Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why do they do it, eh?

It happens every time, so why do we keep on doing? What I mean is that Labour governments beggar the country every time that they are in government for any length of time, and yet we keep on electing the bastards—why? Well, Bag has a stab at explaining this and I agree with all of them.
The conclusion I came to is simplistic but I think accurate.
  1. The bulk of the people voting for labour are too young to have been born or remember the disaster that was the 70s. No knowledge of recent history.

  2. We don't actually teach socialism at schools. Only socialist propaganda by the teachers to a captive audience. History stops at 1948 or something in schools. No knowledge of the atrocities committed in the name of socialism over the decades.

  3. Socialism ideals are sold on fairness and morals. Yet there are no discussions on exactly how that would work with a species like us. Just the aims and who can argue against fairness? Playing on our sense of fair play.

  4. Everyone assumes that they are the lowest on the ladder. They therefore assume that any boost with improve their lot in life at the detriment of the toffs. It is pure selfishness.

  5. They are actually so vindictive that they would rather others suffered, including them, if they felt a toff was being screwed. Pure envy.

So here we are again. Country looks like it is entering a recession with the cupboard bare. We have put in place the apparatus for a police state. Our brightest and best are leaving in droves and being replaced with people that don't even like our way of life and want to replace it with their own. We also have the spectre of the EU to make our transition to what the old soviets tried to do and failed. We are now so dependent on the state for our handouts that whatever they put in our way we just nod and follow instructions. Like the sheep we have become. One thing is clear though. We will be working off the folly of the last ten years for several decades.

And, despite all of this, over 30% of the country are so stupid, ignorant and tribal that they would still vote for Labour at the next election.



Thud said...

Half the 30% are dumb..the other half dumb and vindictive..a dangerous combo.

Anonymous said...

In any population, 49% of people will be below average. The bottom third will be a bit simple.

In fact half of labour supporters could consist of people who have trouble tying their shoe laces is a distinct possibility.

Anonymous said...

Another problem is the constant spouting by NuLabour fuckwits that the heap of dung this country is in is "the legacy of the Tories" and not their fault. If it took me 11 years to sort out a problem at work I strongly suspect someone would fire me. And rightly so.

Anonymous said...


Half of Labour voters might not need to tie their shoelaces, as they will be removing them regularly at the mosque.

Labour (champion of gay, wimmin, animal, fish, transgendered lesbian parents rights) relies heavily and actively courts the votes of a group who hate everything the party claims to stand for.

New Labour, principled to the end.

MatGB said...

"over 30% of the country are so stupid, ignorant and tribal that they would still vote for Labour at the next election"

Remember that 27% still voted Labour in 1983, after their platform was described as a suicide note and Benn called it "a truly socialist manifesto".

On the schools thing? In order to solve this problem, you would need a large number of people such as yourself prepared to train to be teachers. Otherwise a bunch of teachers will remain consensualist types who think everything would be wonderful if only everyone were "nice" and we could all "get along".

Am I getting cynical in my old age again? I think I might be.

Anon @ 9.48: less than 5% of the population assert they're muslim, and a bunch of them don't even go tot he mosque. Plus a lot of them vote for other parties as well.

But, y'know, nicely pointless generalisation there...

anthonynorth said...

That assessment seems reasonably accurate, but the question is wrong.
It should be:

'Why do those who don't vote, not vote for the Tories.'

John B said...

Sorry, did you guys not *notice* 11 years of unbroken economic growth?

I'm grumpy about the erosion of legal due process, but most people are reasonably complacent about civil rights and what *could* happen because it Surely Won't Happen To Them (see: Germany 1932)

I'm also aware that the 11 years of economic growth has come mostly through worldwide expansion, with the current lot's main contribution being to not f*** anything up too badly.

But it's hardly bloody surprising that many people who aren't too worried about civil liberties and aren't economists still support a party that - so far at least - they feel has done them plenty of good and not much harm...

Unknown said...

On the teacher front, be careful not to make too many generalisations about teachers being a bunch of lefties.

A friend of mine's a chemistry teacher in a secondary school in the Midlands. He's a Tory to the bone.

Anonymous said...

I suspect a good deal of Labour's electoral turnaround in 1997 came about through a combination of:
a) Blair's Clause 4 stunt, convincing voters that the bad old days of the '70s would not be repeated; and
b) 17 x 52 Labour hate weeks directed against "Tory b******s", which proved too much social pressure for stupid, national-unity loving conservatives.

Basically, it was a mixture of Labour nice-and-nasty and Tory Stockholm Syndrome.

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