Sunday, March 02, 2008

Novocaine for the soul

One of the people who signed the awful, evil Early Day Motion praising Castro was LibDem Paul Holmes, who has elaborated upon his admiration for the dictator.
Among the Lefties who signed a Commons motion paying tribute to dictator Fidel Castro was Lib Dem Paul Holmes.

"It is true Cuba has political prisoners and no free elections," said Holmes, "but it has very good dentistry."

Paul Holmes, I might remind you, is a Liberal Democrat MP: apparently the words "liberal" and "democrat" mean nothing, unless you have good dentistry (and even that is a lie if you are an ordinary Cuban).

England Expects has written a letter to Nick Clegg: perhaps you should too. Oh, and if you voted for Holmes, might I recommend that you either kill yourself, fuck off to Cuba. Forever.


Ross said...

"apparently the words "liberal" and "democrat" mean nothing"

Well I suppose that if 'Labour' MPs can support someone who bans organised labour then a Liberal Democrat can back an authoritarian dictator.

I was actually moderately impressed that only one Lib Dem MP signed the motion. I mean I don't want give credit to a party for not being in favour of dictatorship and mass murder because that really ought to be a minimum but I had expected Lib Dem MPs to support Castro in a similar ratio to Labour MPs.

Anonymous said...

Dunno who Paul Holmes is, doubtless a cunt like the rest of them, and you are right to point out there is no excuse for voting for the Castro motion, but I have to say his comment amused me, and I think he meant it to be.

They are lucky. Castro and his bro' Raoul (is that his name?) can't have too long for this world so Cubans at least have something to look forward to, whereas we have nothing to look forward to except increasing authoritarianism, plus we have a foul health service and rubbish dentistry.

Anonymous said...

Joke though it may be, it's hardly a funny one. Hell, if it is intended as a joke, then I'm disgusted he'd be so patronisingly dismissive.

Anonymous said...

Cuba also has very nice cocktails, if memory serves me correctly.

Thud said...

Cuba and its apologists may as well go with "nazi Germany was terrible but they did have nice uniforms"...dickheads.

Anonymous said...

Cuba - people are dying to leave.

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