Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What is the point of PMQs?

Via ConservativeHome, here's a brief Sky precis of a section of PMQs.
Mr Brown then began listing Government achievements in education, and their plans to keep children in education until 18, before saying that a decision would be taken on A-levels in 2012.

That is not an answer. I want them to stay, does the PM? shouted the Opposition leader.

Do you believe in education till 18? the PM responded.

Do you want A-levels in the long term? asked Cameron.

Do you believe in education till 18? said the PM.

Why won't you give me a straight answer?! from DC.

It's somewhat strange, I thought that the point was that the Prime Minister answered some damn questions, not ask them.

Before this, Cameron's first question was to do with the government's reviews: after the Monocular Fuckwit's lack of answer, Cameron then pointed out there had been 52 reviews—fifty-fucking-two!—since Brown took over.

The Gobblin' King then pointed out that NuLabour had created 3 million jobs. No, you fucking haven't, you cunt. Private businesses create the jobs in spite of your high-taxing fucking government, you fucking little shit.

Good question on the "surveillance state" by Clegg though.

As usual, Brown dodged it. Whilst Clegg asked why we do not remove the DNA of innocent people from the police database, Brown concentrated on surveillance cameras.

God, but I hate that monocular cunt so very, very much.

UPDATE: via Timmy, this Coffee House piece is an excellent assessment of the meat (such as there was) of today's PMQs.
When they didn’t mention MPs expenses last week, it was odd. This time it was downright embarrassing – and adds to the impression that they all have something to hide. Which, of course, they all do.

Yes, they do. The dishonest little shits.
Brown finished off in a mess, He claimed that he was going to give every child the “right” to education until 18 and claims that’s the “biggest change to the education system in 60 years”. In his dreams. This “right” already exists: he wants to force them to stay in school to 18.

Yes, I noticed this too.
Clegg had a new angry facial expression, and a good LibDem theme – the surveillance state and bugging MPs. “Only 1,500 intercepts have been commissioned by ministers” – only? Clegg could have hit back here. Added to the 253,000 data requests made by police and 1,088 people spied on in “error” it’s some total. All the ammo is here (pdf) from the Interception of Communications Commissioner. Clegg should memorise it, and have another go at this ripe subject next time. He must learn to do a second question on the hoof, and turning Brown’s statistics back onto him.

Quite. And is it just me but isn't this an outright lie by Brown? Why does no one call him on it?

You know, I would like to be an MP simply so I that could call Brown "a miserable fucking liar." Yes, I might get banned from the House for a while, but it'd be worth it. In fact, calling Brown a miserable fucking liar might actually be the best thing that has been done under that roof for a century.
No PMQs next week, due to recess. Which is a good thing. I came across a copy of The Spectator from 1868 the other day and the political column opened saying “Parliament is taking a long-overdue recess. Politicians are tired, and so are the public.” Five weeks into the new year, and I fully agree.

Agreed. I fucking hate them all.

Anyway, go and read the whole thing.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Hang about, out of 2.5 million or so increase in employment, at least 1.5 million are in public sector or 'para-statals' or quangos or consultants and the like.

Anonymous said...

I personally think it's time for a radical change of format. PMQs is useless as it stands.

Roger Thornhill said...

I think it is important that PMQs exists. Each week the PM has to get briefed on almost EVERYTHING that is happening, drag his pimply behind down to the House and stand there with the potential to be shown up.

Essential, in my view.

The very fact that Gordon does not answer is painful and irritating but each time he does not do so and blunders, Cameron points it out, the Labour benches cringe and plot is downfall.

This is why I suspect we see the puffing up of Jack "shit" Straw as a safe pair of hands - they want those hands to catch the beheaded cranium of Gordon and hold it while Miliband or Milburn take over.

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