Thursday, February 07, 2008

Proportionately stupid

James Cleverly points out that the LibDims don't seem to know what the hell they want. No changes there, then.
Annabel Goldie, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, has won a number of major consessions in return for supporting the SNP's budget.

The thing which strikes me is the Lib Dem reaction to these negotiations. They are calling it "back room dealings" and seem genuinely upset that a minority party (us) are negotiating with the government (SNP).

Well that is how PR government works! If you don't like it, stop calling for it.

I'm not sure why this should come as a surprise.

LibDim policy is made on one principle and one principle alone: what will gain us any measure of power? This attitude is well-known in campaigning circles, where the LibDim candidates will switch policies depending on what they think their audience wants to hear. This is why the other parties loathe LibDim campaigners.

The LibDims are simply irritated that it is the Scottish Conservatives who the SNP have decided to treat with, and not the LibDims.


Anonymous said...

Quite, Lib Dem's need to stick to their guns otherwise they risk derailing their own agenda. If you're going to fight for "fair" systems, you have to take the occasional knock on the chin with good grace.

Newmania said...

Oh how ironic hoo hoo ha ha ha ha .I have a slight niggling recollection of a certain Mr. Kitchen arriving chez dale and saying he approved of PR.
Surely it must be my fetid imagination otherwise would it not appear that when proselitysing for UKIP he says one thing but when his head is screwed on he says another.

...and that would never do

Newmania said...

proselityzing. - who knew .

Devil's Kitchen said...


It's probably your imagination, since UKIP do not support PR, at least not in toto.

I believe that UKIP support a mainly FPTP system but that (if reform must happen) you then have a PR list top-up (similar to Scotland).

I may have expressed a liking for the Scottish system, but I honestly can't remember. I am not really a fan of PR and I certainly do not have any hard and fast opinions on electoral reform.

As you know, any government that I would find acceptable would be so tiny that it wouldn't really matter how you elected it: their role would only be that of caretaker anyway.


Scott @ loveandgarbage said...

The Lib Dems turned down the chance to enter coalition at the beginning of the parliamentary process. However, like Labour they have not adjusted to the power that opposition parties have where there is minority government. Again given the arithmetic in the Parliament the Greens should wield more influence than they do - but they failed to obtain anything much in the budget, and did not appear to barter for anything; whereas Margo MacDonald (Independent) played the game - won extra resources for her constituency and happily back the budget.

That the Tories and Margo have proved best at playing the game of minority government is perhaps surprising.

Additionally, the Scottish Parliament with its rules on members and committee bills actually gives immense power to the opposition parties to put through primary legislation - as an alternative programme of government. That none of the opposition parties in Scotland has woken up to this indicates a certain dearth of quality among the elected representatives.


Anonymous said...

The Liberal Democrat administration in Oxford are also in a mess. Antonia Bance, Labour Councillor and Oxfam's deputy director for the UK Poverty Programme does not mince her words on her blog: "my expressed hope for this year is to kick out a failing Lib Dem administration running down our beautiful city."

Anonymous said...

Why is Anon surprised about Oxfam's Antonia Bance's views about the Lib Dems? Here's Councillor Bance on Simon Hughes: "I don’t like Simon Hughes. Not at all. I mean, he’s a Lib Dem who gained his seat through dubious means and at the very least profited from homophobia. I also know someone who would be a much better MP for North Southwark and Bermondsey."

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