Friday, March 07, 2008

I am forced to agree

The Bill is not a programme that I watch on a regular basis—unless I know that one of my actor friends is on it (every aspiring actor has to be on The Bill at some point, even if only in the part of Bollard No.1)—but I do know that it is a fictional programme.

I am also aware that not only do TV stations have some pretty strict rules about the advertising of branded products but also that the manufacturers of those products are usually highly circumspect about how those brand names are used.

Unfortunately, far too many of the British public are both stupid and ignorant.
ITV1 drama The Bill has been criticised as "grossly irresponsible" for making up the name of a drug to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) in a recent programme.

The episode, broadcast on Wednesday, featured an MS patient being told about a fictional drug, Plavitron, which could alleviate MS symptoms.

"It was grossly irresponsible of The Bill to make up a drug," said MS Society spokesman Chris Bentley.

"There are few effective treatments for MS and any mention of a new drug generates a lot of hope and excitement in people living with and affected by the condition," said Mr Bentley.

"People with MS have a tough enough time as it is without being misled over treatments," he added.

They weren't being misled, Chris, because it is a fucking fictional fucking show, you arse. And so, I am forced to concur with Right For Scotland's assessment of this lunacy.
Oh the fucking trauma of watching a made up story in a made up police station and finding out the MS treatment featured was...made up. What kind of bunch of soft brained fuckwits not only think what they see on primetime drama is real but that they then have the front to complain that they are fucking thick.

"Excuse me. I am a retard and was fooled by the Bill. Shame on them".

No. Fuck off. You are a dickhead. You are so fucking stupid it is a minor miracle you have the brain capacity to draw breath.

Mind you, MS affects the central nervous system which includes the brain, so I suppose that it may not be entirely their fault.

And before anyone starts lambasting me for my lack of sympathy, when you have had an MS patient that you have been looking after—for twelve hours a day, six days a week, for over a year—die in your arms as you are washing them, then you can call me an unsympathic monster.

And I will still deride people for being thick. Next up: why the hell can't spastics at least eat neatly?


MommyHeadache said...

I am a little perturbed at this news. The idea that things that appear in soap operas are false has rather scrambled my brain. Next you will be telling me that aliens don't exist or that the X-Files isn't real!

JuliaM said...

I want to bring something to everyone's attention.

I have it on good authority that a device has been invented that will end the climate-changing threat presented by air travel. It allows a person to be demolecularised and then sent to anywhere on the globe (or off it) and reassembled, none the worse for wear, at the other end.

And Starfleet want to keep it out of the hands of the people!!!

Anonymous said...

In the bill the cops are clever and always catch the villains, this as we all know is bollox so how could anyone believe a word of it?.

Anonymous said...

I saw a programme once where a man travelled backwards in time. Imagine my dismay when I realised this wasn't true.

Anonymous said...

You must have been well pissed when you wrote this post. Then at the end cracking a gag about spastics. Fucking hell get your shit together and drop some e's for fucks sake. Easy target this time dk and you have under-excelled yourself and blotted your normally incisive blog.

JuliaM said...

"You must have been well pissed when you wrote this post."

Oooh, someone's upset.

You can tell us, what were you taken in by?

Have you been knocking hopefully on the door of any police boxes you came across? Scoured the Tube network map in vain for a route to Albert Square tube station?

Or were you crushed when MI5 turned down your application, because you'd heard that all you needed to do to get in was be a dumb blonde bimbo, or plastic boytoy, no academic qualifications needed?

Anonymous said...

Juliam your'e a fucking prick. Try writing something funny. Your last attempt comes across like a fourteen year old. Listen oh powerful one behind the safety of your monitor, the point I was making was that DK had let himself down going for such easy targets. He should do one on you wanker. "The trials and tribulations of a failed blogger wannabee so I'll just have to stick to posting up the odd "witty" comment".
Piss off little man.

JuliaM said...

"Piss off little man."


Wow, you got that as wrong as you did everything else.

"The trials and tribulations of a failed blogger wannabee..."

Ding! Another swing, another miss...

Sucks to be such a loser, doesn't it...

Anonymous said...

Just for once I think the complainant has a point - if not quite the one he's making.

The Bill, like Holby City, East Enders & others in the genre is message TV.Coppers as caring souls, intent on fighting crime & bringing villains to justice yadda yadda yadda It's not about real world policing, it's drama to make us feel good about the police. In that context telling the audience that that a treatment for MS is available does have a credibility because the show is being used to give plenty of other messages that we 'need' to be told.

Nevertheless, we did have the big sergeant from the show living near us & I am reliably informed that a woman accosted him in the street to report a crime. Indeed, we are surrounded by fuck heads...

Anonymous said...

OH, and Andy Kershaw lived on the corner of our street & he really is a cunt in real life.
I just thought you'd like to know that.

Pogo said...

More to the point, and probably a major reason why we get the politicians that we "deserve" is that thick cunts who believe all this soap opera crap ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE!!!

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