Sunday, March 02, 2008

Crying wolf

Now here's a story to that drives me wild...
A "serious debate" has to be held on the potential impact of reintroducing wild wolves to the Scottish Highlands, a UK conservation charity has said.

Richard Morley, of the Wolves and Humans Foundation, has forecast that public support for the move will grow over the next 15 years.

Really? Do we really think that people in the Scottish Highlands are clamouring for the re-introduction of wild wolves? Seriously?
Reserve owner Paul Lister is keen to see the mammals and other animals once native to Scotland reintroduced.

He said farmers and crofters have serious concerns about the affect wolves could have on their livestock, particularly sheep, that have to be acknowledged.

Farmers and crofters have concerns about the effect that wolves might have on their livestock? Really? Who'da thunk it, eh?

Of course they have, you dippy git: wolves are carnivorous pack animals! They were hunted down and extinguished in Scotland because they decimated livestock and killed people and you think that reintroduction is a good idea? How is that going to work?

Does anyone want to bet that, upon any reintroduction, it will be illegal to shoot a wolf...?


JuliaM said...

There's a few London housing estates that would be ideal sites for the reintroduction of large predators, preying as they do mostly on the sick, lame and unfit...

Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed. And every time some bugger whines about threatened species like tigers, I remind them that I fully support the right of Indians to do to tigers what we did do wolves. This ain't just enviro-fascism, it's enviro-masochism.

Jones said...

We should really be looking to re introduce large predators into suitable environments to ensure a harmonious balance of nature.

A couple of Siberian Tigers into London's city hall while Ken Livingstone is in office perchance. Maybe several hungry Polar Bears into the Houses of Parliament and Portcullis House, followed by a pride or three of lions into the EU buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Of course the poor creatures will all die of food poisoning from eating political scum, but that's Lex Talionis for you.

Anonymous said...

"He said farmers and crofters have serious concerns about the affect wolves could have on their livestock, particularly sheep, that have to be acknowledged."

Acknowledged, then ignored. If persisted in, deploy the hate mob.

Anonymous said...

Wow for once we disagree on something! I don't live in the wilds of Scotland but I'd be bloody happy to see wolves roaming the weald of Kent!!

So they eat a few fucking sheep. Who gives a fucking shit? Whats a sheep worth these days, about a fiver?

Do you really think wolves will start hunting people, if so I think you seriously underestimate just how (rightly) scared most wild animals are of people.

Anyway this is Scotland we're talking about. FUCK THEM!! :)


Anonymous said...

They can re-introduce what they like to the Highlands we do not give a fuck we will would shoot them as soon as they are released.

Why the tree hugging doo gooder fuckwitts who have just moved up from London think it is a good idea to have wild pack animals roaming around biting people is difficult to understand.

Do not dispair friends we have lots of bullets and space for a wolf's head above the fire.

Eco Cunts

Anonymous said...

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