Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well, that's not exactly true, is it?

A couple of weeks ago, we met the delightful people who threw a brick through an old chap's window and gave him a heart attack. But the real bastard, as far as I was concerned, was the policeman who gave out the details of the chap's address, based on his car registration.

Stephen Smith was the police officer in question.
A former Derbyshire police officer has been fined £1,200 after pleading guilty to passing on confidential information.

Stephen Smith, 48, appeared before magistrates in Derby yesterday charged with disclosing personal data contrary to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Smith, a former police constable, was charged following an inquiry into the death of Spondon pensioner Bernard Gilbert.

Derbyshire Constabulary confirmed that Smith had resigned from the force prior to the hearing.

Hmmmm, resigned, you say? At the age of 48? Might one enquire as to whether he has been able to keep his pension? One must assume so.

Still, I am glad that he has been convicted. Still, that doesn't seem to have stopped his lawyer telling porkie pies.
Marcell Simons, representing Smith, said her client, who worked in the force's A Division covering Amber Valley and Erewash, had been a police officer for 24 years.

She said: "He has always worked to protect the public. The situation he has now found himself in he very much regrets and is very sorry. He expresses his sympathy to the family concerned.

"He has never in his whole career given out information he should not have."

Well, that's not entirely true, is it? In fact, he has just been convicted of doing precisely that.

And just imagine how much more wonderful it's going to get if the government actually manages to collate all of our details on one big, fuck-off database accessed by thousands of state employees...

As Harry Haddock so succinctly puts it...
Take a cup of powers for the police to erect mobile electronic checkpoints. Combine with a sprinkling of compulsory ID cards, and a corrupt police officer. Bake for a few months, and you can serve your population the perfect basis for a police state, that is able to control your every movement completely.

Mmmmm, I love the smell of totalitarianism in the morning...


Anonymous said...

The Filth still don't have the powers to randomly stop-and-search except under two Acts: in Greater London because of the turrrists ("oh, save us from the turrrists!"), and anywhere in the UK for an up-to 48 hour prior-approval blitz provided that there is reasonable suspicion that an outbreak of violence might occur (e.g. a football match or large demo).

The law is not there to allow the Filth to mount a "papers please!" internal border on pinch-points like railway stations and shopping malls. Should the Filth start to do this we citizens can turn to the courts as the protector-of-last-resort to stop it.

Pogo said...

The law is not there to allow the Filth to mount a "papers please!..."


Anonymous said...

You are not going to get your country back. Blair, with subhuman malice, destroyed it. In a mere 10 years because people - including the bracing, independent, madly daring British press - allowed themselves to be intimated by his insanity.

The nauseating Gordon will run it further into the ground not through malice, but stupidity, incompetence and a comically unjustified pride.

A Conservative victory will change nothing because, in truth, Dave is one of them. A bit smoother, an emptier face, but if he is not associated with Common Cause I will be astounded.

Do what your ancestors did to rid themselves of an over-mighty king. Immigrate. Leave them to fester in an "economy" run with no taxpayers. The NHS will be first to fall.

Anonymous said...


Indeed. Constant vigilance. Whenever the Telegraph runs a story on "free the police to deal with the hoodies" story, we must step in and noisily point out that the powers will be turned on the public in general.

John B said...

"Do what your ancestors did to rid themselves of an over-mighty king. Immigrate."

Bit confused: which over-mighty king did our ancestors immigrate to rid themselves of?

AIUI, they mostly immigrated because present-day western Germany and Scandinavia had more people than land.

I suppose the Huguenots fit the description, more or less, but I don't think they account for *that* much of our DNA...

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