Thursday, February 14, 2008

What Bush might have said

Apparently, President Bush has been defending his decision not to send troops to Darfur.

If I were him, I would have said something like this:
"Look, you fuckers all bitching and whining when we went into Afghanistan and Iraq, especially as we did it without a UN mandate.

"The UN—corrupt as it is—has decided that there is no genocide in Darfur, just some "war crimes". Under those terms, the UN is not obligated to interfere.

"And frankly, if you expect us to help out after all the attitude that you've given us, you can fuck right off.

"You want to do something about Darfur? Well, you go and petition all of those evil tyrants, dictators, despots and religious loons in the UN.

"Count us out: we have neither the money nor the troops nor the inclination to salve your pathetic left-liberal consciences.

"Fucking do it yourself. Or maybe the EU could ha... Hahahahahaha! Sorry, couldn't help it. I was just remembering the EU's effectiveness in the Balkans. Aaaaahahahahahaha!"

That would have got the message across, I think.


Weary G said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for that post.

As a Yank who feels we can do no right nomatter WHAT we do, it was gratifying to see someone state the ridiculous situation we're in.

As a rational human being, its gratifying to have blantantly exposed the completely illogical stances of people who are supposedly the enlightened ones.

"How dare you invade another country?"

"What are you waiting for? Invade this country!"

Do ANY of them ever listen to themselves?

Anonymous said...

Genial retard David Milibrat apparently gave a lecture on the "democratic imperative" of liberal interventionism. (DT leader 13-02-2008).

Never mind Iraq or Afghanistan, perhaps he should invade the UK to restore democracy here. A referendum on Lisbon as promised would be a start.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time Darfur , part of The Sudan , was administered by the British on behalf of Egypt . This was only 50 or so years ago but might have been a different aeon and different planet .
It was peaceful apart from a bit of cattle raiding , an ancient Darfur hobby : malaria was largely eliminated , there were virtually no modern weapons , it was remote and untouched by the modern world . The total number of British in Sudan was about 200 . The whole of Darfur about the size of Spain + France was administered by one district commissioner (Wilfid Thesiger in the early 50's )
supported by perhaps an occasional other white man from Khartoum , plus 20 or so locally raised constables equipped with a 303 each . That was it . For the Darfuris an idyllic time .

This was deemed to be wicked by the people who have brought about modern Darfur so it was ended .

Lesson -NEVER get involved agian

Mark Wadsworth said...

Oh, and Darfur has no oil, so who cares?

laurence said...

Hear, hear, Mr. DK! Perhaps you should offer your services as speech-writer to Mr. Bush? A bit of straight talking is what the left need. Unfortunately their heads are generally too far up their arses for them to hear very well!
Oh - and I would like to second the idea of the US eventually coming to liberate us from the EUSSR. I sometimes think it might be our only hope - perhaps along with those elements of the Commonwealth who still owe to allegiance to the Queen? Personally I can't wait.
Mr. Hughes.

Anonymous said...

Mark Wadsworth remarks: "Oh, and Darfur has no oil, so who cares?"

I'm guessing that Mark is being ironic, since the Darfur region possesses signicant oil reserves. China in particular has shown a keen interest....

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