Monday, March 03, 2008

Cameron: I love discrimination, me. Because I'm a moron

David Cameron is looking to employ lots of women discrimination in his Cabinet.
David Cameron last night pledged to give a third of jobs in his first government to women in a highly controversial plan that risks infuriating male MPs. The Tory leader wants to ensure female politicians are not mere 'window dressing' but can influence decisions affecting women's lives.

It's good to know that David Cameron is in favour of discrimination, ain't it? Timmy thinks it's a fucking stupid idea.
Leave aside all the arguments that positive discrimination is still discrimination: give the likely number of female Tory MPs after the next election he’s going to be trawling in a pretty shallow talent pool.

Promising to employ incompetents because of their haplotype isn’t the most compelling reason to vote for someone.

Quite so and, just as importantly, positive discrimination is still discrimination; have a read of Madsen Pirie's post at the ASI on why it's a bad thing.

There are other points to note too, of course. First off, is David so unsure of his ability to choose decent people, regardless of gender, that he has to set himself this target?

Or if it is a gesture for the rest of us, why does this moron think that it is acceptable to appoint the people who run this country on the basis of gesture politics? The stupid cunt.

Lastly, of course, there are 31 people in the Shadow cabinet, of whom seven (26%) are women; so, is Dave going to let the blokes that he's sacking know now, I wonder?

Altogether, Dave is just showing off his rampant stupidity, the massively-foreheaded twat.

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