Monday, March 03, 2008

New Be

About half an hour ago, my broadband connection stopped working. No problem, I was just switching from Demon to Be. Why?

Demon has always been a reliable supplier and they were the first people that I ever used, when I connected my first employer to the internet, back in 1997. Their service is pretty good but, for £25 a month, I could get a faster supplier.

So, I looked at Be. I have been slightly wary of LLU suppliers since my father got TalkTalk's service (it's been pretty crap) but reasoned that the technology would settle down. A couple of weeks ago I ordered Be Unlimited: my modem arrived on Friday morning and the line has just switched. The switch has been very simple.

Using this Broadband Tester, I measured my Demon (supposedly) 8 Meg broadband at anywhere between 2.5Mbps and 5Mbps download, and never more than 230Kbps upload. Adequate, but hardly amazing.

Now, let's look at the speeds that I am getting with Be.
Now that's more like it. And it's costing me £7 a month less than Demon...


Anonymous said...

I've been on Be for a while now, three things you might want to consider (if you haven't done them already).

Make sure you are on a static address, as the Be DHCP servers can sometimes take an hour to renew addresses.

Don't use Be's DNS servers. OpenDNS is more reliable.

Replace the router, they have unpatched security problems, particularly if you are using wireless. Any ADSL2+ router will do. Here's the instructions to do this:

The tech support is a bit crap, but the service they provide is good, unmetered and cheap as you already know.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Thanks for that advice; I'll look into it. I have my previous wireless router -- just can't remember if it's ADSL.

But yes, I went for the static IP address (mainly because I use several different mail servers).


Old BE said...

I have been on Be for a year now and in that time it has never been anything other than super-quick. In one year it has broken down twice but each time for very short periods. I have used Bulldog and Virgin previously and they weren't nearly as good.

Anonymous said...

Hey DK,

I looked at these guys a while back and the only thing that put me off was the lack of an email service (something their web site is still a bit vague about). I'll be interested to hear more comments on you experience over the next few weeks. How long did they take to switch you over?


Anonymous said...

Allan: you're better off getting email from someone other than ISPs, because when they go bust/go crap/you move into area they don't service/etc you lose it, which is a serious pain considering how much stuff is linked to an email addy these days.

DK: Be have long been known for their quality network, although it's takena little dent since they went massmarket with O2. LLU providers are very much split into two camps: the crap bundled providers who don't give a monkeys about their service (orange, talktalk, sky, etc), and the serious tech companies who went adsl2+ yonks ago. The latter guys are being pressured now, because they simply can't compete with the ad dollars of the big boys, but they're still the place to go imo.

Unknown said...

You're right to ditch Demon. I paid them for some e-mail hosting which they billed me for but never carried out.

They agreed they never provided the service, and repeatedly said they would refund my money.

They never did though, and I ended up cancelling my contract and using the Direct Debit guarantee from my bank to have the money refunded.

It wasn't the amount, it was the principle of the matter. If they'd just done as they said and given me my money back that would have been an end to it.

I'm now paying £10 a month less than I was, and Demon are still sending me bills for the £33.66 they say I owe them. I've explained (again!) to their Credit Department, and still the bills continue.


They're useless lying wankers.

wonkotsane said...

I switched from Telewest to Sky Broadband a few months ago and I'm glad I did. I pay £10 per month for 16mbit and I do get 16mbit+

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