Friday, March 07, 2008

Britain's biggest mistake: suffering fools to live

Some time ago (and it has been sitting in my Dock ever since), I was sent this list of Britain's greatest mistakes from Finkelstein's blog. Most of them are pretty obvious or utterly silly, but one really caught my eye. It comes from Anjana Ahuja, whose gross stupidity and utter inability to grasp the simplest of facts I have discussed before; here is her suggestion as to Britain's Greatest Mistake.
Anjana Ahuja:
I agree to some extent with Jared Diamond that the worst mistake in the history of the human race, let alone Britain, was the replacement of hunter-gathering by agriculture, which fuelled rapid population growth, urbanisation and disease.

There are times when people say things that are so foolish that they leave one virtually speechless, gasping for air and grasping to utter anything other than an inarticulate, strangled yelp.

This suggestion struck me as being one of those things.

Because the only reason that Anjana is writing in a newspaper and pissing me right off, rather than being regularly fucked by the dominant male in the tribe and popping out a sprog every nine months, is because the human race was the specialisation that we indulged in and which allowed people to do something other than scrape out a living twenty four hours a fucking day.

This woman is a fucking moron.

UPDATE: just in case you were wondering, I am currently pondering my choice for Britain's biggest mistake. Although I am tempted to say, "not strangling Gordon Brown at birth" or "not shooting Ted Heath in his lying, fucking face before he took us into the EU", I think that there can be only one serious candidate, certainly in the last century: it has to be The Welfare State.

The Welfare State has sapped the souls of those who it was supposed to help, infantilising them; the insulation that it provides has led to generations of people who neither understand nor care about the consequences of their actions.

The Welfare State has been enormously expensive and fantastically wasteful, thus sapping the incentive in those who pay for it to work; they have seen their hard-earned cash pissed up the wall on providing perverse incentives for those who are the recipients.

The Welfare State has near destroyed real charity in Britain; people see large sums disappearing from their wages and, enormous though the remainder might be, they feel no compunction to help their fellow man whilst the state is attempting to fulfill that role.

The Welfare State has provided both an excuse and a mechanism for the creeping totalitarianism that we now see; the justification of the state as ever-benevolent force and the ever-increasing taxation has, essentially, provided near-limitless economic and "moral" basis for state intrusion into our lives.

The Welfare State has corroded and corrupted society, respect for property and one's fellow man; it has encouraged greed, fecklessness and indolence; and it has turned a once-proud and independent people into a bunch of pathetic, selfish supplicants, clients of the state who use the ballot box merely to enhance their hand-outs.

Abolish the Welfare State.


Anonymous said...

What a cunt she is. Who is she anyway?
I'm sure we'd all be much happier grubbing around for food and being dead by 30

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely amazing. I'm not sure I've ever heard anything so stupid outside the green movement.

IIRC she has a PhD in astrophysics, which just goes to show you that paper qualifications don't actually mean you possess an iota of common sense.

Anonymous said...

Jared Diamond is an idiot... been for a long while; why anyone takes any notice of him anymore is beyond comprehension. I suppose it is a case of "birds of a feather flock togother."

asquith said...

A surprising number of people who don't share all/most of your views are at least vaguely sympathetic to your ideas re: the welfare state.

I live on an estate, and the majority of my neighbours are welfare dependents of some kind. They feel, from day one, as if they are inferior and will never be able to make their own living.

Whereas in reality, the only difference between them and the outside world is that they've been conditioned to settle for less. If they could somehow be weaned off welfare and into work, it would transform places like this.

Anonymous said...

"I think that there can be only one serious candidate, certainly in the last century: it has to be The Welfare State."

That's either number one or number two. And scrapping grammars is at 3. But I reckon that you need to look at *why* we adopted the welfare state, and simply put, that's because Labour were so strong after WW2, and that was because of.... vote for women.

Chasing the female vote has infantilised politics; although there are a great many women who are intelligent and clearheaded, *more* of them are fuckwits than the male proportion. I give you horoscopes and Heat as two pieces of evidence. The third is that women voted disproportionatly for Blair every time - 25% plus - and they look set to do the same for that prick Cameron.

We have the welfare state *because* we gave women the vote, ditto comps, ditto Blair, ditto this strangling consensus politics that is no such thing.

Women - I love them, but they should never be put in charge.

