Friday, March 14, 2008

Civility in service

Via The Daily Brute (welcome back, sunshine), I come across another "arch-bureaucrat" blogger, Legitimate Tangent. As The Brute says, he's rather excellent and well worth a look. I particularly enjoyed this post on Human Resources.
In my 'job' I often have to deal with personel departments—the unemployable in pursuit of the unsackable.

It may be more fashionable to call the occupants of this role 'Human Resources' but there is very little in the dismal form or function of these people which resonates with so grand a title.

The primary function of public sector personnel departments is to fuck up the selection process so that the wrong people are chosen for the wrong jobs. The secondary function is to fuck up the process of detaching the same crazily unsuitable people from their jobs and there, in a nutshell, is the both the tragedy of and the explanation for the public services you don't receive.

It's all excellent stuff: do go and read the whole thing. By which I mean, rather rarely, the whole blog...

UPDATE: this one's a cracker too.
Our politicians and public leaders, now more than ever before, provide living proof that those who desire power are the last people we should give it to. Government ministers waddle around like rhetorical boilers insulated by a thick jacket of pure bullshit hissing and spouting their way out of the moral and intellectual corners they've backed themselves into.

The Tangent has, it seems, rather a wonderful turn of phrase...

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