Sunday, February 17, 2008


A number of people have emailed and commented, asking if I had seen this piece in The Grauniad by Max Gogarty. Yes, I have seen it, and the follow-up by the Travel Editor.

I didn't comment on it, because I had bugger all interest in it; it was pretty much par for the course for The Graun anyway. As I said on a friend's FaceBook note...
Who would have thought it? The Grauniad giving space to someone immensely rich who spends a few articles a week telling everyone how much better off they would be if only they could live like poorer people.

Besides, I totally lost interest when he announced that he wasn't going to Thailand.
But it seems all gappers I know - wherever they are - will be going to Thailand in March or April, and every one I've spoken to is making no secret of the fact that Thailand should be pretty damn decadent.

You see, I think that it could have made a rather good series in the right circumstances: I can't help thinking that Sentenced To Ten Years In A Thai Jail Hellhole might have been rather entertaining.

Anyway, just so everyone knows: yes, I had seen it. No, I couldn't give a crap.

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