Friday, March 07, 2008

Parliament says, "we don't want sovereignty"

A few days ago, John Redwood wrote about a number of amendments, co-sponsored by himself and Bill Cash MP, to the Lisbon Treaty Bill. The single most important was Lisbon New Clause 9 (as it shall henceforth be known).
New Clause 9
"Notwithstanding any provision of the European Communities Act 1972, nothing in this Act shall affect or be construed by any court in the UK as affecting the supremacy of Parliament"


New Clause 9 is the most comprehensive. It reasserts Parliamentary sovereignty, on the basis that Parliament has granted the EU certain powers within the UK, so Parliament can modify or repatriate those powers at a later date if it wishes.

One would have thought that this was a relatively uncontroversial clause, wouldn't you? It asserts that the Parliament of the UK, elected by the people of these countries, would always maintain sovereignty and that, at the wish of the people who lend the MPs their powers, the Parliament would be able to repatriate any of the powers lent to the EU through the Treaties.

Not a difficult concept and one that is absolutely right. I would have fewer problems with the EU, and certainly the Lisbon Treaty, if Lisbon New Clause 9 were included; after all, one of my problems with the EU is that its Regulations, Directives and other instruments are able to bind future governments. This clause would provide a get out.

Still, all very uncontroversial, right? Because our government would absolutely want to safeguard the people's powers, wouldn't they? Well, perhaps not, but you'd expect the Tories, at the least, all to vote for it, would you not?

Well, apparently not.
A robustly euro-sceptic MP has just shown me the text messages he received from the Chief Whip's office yesterday evening. The first, at 19.17, gave Tory MPs a green-light to go home by telling them there would be "no further official votes". The division on Mr Cash's clause was called seven minutes later, at 19.24.

I've said it before and I'l say it again: the Tory Party leadership is not EUsceptic and never has been; anyone who thinks that they are is a deluded fucking moron.

As Vindico says,
The devious little shits. The vote was 380 against the motion and 48 in support. Just 38 MPs [sic] cared enough to vote to keep Parliament sovereign. Despicable.

Here are the full voting lists, and reproduced below are the names of the 48 MPs who believe that the Parliament should remain the sovereign power in the UK: I salute them.
Ancram, rh Mr. Michael
Bacon, Mr. Richard
Binley, Mr. Brian
Butterfill, Sir John
Campbell, Mr. Gregory
Carswell, Mr. Douglas
Cash, Mr. William
Chope, Mr. Christopher
Conway, Derek
Davies, Mr. Dai
Davies, David T.C. (Monmouth)
Davies, Philip
Dodds, Mr. Nigel
Duncan Smith, rh Mr. Iain
Dunne, Mr. Philip
Evans, Mr. Nigel
Fraser, Christopher
Gale, Mr. Roger
Gray, Mr. James
Hancock, Mr. Mike
Heathcoat-Amory, rh Mr. David
Hogg, rh Mr. Douglas
Holloway, Mr. Adam
Jenkin, Mr. Bernard
Knight, rh Mr. Greg
Leigh, Mr. Edward
Lilley, rh Mr. Peter
Main, Anne
Malins, Mr. Humfrey
McCrea, Dr. William
Pritchard, Mark
Redwood, rh Mr. John
Robinson, rh Mr. Peter
Scott, Mr. Lee
Shepherd, Mr. Richard
Simpson, David
Spink, Bob
Stuart, Mr. Graham
Tapsell, Sir Peter
Taylor, Dr. Richard
Turner, Mr. Andrew
Walker, Mr. Charles
Whittingdale, Mr. John
Widdecombe, rh Miss Ann
Wilshire, Mr. David
Wilson, Sammy
Winterton, Ann
Winterton, Sir Nicholas

Tellers for the Ayes:
Mr. Peter Bone and
Mr. Philip Hollobone

[UPDATE: the Tellers added and, apparently, Mike Hancock MP voted both for and against the Clause. How the hell does that work?]

The rest of them can all go and fuck themselves. They have deliberately voted themselves out of power: all that is left is for we, the people, to have an occasional reshuffle of our regional government every five years or so.

It is difficult to emphasise the enormity of this vote: our lords and masters have now explicitly voted against maintaining Parliament as the sovereign power in the UK.

They have sold us down the fucking river and they have given away powers that we only lend to them. They are a bunch of traitorous shits and every one of them should dance the Tyburn jig.

Sharpen those cockroaches, mes braves, and excite the candiru fish: they shall not die easily or painlessly. We have nothing left now except open revolution.

UPDATE: EU Referendum sums up my mood: the flash of unconfined rage is gone, now replaced by a slow but steadily burning anger.
The crucial point, however, has been made by Andy Bebbington - we are witnessing the death of democracy in this country by a thousand cuts. The constitutional Lisbon treaty is not the end of life as we know it, any more than Maastricht was, or even the Treaty of Rome. It is one of a series, part of a continuous process, by which we a seeing the slow, insidious transfer of power to our new central – and entirely undemocratic - government.

But, because it is so slow, and because the façades of our existing institutions are kept in place, it is easy to ignore the process, and for our government, MPs, theatre critics political correspondents and their fellow travellers to retreat into their comfort zone and pretend it is not happening.

Outside the bubble, however – as these letters indicate – real people have noticed and are concerned. We know not where this will end but this blog has put the political establishment on notice. We are not alone. There are many like-minded people out there, and we intend to drag you out of your comfort zone and force you to face reality.

Drowned out at the moment by the torrent of fatuous, lightweight commentary, we will nevertheless be heard. Enjoy your soap opera for as long as it lasts. We are coming.

