Friday, March 07, 2008

NuLabour ban Likud leader

His Grace the Archbishop Cramner reports that Jacqui Smith has decided to ban the leader of Israel's centre-right Likud Party, Moshe Feiglin, from visiting Britain (even though he had no plans to do so anyway).
So the Government of the United Kingdom admits the likes of Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and tolerates the odious Hizb ut-Tahrir with its vile message of hate, but the Home Secretary has banned from these shores the deputy leader of Israel’s centre-right Likud party, Moshe Feiglin.

In a swipe at the Government’s refusal to exclude Ibrahim Mousawi, the editor of a Hizbollah journal who has been in Britain on a speaking tour, Mr Feiglin went on: "I almost feel honoured, because of the way that the British government is behaving, to be marked as the bad guy by a government that supports terror. I see it almost as a compliment."

I'm not surprised; and I wouldn't consider it a loss, if I were you. This country has been turned into an Islamist-loving, anti-liberty shithole.

So weaselly and spineless are our present shitty leaders that they wouldn't lift a finger if all the Arab countries tried to invade Israel (again); the only reaction that you would get here is a bunch of whining fucking Lefties bitching about allowing US planes to fly over our airspace.

Please don't judge the rest of us by their example though: NuLabour were only elected by 21.6% of the electorate.

The rest of us know how to keep our promises.


Old BE said...

This country really is plumbing the depths these days. We used to pride ourselves on standing up for principles but now our leaders are standing up for a tiny number of vocal constituents in swing seats in their desperate effort to cling to power.

Unsworth said...

Has this stupid bint got a list of people she wants to ban? Any chance of it being published?

Anonymous said...

Uniquely interesting blog you have here; a good read.

Anonymous said...

I hate spammers.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Nice comeback by Feiglin, did he really say that?

cassandra said...

I am smelling a rather large rat with this 'troops being abused when in uniform' business!
Isnt it funny that the MSM are running stories about "Gordon Brown defends our troops"? Isnt it strange that 'all of a sudden' troops are told wear civilian clothes by the MOD?
Given the NuLiebour reputation of manipulating the news to get positive airtime for Gordon Brown and given that troops have been abused for years by Muslims who live in the UK and in particular the Muslims who infest our NHS, does anyone think its possible that this is a planted story by Gordon Browns 'spin central'?
Heres something to think about, first you get the 'story' put out by the MOD press office and then you get Gordon Brown on the MSM puffing himself up and pretending to be some kind of 'British bulldog/Churchill' type patriot?

Gordon Brown defends our troops?
How about defending our wounded troops dumped into NHS cesspits to be spat on and insulted by Muslim staff and patients!
How about defending our troops by giving them bomb proof vehicles?
How about defending our troops by deporting the tens of thousands of Islamist extremists that infest the UK?
How about defending our troops by paying them more than a fucking burger flipper at McDonalds?
How about defending our troops by not sending them out to die in useless unwinnable and illegal wars?
How about defending our troops by not closing military hospitals and dumping our terribly wounded tommies into filthy NHS death factories?

Did I miss anything?

Anonymous said...

Did I miss anything?


Oh on a related note the government here is trying to uphold a ban on the "Peoples Mujahadin of Iran" who strange as it may seem are in favour of a secular Iran and want to get rid of the mad mullahs. Surely the enemy of my enemy should if not be my friend, at least be welcome?

Anonymous said...

Thanks DK - I had one remaining concern about joining the Libertarian Party, and that was whether you would be soft on Islamists.

I think it is now safe to join :)

Anonymous said...

Fuck Israel and fuck you too.

Anonymous said...

"centre-right"? Likud?? You whine about the munters in the HO letting in the likes of Qardawi, then refer to Likud as centre-right. So I imagine you think Mosely was a moderate, or that Hitler was merely misunderstood.

Loathing Islamist scum doesn't mean you have to become a whining apologist for the bottom-feeding scum at the other end of the spectrum.


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