cameron and ladies and gentlemen of the Conservative Party. Nor shall we until you at least show some understanding of where the problem lies. Oh and stop fiddling while Rome burns. It is not an edifying sight.

Rome? Burning? No, this is more of a slow decline into ruin. Our Parliament bears more resembalnce to the lonely, pitiable and hubristic ruin of King Ozymandias than to the excitable blaze of the Roman capital.


Anonymous said...

Indeed and stuff such as this makes me laugh or cry inside depending on what mood I'm in.

Ridiculous really but what should we expect eh?

Anonymous said...


I think your are being most uncharitable, it was not excellent.

It was a masterpiece. Only improvable by your own amendment at the end.

But surly it discounts your belief that forming a new political party or snipping from the sides can possibly help. We simply do not have the time for this right now.

We can not stop this process we can only either manage our decline into the abyss so at least slow it down a bit. Or wait for the wheels to fall off and then promote as best we can our libertarian counter revolution.

Its not the right time for the counter revolution, because the wheels have not yet fallen off. But when they do it must surly happen while we have a Conservative government. Or nothing will happen worth happening.

So in my opinion all we can do for now is get Cameron in and fight like dogs to slow it down as much as possible. You never know by the time the wheels do fall off we might both be too old to care.

If not too old. Then this will be the time to hit the streets with all the peaceful disorder we can possible create.

We must strike at the time when even the most brainwashed unemployable or unemployed lefty is pissed off standing in the rain smoking his fags and paying £5 for his loaf of bread.

We must unite all disaffected people of liberty even some we might not want to ever drink a pint with. Most ordinary non university graduated lefties I know are libertarians at heart they just do not know it yet.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:00 a.m.
"Most ordinary non university graduated lefties I know are libertarians at heart they just do not know it yet."

Why do you think the socialist one-worlders want everyone to go to a "university" however laughable? To be inculcated with that uppity, demanding, studenty sense of entitlement that lasts for all their ghastly lives ... Look what happened to nursing.

Anonymous said...

Minimum wage the bastards but with a twist the more perks they have the lower the wage.
The bastards should only get one term then cant stand again and any crime should carry truly extreme sanctions.

Anonymous said...

We have the EU, we have MEPs, We have devolved Government in Wales and Scotland, we have Regional Assemblies. Why not scrap the Westminster Parliament and do away with MPs, their salaries, their expenses, their pensions. They are only rubberstamping things initiated by other people.

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