Monday, February 11, 2008

The short answer

Here's an easy question.
ABC: Global Warming to Force Humans to Flee Destroyed Earth?




Anonymous said...

Fan-fucking-tastic - lets put all these marxist eco dickheads on the next rocket leaving earth and be done with it. They can survive on space lentils!

Anonymous said...

I like AGW.

It means the politicians are occupied on a wild goose chase. Ok so it costs me money - lots of it in fact.

But, hey, they could be dreaming up new ways to nationalise my ID and rent it back to me; or taking my sovereignty off me and giving it to the bunch of oligarchs that fester in Brussels.

So what's worse - a bunch of ugly noisey, useless windmills that destabilise the grid but keep the politicians off my back - or the full malevolent attention to us of these politicians?

Devil's Kitchen said...


There's a flaw in your argument. we have got the stupid windmills and nationalising your ID and taking your sovereignty and giving it to the bunch of oligarchs that fester in Brussels.

They are a bunch of busy little bees...


Shug Niggurath said...

I remember being but a nipper and hearing adults moan that "If they could tax the air you breathe, they would".

AGW is the holy grail of those who desire to be politicians. They CAN tax the air you breathe.

I sincerely believe that the vast majority of the population don't give a fuck about politics, tax or pretty much any other issue outwith their immediate needs. So the great global warming consensus happens because most people accept what they are told on the news.

But this is insanity, and blatant insanity - I doubt Joe Call Centre is going to get off his shift, see something like that and believe it - and that's got to be good. Lets have more mental cases like this cunt allowed on the mass media, they'll fuck up their own arguments.

Much better than when inevitably it turns out to be phony and they claim that the tax and emission reductions they set were the saviour of mankind.

Anonymous said...

@ Shug Niggurath

They aren't just hearing about it on the news.

Their children are being indoctrinated daily in school then carrying the message home.

Global warming, 5 a day, every passing fad is finding its way into the national curriculum.

14 year old girls just love polar bears. They're so fluffy. And it's so sad the last one is currently hopping from one foot to the other in a desperate attempt to stay alive on the last remaining ice floe in the Arctic.

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