Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Software issues

Apologies for the lack of posting, I had some severe computer issues yesterday. The new Apple 10.5.2 upgrade broke my computer. Or, rather, it caused a conflict that meant that a large number of my most vital applications simply crashed on start up.

I have, in the end, found the issue: a conflict with my font manager: Linotype's Font Explorer X. Linotype have now issued an upgrade—to version 1.2.3—and, if you use Font Explorer, then I highly recommend that you download the upgrade.
Bug fixes (1.2.3):
System font requests for auto activation caused requesting applications to hang until FontExplorer X is quit.

Downloading the upgrade will enable applications to launch as expected.

On another software note, do not install the Mac OS X Plaxo Toolbar. It is a pain in the arse and, further, it is near-impossible to get rid of. It's uninstaller package does not work and I am now having to hunt through my system and manually delete all of the attendant files. Because of this, I consider the Plaxo Toolbar for OS X to be malware.

Suffice to say, yesterday was not only very unproductive, but deeply fucking irritating. Apart from the evening, which was spent in the company of some pints and an old friend and was really very pleasant: 'twas an excellent end to what had otherwise been an utter bitch of a day.

Anyway I am now back up and running and posting shall resume presently...


Twenty Major said...

Download a prog called Appzapper for your Mac. It removes all traces of programs when you uninstall them.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Unfortunately, Plaxo seems to hide all traces of its install and AppZapper is unable to trace the associated files.

Believe me, I've tried.


Anonymous said...

Oh FFS! Having spent the last x years being plagued by complaints from my technologically retarded girlfriend about her PC, I was on the verge of ordering a Mac for her. Now you, borer and evangelist extraordinaire on all things Mac, report this sort of an issue.

Seriously, is a Mac, on the whole, pretty bullet/idiot proof? Can I just give her the box and the helpdesk number and be done with the whole thing?

Devil's Kitchen said...


Yes, they are about as idiot-proof as you can get.

This conflict was an issue of my own creating and OS X actually has a font manager built in -- Fontbook. I just did n't like the original implementation of it (the new version is better, but I have everything sorted in Font Explorer and haven't got around to configuring my 8,000 fonts for FontBook).

I would be surprised if your g/f even needs a helpdesk number, to be honest.


Anonymous said...

That's good to know, I doubt she could even use the phone. Must stop picking them up from the special school.


Charles Pooter said...

"They just work"

Jackart said...

This never happens with (either of) my PC.

Devil's Kitchen said...


That is partly because MS take a million years to release any incremental updates to Windows. And, as I recall, Service Pack 2 created a good number of problems.

I also guarantee that you simply don't have the bewildering array of applications that I do. I would also warrant that any applications that you do have do not have to run so deeply within the system as some of mine...


Ms Robinson said...

Anon: Most men I know would love it if women could never use the phone:)

Old BE said...

I have now been put off Windows and Mac. I think my next computer will be a paper and pen.

Anonymous said...

There I was thinking Macs are bullet proof. According to most Mac users anyway. Linux anyone?

Roger Thornhill said...

Plaxo took an age to get around to a Mac version, IIRC. I used to get irritating invites from people to join it when Apple was not supported.

Anyone can write malware when the user installs it willingly. Any application that is not drag and drop is, unless it is a massive piece of work, on parole IMHO. There is little excuse.

If Plaxo refuses to get itself off the Mac, I suspect it was designed by one of those typical PC "dll infestation" queens who seems to think a 1h32m Install Shield cycle is necessary for any of their rancid creations.

Anonymous said...

For someone who has never posted anything intelligent on this blog, you really should watch what insults you throw around.


Right back at you. Cunt.

James Higham said...

My Apple daler says don't go Leopard until they've sorted it out. I upgraded the Tiger itunes and it jams the computer now.

Shug Niggurath said...

I will show up on your stats as a Mac OS, 1440 x900. So from my high chair I have to laugh.

Because while I'd LOVE it if everyone used OS X, I always get a wry smile when they cause havoc, because contrary to most Mac users I know, I am well aware that they are capable of ruining a fucking day.

So good on you for admitting that they aint the 100% perfect boxes that a lot of people try to make out.

I hate MOST about macs the fact that if I have multiple events of an application open, it's not as easy as clicking on the one I want from the task bar like you do in Windows.

What I LOVE most though is that installing a typical app is faster than upgrading Flash in Internet Explorer.

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