Friday, March 07, 2008

If at first you don't succeed...

... in implementing the financial rules governing the funding of political parties, that your own government introduced, try and try again.

You might remember that Mr Harriet Harman—Labour Treasurer, Jack Dromey—had a spot of bother some months ago, when certain members of the Labour Party had some financial woes. Although, Jackie-Baby denied all knowledge of wrong-doing, your humble Devil sincerely believed that he was a lying fucking bastard, just like his lying, fucking, Fidel-worshipping bitch of a wife.
It is quite obvious that Jack Dromey is entirely unfit to be Treasurer; further, his hideous, toothy bag of a wife is not only utterly unfit to hold public office but is an affront to all senses of taste, decency, intelligence and aesthetics.

During Jackie's time as Labour Party Treasurer, we have had the Loans for Peerages scandal—he maintained that he knew nothing about such arrangements and described them as “absolutely wrong”.

Jackie has also presided over the Abrahams scandal, during which he claimed that he was the victim of “complete concealment”.

Jackie was also, apparently, unaware of his wife's less than fragrant financial arrangements (which included taking £5,000 from one Abrahams' proxies and remortgaging their house).

So, given Jackie's catalogue of failure, who should be the new Labour Party Treasurer? Well, Jackie thinks that it should be... him! And he's launched his campaign—yay!
When I was elected as Treasurer of the Labour Party in 2004, I was surprised at what I found:
  • Politics was gripped by a crazy arms race in election expenditure which tripled in a ten year period whist membership halved.

  • The Labour Party had racked-up debt for nearly a decade.

And not just in terms of the party, sunshine; your boss has racked up a fuck load of debt throughout Britain.
  • There were no proper controls on election expenditure.

Again, that's Labour all over: spending cash like a drunken matelot in port...
  • There was no effective democratic oversight by the elected representatives of the Labour Party.

  • There were loopholes in the law that we had introduced, which were exploited by way of the taking out of secret loans to avoid transparency. That was without the knowledge or consent of the NEC, it's elected Officers and, indeed, senior Labour politicians.

Was it really? Well, that was very convenient, wasn't it?
I acted over the taking out of secret loans, leading to the loophole in the law being closed and the Labour Party moving to a new and more disciplined approach, setting a budget that saw the Party no longer racking-up debt and instead living within its means. As a champion of Party democracy, like you, I was then dismayed to discover last November the concealment of third-party donations behind the backs of the National Executive Committee and the new Leader and Deputy Leader.

With my Party Officer colleagues, I have taken action to ensure that never again are unacceptable things that are wrong done behind the backs of the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party.

I take it that we can quote you on that...?


Peter Briffa said...

why is there a comma after "fucking" in your second paragraph?

I find the image rather unnerving. I dare say it has happened in the past, but would rather not think about it as a going concern.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Jack should ditch the Harpy and move in with Tessa Jowell. Both seem to have absolutely no grasp whatever of mortgages. Better still, Gordon should appoint them to the board of Northern Rock.

Mark Wadsworth said...

When I find myself in times of trouble ... I like to google 'Labour Party' and 'insolvent', that always

Mark Wadsworth said...

... .

Mark Wadsworth said...

what's wrong with that link?‘skating-on-thin-ice’-over-its-loans-and-finances/

Anonymous said...

there is talk of that useless drone dromey being dropped in as my MP and as you can imagine I am not happy cos he is either a liar or a fool and has no taste in women.

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