Anonymous said...

I'll cop to that. The rise of women in both government and industry has had some VERY unfortunate consequences to both. I say that though I are one.

But, yes, the Welfare State. I'm too lazy to look up the details, but the last time we cut back welfare in the states, follow up studies showed a huge number of the people who were kicked off were better off as a result -- and rising in wealth.

Anonymous said...

frank fisher...I have to agree wholeheartedly with you and if any commentatros of the female persuasion wish to brand me sexist, so be it. There are women who are bright, articulate and entirely sensible but for every one of those sentient beings there are 99 others who live in women's magazine world whose view of the world is tainted by Cosmo, Heat, OK and TV programmes such as Trisha Goddard and Oprah. The NCT and Earth Mother types are also similarly deluded.

When trying to make a cogent point about the way of the world, I often think that they probably don't hear very well because their buttocks are in the way.

Roger Thornhill said...

Yes, the welfare state.

Fascism was dead, so long live Fascism (i.e. Communism).

Welfarism is entropic, patronising - the 20th Century's tulip bulb.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Re welfare state, there are four bits to this
1. Child benefits
2. Working age benefits
3. Housing benefits/council housing
4. Old age pensions

Which party would have the nerve to get rid of pensions? Thatcher tried reducing them in real terms, did people learn their lesson and save up more or retire later? Nope, I think not. It should have worked but quite clearly didn't. We've run that experiment.

I can see the intellectual merit in all this, it costs around 14% of GDP, 7% for old age stuff and 7% for everything else. I look forward to slightly more detailed policy, and, more importantly, how you will sell it politically and what taxes you will cut (try and target the worst taxes first this time, is a clue!).

Mark Wadsworth said...

Re women's and men's voting patterns,

"It is estimated that if women had not won the vote, there would have been a more-or-less continuous Labour government since 1945" per the Fawcett Society, but I have rad this many times so it appears to be true.

Anonymous said...

And yet, the increase of State expenditure that has happened since WWI can be linked to Women's suffrage. "Freedomnomics" by John R. Lott Jr has the data.

Anonymous said...

"do something other than scrape out a living twenty four hours a fucking day."

That's a fucking lazy characterisation of what (after all) constitutes the majority of human history. They found the time to invent Art.

Anonymous said...

Well, no. Human existence, maybe. But human history technically starts with agriculture.

And you can't take pensions away from people. It would be grossly unjust to pull the rug out from under anyone too old to make other arrangements. Any change in Social Security would have to start with people just entering the workforce. The old we have now, we're stuck with.

Anonymous said...

"human history technically starts with agriculture"

No, human history starts with writing. And if, a la DK, you simply write off pre-history as nasty, brutish and short - then you are blind to some of's most enduring feats, not least the parka hood! (northern latitudes couldn't have been conquered without 'em).

Devil's Kitchen said...

Perhaps we should define "human", because if anyone knows precisely where (within 1,000 miles) or when (within 100,000 years) H. sapiens came about, the world's anthropologists would love to know...


Anonymous said...


I can't agree more on your comments regarding the welfare state. At the time, it was probably a wonderful idea, 60 years later it has destroyed this country. Don't know what the solution is but future governments are going to face some pretty difficult choices.


Anonymous said...

"At the time, it was probably a wonderful idea, 60 years later it has destroyed this country."

Yabusame, it was a dreadful idea at the time. All the consequences were predicted in advance. For a little more detail, check out James Bartholemew's excellent book The Welfare State We're In

(Rory Meakin)

Anonymous said...

"the world's anthropologists would love to know..."

Anatomically "modern"? Or "modern" behaviour, too? Don't even get me started - I'd bore on well into the next ice age... :)

Devil's Kitchen said...

... which might be sooner than we thought, at this rate...


Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the women bit.

Look at what they've done to day-time tv.

Look at what they've done to schools. Failed? Got something wrong? Come have a cuddle, I'll give you a certificate showing you tried hard. Even though you're thick as a brick. You can pass a GCSE with only 20% correct answers. Imagine being given a driving licence when you got 80% of the driving test wrong.

Look at what they've done to the CoE. My mother physically quailed when some woman deacon she'd never met tried to hug her at my father's interment. I went RC rather than let a woman have the last word in my life. If the RC ever let women in there's no choice, I'm going to have to go moslem.

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