Thursday, February 21, 2008

The wrong type of voters

Pro-EU and anti-referendum Nosemonkey, now back on prolific form, makes a number of excellent points in this post.
Quick question: why is there so little condemnation from the pro-EU camp of the European Parliament’s recent actions in trying to stifle eurosceptic proponents of referenda on the Lisbon Treaty?

The evidence of double-standards is palpable—people and MEPs protesting against things the EU machine wants to do are stifled and harassed; those who protest about other issues are allowed to continue on their way.

Yes, a bunch of eurosceptics dressed up in chicken costumes to highlight calls for referenda because they mistakenly think that the Lisbon Treaty is in some way more significant than Nice, Amsterdam, Maastricht, etc. etc. is ridiculous and stupid. Eurosceptic MEPs launching long speeches and using the regulations of the European Parliament to try and get their point across may be frustrating. But both of these are perfectly within the rules.

And, of course, most importantly it’s why they were elected. You don’t vote for a eurosceptic MEP for them to faithfully go along with everything the EU wants. You vote for them because you want them to oppose things you disagree with—even if that does include the entire EU project.

Yes, they may be irritating. Yes, many of them may be tits (Kilroy, I’m looking at you). But they are elected representatives who are doing what they were elected to do. Preventing them from doing this is not only to breach the rules of the European Parliament—it is effectively to disenfranchise their voters.

Indeed it is, but this doesn't matter because, you see, they are the wrong type of voters. For now, they should be disenfranchised because they would hold back Le Grand Projet.

But it's for their own good; they will come around eventually. Once the project is complete, these silly, ignorant EUsceptics will see that it has all been for their benefit and they will learn to love Big Brother the EU.

Or at least they had better do so, or life could get quite... unpleasant for them. Understand?


Mark Wadsworth said...

The good news is, the EU is an empire, and empires are inherently unstable; they get bigger and bigger and more powerful and more centralised until ... one day they go *pop*. And nobody sees it coming until it's too late.

Anonymous said...

The pro-Treaty camp hasn't been able to stifle the referendums in Harlow, nor the other constituencies where IWAR is giving local people a say on the Treaty.

If the results there are as anti-Treaty and pro-referendum as our canvassing 'exit polls' suggest they will be, I hope that these ballots will, in one way or another, act a catalyst for a nationwide referendum on the Treaty.

Anyone who still requires a ballot paper for Harlow's Referendum can still obtain one in time to vote, by the way, if they Electoral Reform Services today:

Tel: 0208 889 9203

Or email today or tomorrow:

Anonymous said...

That two faced Nosemonkey once said we should have a referendum on the Con..reform treaty.But then he is a crybaby loser.

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