Sunday, March 02, 2008

Local homes for local people

Look, I know that I've said it before but every time that I think that this government couldn't get any more authoritarian, they manage to surprise me. Now, via The Englishman, the government has decided that it should be able to stop you living where you want or, indeed, buying what you want.
THE government is preparing to impose drastic curbs on second home ownership that would stop people buying in sought-after rural areas.

An inquiry commissioned by Gordon Brown will recommend local authorities have the power to prevent outsiders buying property they do not intend to make their main residence. Those seeking to buy country boltholes that deprive local residents of houses would be forced to apply to the council.

They would have to win planning permission to change the house from fully occupied to a second home and could be refused by the council. The inquiry is also considering banning outsiders from buying newly built homes in such areas.

What the hell? So, we are not even allowed to trade freely amongst ourselves now? The government has now decided that, if you live in one of these areas, and you want to sell your home, you will not be allowed to chose whom you sell it to. If the best price comes from "an outsider" and the Council disapproves, well, tough fucking shit, sonnny.

"These are local homes for local people: we don't want their kind here."

Quite apart from being disgustingly illiberal, this proposal displays the most unbelievable arrogance.
The move is likely to reduce the supply of houses in counties such as Cornwall, Devon and Norfolk available for use as second homes and push up their price.

Hmmm, I wonder if it wil also push up the price of homes in Kirkcaldy: planning on moving, are we, Gordon?

This NuLabour government are trying to decide what you can own, where you can live, what you can eat, drink, smoke or fuck. Can the gulags be far away?

The Gobblin' King is a stinking shitstain on the kecks of NuLabour, lacking in the courage even to be a full-blown turd.


Simon Fawthrop said...

Any want to bet that this will affect MP's?

Anonymous said...

Good chance it will be illegal under Article 1 of the ECHR. But even if not, the unintended consequences will be a wonder to behold. E.g. villager loses job (Post Office shuts?). Wants to move to Ambridge to get a new job. Oh no! Can't sell because no-one is allowed to buy the house. So person rents a flat in Ambridge instead. Oh no! Old woman in street in pay of Stasi-like council twitches curtains and notices that house is unoccupied during week. Council service notice of eviction for house becoming second home.

Fuckwits. Stupid authoritarian Stalinist fuckwits. I'm almost hoping the Human Rights Act doesn't work and this gets carried through. Then the utter stupidity of socialism will bite in the arse the very fuckers who pissed and whined to bring these laws in. And hahahahahaha when it does happen.

Anonymous said...

he really is shit.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so will this rule apply to, say, Poles wanting to move to Cornwall, but retain a flat in Warsaw, or just the English?

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

This sounds like the ideal test programme for internal passports/ ID cards...

Anonymous said...

Its going to be a pile of pants as a law.

The house is transfered to a company, of which the previous owner is the sole or main shareholder. Shares in the company change hands. New controller of the company is from out of the area and as controlling shareholder decides the company will allow himself to reside in the company assets. Fiddle taxes as required through subsidiaries. Problem fixed.

Gordon already knows any of his friends who might be affected know how to do this: its at page 46 in the 'Big Boys Book of Bribery and Blatant Behaviour for Politicians', (Granita edition, May 1994).

The section on 'How to pay off a Prime Minister by paying his wife inflated fees for 'professional activities' you don't need' starts at p176, but is missing in my copy. Anyone know how that ends?.

Anonymous said...

"This sounds like the ideal test programme for internal passports/ ID cards..."

And given that the cards are all RFID and can be read in your pocket (and will be compulsory to carry) then it will be possible to track everyone through "pinch points" like railway stations, service stations, motorway junctions, etc. Add this to ANPR already in operation and your mobile phone status (which base station it spends most time logged on to) and bingo! The local council will be able to automatically run a batch job once per month to see who is living in which houses, and any funny business and you get an automatically issued eviction notice.

I almost admire myself for my evil genius. I should join the IngSoc Party now. I might get a free Zil.

Anonymous said...

"The house is transfered to a company, of which the previous owner is the sole or main shareholder. Shares in the company change hands."

Easily knocked on the head, because you'll be taxed on an imputed benefit-in-kind. Oh, and they'll ding you for imputed income shifting too.

Mark my words, one day, and not so many years from now, we really will be fighting a war of revolution. It'll be the first one ever that's fought to *restore* the ante bellum status quo!

Neal Asher said...

It just won't stop until we're all obedient little drones completely owned by the government. Hey, all you Muslim fanatic terrorists out there, if you haven't already, go join some 'green' group. Amazing the access you'll get to the House of Commons...

Roger Thornhill said...

You watch how this government will choose to ignore EU laws when it suits.

I suspect the next stop will be for the Government to unilaterally declare all private land illegal, replacing it with leaseholds, the freeholds being in the hands of the State. Observe China to see where that ends up.

Anonymous said...

Much simpler solution: ramp up stamp duty on second homes, use the money to build more homes in desirable areas.

But no, the government would far prefer to engage in a bit of bansturbation.

They'll be putting a ceiling on property prices next.

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