Sunday, March 02, 2008

Alan Johnson: utter bastard

Apparently, Alan "Postman Prat" Johnson has some grand plans for the NHS.
Alan Johnson will say that the days of a "one-size-fits-all" NHS are over and people should have more choice.

Yeah? Is that so? Now go and tell that to Colette Mills, you devious sack of shit. What? You don't remember who Collette Mills is? Well, let me remind you, you thrice-cursed turd.
A WOMAN will be denied free National Health Service treatment for breast cancer if she seeks to improve her chances by paying privately for an additional drug.

Colette Mills, a former nurse, has been told that if she attempts to top up her treatment privately, she will have to foot the entire £10,000 bill for her drugs and care.

The Department of Health said:
"Co-payments would risk creating a two-tier health service and be in direct contravention with the principles and values of the NHS."

Do you remember now, you total bastard? What's that? There'll be no more "one-size-fits-all" NHS? Well, it's a bit bloody late.
Colette Mills has been told by doctors that in the four months since she asked for the drug the disease has taken such a hold in her body that the cancer will no longer respond to the treatment.

You, the DoH and your precious NHS can go fuck yourselves, as far as I am concerned, you bunch of murdering bastards.


James Higham said...

Colette Mills, a former nurse, has been told that if she attempts to top up her treatment privately, she will have to foot the entire £10,000 bill for her drugs and care.

This sort of stuff is just plain nasty. It's vindictive in fact. I'm still shaking my head.

Anonymous said...

Weep not, comrades, for she will die, yes, but her death will be ideologically pure.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that now everyone gets the same treatment from the NHS everyone who got MRSA can look forward to the same £5 million payout that old Trout Lips Ash did in January.

Anonymous said...

Colette Mills committed the heinous crime of wanting to live without the necessary approval of the State. She will of course suffer but thankfully this will not in any way deflect our caring, sharing Kommissars from establishing total control of all lives.

Happily the great plan for our welfare will go forward irrespective of the needs of those individual and selfish common people who desire only their own well-being.

Liz said...

I wonder whether the DoH's reasoning in refusing co-payment lies in a horrible moment of self-knowledge. They realise they're venal bureaucrats who are bound to give into temptation if co-payments are allowed, and fear they may one day find themselves in a position where they stop providing anything other than aspirin on the NHS.

Anonymous said...

"Co-payments" eh.

the new buzz phrase with sinister overtones ie "if you do this then you won't get treatment on the NHS " threat .

It is now often the case for one condition or another that patients buy the drug privately and it is administered on the NHS . eg Synvisc for knee arthritis relief . Patients are routinely advised to buy it privately ( its expensive ) and then bring it in for the NHS consultant to actually inject it .

This man Johnson is sometimes put forward as an alternative to Brown as leader of the Labour party on the basis he is so far not made many enemies and not been found doing anything nasty ( other than the above ). In fact the word from inside the Labour party is that he an absolute slimy , calculating c--t.

Jones said...

Leftist ideology kills. QED.

Anonymous said...

"Co-payments"? Let's be honest and describe it as it really is, i.e. paying twice. Once through tax, and once on top. Yet, the State komissars are such utter c*nts that you can't get treatment even if you pay TWICE.

No doubt one of these kommissars is shaking his head and murmuring about "tough choices". Wankers.

Anonymous said...

Dump the NHS. If it's so great, why has not another country on the entire planet copied it? There are over 300 countries and we are the only ones with the NHS template.

Alan Johnson was a postman. He has now been catapulted into running the biggest employer in the world without having once been engaged in free enterprise - even at a low level. Repeat: He has no experience of free enterprise and now he's running the biggest employer in the world.

How does one account for such lunacy?

May I just close with a sincere recommendation to dump the NHS and apply NI deductions to any private healthcare company the taxpayer nominates.

Roger Thornhill said...

Johnson moves from "one size fits all" to "No size fits anybody".

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