And when that time comes, you bastard MPs will barricade yourselves within your house of cards—that intricate gothic structure that is now merely a building and no longer the proud seat of power that it once was—making your last phone call to your loved ones (those that aren't there anyway, posing and being paid as your "secretaries") as the doors crash down and the baying mob rush in to tear you limb from limb.

Your will regret this, you fucks.


Anonymous said...

For the record Peter Bone and Philip Hollobone need to be added to the role of honour as they acted as tellers on this vote.

Mike Hancock's place on the last is also questionable as he also voted against the new clause. (Yes it is perfectly possible for MPs to vote both ways in a division)

Anonymous said...

Name the day I will be there with pointy objects and salt.
Bastards all!

Unknown said...

I admit it, I seem to spend a good deal of my day dreaming up methods of executions for our political class. Today's is a cracker. We shoot them at posts, in batches of thirty, with 10 posts on three sides of a square with one firing squad of 10. Once the bastards have been tied to the posts and blindfolded the officer in charge of the firing party says to the lads: 'we will do this side first, then this side, then this side'. Obvioulsy the condemned wont know which side will be done first, so they all shit themselves at the first 'ready aim fire'. Clearly the last 10 (lets put milliband, straw, harman, etc in this one) will have to endure the longest period of not knowing whether they are about to be shot.

Anonymous said...


The last ten will all stink to high heaven by the time their turn comes up.

Still think public impalement is a better option (they'll stink worse).

Anonymous said...

We salute you Derek Conway! Slimy, grasping shit that you are.

I'm not sure what to make of this - are the various parties angling to make our EU membership an election issue?

Being out would be great! No funding French farmers. Our own borders under our own control. No protectionist policies that ensure poor brown babies in Africa remain poor, and brown, because the EU doesn't believe in free trade.(What a force the Commonwealth might become.) They don't even offer us much by way of security.

Really, what are the benefits of being in the EU for joe public? There can't be any otherwise the Government would have fallen over itself to re-educate us.

The benefits are all political; less work, more gravy trains, taxpayer funded shindigs in warmer climes then Brighton can provide.

Anonymous said...

It is no more an act of treason to rid ones country of a treasonous government than to defend it against a foreign enemy if its sovereignty is in danger.

Anonymous said...

Weird: 4 of the most shameful money-grubbing parasitical twats are on that list -

Conway, Spink and the odious Wintertons.

IMHO it just goes to show what a useless shower of shits they ALL are.

Anonymous said...

Whoever you vote for, the EU gets in.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Andy, you can make it even better, line up 30 (or whatever) and do them individually. Or make them line up on a line scaffold, nooses round necks, with their eyes open, and then do a lottery with 30 numbered balls!

You'll be able to cut the atmosphere with a cricket stump! You can up the ante by making it a proper lottery, £1 a go with £10 for three correct numbers and so on!

cassandra said...

I am putting my affairs in order right now, why?
Because the day that the Constitution comes into force in the UK I will become an enemy of Westminster and the poisonous traitors therein!
If I can take just one down, just one traitor, then I will count my life well spent. Am I alone in this? No I think not!
I very much hope that MPs will live in fear of being stabbed or shot to death outside their homes and I hope that fear haunts them everyday of their lives.
As they walk down the street to have them looking over their shoulders or better yet huddling together in a walled and guarded 'green zone' type fortress would be some kind of justice.

MatGB said...

Voting both ways is a fairly common trick--it's the only way to register a deliberate abstention, if there's no vote recorded, no one knows you're there, but if you want to specifically assert "no opinion either way" then that's how you do it.

The why some MPs do it is sometimes good, sometimes interesting and sometimes a bit weird, but until they update their procedures to 20th century standards (we'll let them off the 21st for a bit longer) it's what some of them choose to do.

Unknown said...


A nice variation /addition to the lottery, 'one at a time' hangings would be dummy levers, some pull first time, others on the second and some not at all. Those that don't pull first time will need to be fixed by a good old london plumber, whilst the condemned politician stands neck in noose though slightly off the trap door to allow for testing. After a number of highly sugared cups of tea and a good deal of sucking of teeth lasting some ten minutes the trap door is successfully tested. Assuming 1 in 5 trap doors will be'dodgy', and building in time to draw balls from 'lancelot' (from a set of balls chosen at random by a member of the public), 30 hangings should theoretically take about 2 hours. 400 or so hangings will provide the public with at least 26 hours of entertainment, and long periods of reflection for the dishonest, money grabbing, power hungry traitors that we currently call MPs.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Andy, nice variation!

How about this - said politicos pull the balls out of the tombola themselves? Or like on 'Weakest link', for their final wish, they get to choose who should be hanged next?

It all needs work, but I am sure you could have hours of fun with this!

Anonymous said...

DK - voting both for and against is how you register an abstention. David Taylor is famous for using this method.

Why yes, I have no life.

Anonymous said...

This vote is a disgrace. Over 350 years of attempting - no matter how incompetently – to rule ourselves ditched in a single moment. I am no fan of Oliver Cromwell but if he hadn't been disinterred and hung up in chains to rot, he'd be turning in his grave. Personally, I wish to cast my net wider in the assassination stakes: I look forward to the day that will go down in history as The Defenestration of Brussels when all the lying, cheating, conniving hypocritical shits are thrown out of the windows en masse and every EU building is razed to the ground in an orgy of orderly destruction. (I'm very much afraid the widows and orphans will have to go too.)

fuchsia groan said...

Gareth asked what are the benefits to Joe Public. This is the best the Militwat could come with

Read and weep.

Trixy said...

We can't get a referendum when the tellers for the ayes are both signed up to Better Off Out.

I feel the people of Britain will only learn once they have been subjected to full scale misery of the EU.

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