Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One in, one out

I've known that this was on its way for a while.
I’ve also joined UKIP.

So the next thing is to get the application to be a candidate in. SW Region, as that’s where I was born, grew up and is still my UK address.

Those who might want to join to vote for me (or against me of course) can do so here.

Those who don’t want to do that quite yet will have to wait until those who do have, I find out whether I will actually be a candidate and then you *might* be able to vote for or against.

Best of luck to young Timmy; I think that he would be a splendid addition to UKIP's burgeoning libertarian movement. It's ironic, however, that he should have joined just as I have sent my resignation letter.

Your humble Devil is now a fully affiliated officer of the Libertarian Party: you can even see a rather lovely mugshot.

However, the Libertarian Party will not be fielding candidates for EU elections—we are interested in sorting out this country, not anyone else's—so I would urge you to vote for UKIP at the Euro-elections, if only because they are happy to cause trouble throughout the European Parliament...


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that all these movements in and out of UKIP, the Libertarians, and other small similarly-aligned parties, are just self-defeating; maybe you should all come together and form a party or aliance with enough money and clout to be noticed in the UK Parliament (or at least the ability to field candidates in all constituencies, that way you would be a "national party" and be entitled to sit in TV-broadcast debates which will do your image a lot of good). After all, are the Libertarians opposed to leaving the EU? Or are UKIP opposed to small government once we have left the EU?

Anonymous said...

Pity on the UKIP thing- I still keep a copy of what you wrote when you joined UKIP as a reminder of why I remain a member, despite the paty's major flaws

Tomrat said...

Good luck Chris in your new role; I know which way I'll be voting in my local elections.
Frederick does have a very valuable point though - perhaps the first course of action for the LP should be a "better-off-out"-eqsue policy similar to the one UKIP runs for conservative marginals - that they sign up on believing the constitutional philosophy of libertarianism (and "better-off-out" of course) and in turn the LP wont stand in their counties and districts.

Am curious though Chris - does this mean if the LP hypothetically won the next general election there first course of action would be to withdraw from EU control? I happen to buy into EU Referrendum's view on them and believe this is the best course of action.

anthonynorth said...

Maybe you should forget forming new parties, and instead form a kind of apolitical 'league' to further the cause of independents in Parliament.
Surely this idea of mine would be closer to a libertarian way.

Anonymous said...

er DK
your photo is upside down - no?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

It looks interesting. I was disappointed that there were no policy statements. It is difficult to get enthusiastic about something that effectively just has a name.

Anonymous said...

Can't you be a member of both? Policies aside, you'll get nowhere without practical people on the ground.(You'll learn very quickly how hard it is to run an organisation which is composed mostly of volunteers and to build up the infrastructure needed) Whatever you do, good luck and stay focused.

Sgt Rock said...

I see in the Libertarian Party Constitution 2.3(d) 'The Party aims to further the libertarian cause by:
legally codifying and protecting the rights of citizens, now and into the future, through such measures as introducing a formal Constitution and Bill of Rights within the United Kingdom.'

We already have a Constitution and Bill of Rights, both are still law. Our EU membership is illegal.

Newmania said...

Ha ..I knew you did not fit in there , I think its a shame , why would leave a Party with a purpose and join a vanity Party ?

...I enjoyed you miserable poor little me post about drinking. My problem is drinking and then wagging my finger , becoming absurdly intolerant of disagreement then losing all my friends ...Boo Hoo.

On the other hand fuck`em. I roll my own.

Anonymous said...


Ditch the demon drink,you are wicked enough without it.

Come back to UKIP as well. We need all the help we can get. The more fractured the anti EU vote the more the colleauges will gloat and further the project.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your leaving UKIP. Despite occasional frustration, I remain in that party because I believe it is the only effective organised opposition to the EU that we have (I also agree with most of its other policies, in fact). However small and at times wayward, UKIP has a clear, practical idea at its heart which has the potential to appeal to a vast number of people in this country - to leave the EU and restore our independence and democracy. A libertarian party, however admirable in some ways, seems to me a hopelessly idealistic project which will never appeal to more than a tiny majority and is unlikely to have any great effect on the thinking of the majority. After all - I'd be surprised if most British people could even give you a definition of the word 'libertarian'!
But I hope you will at least continue to support UKIP and urge others to do so, in elections?

Anonymous said...


I admire the Libertarian Party's ideals, but feel that another 'fringe' party will only splinter the anti EU/statist movement.

UKIP has many faults, but it is the only credible mainstream opposition to the lib/lab/con federalists. I alslo feel that the Libertarian ethos is well represented within UKIP in that the party wants to dispose of state invlovment in everyday life, revive local democracy and restore the notion of personal responsibility to a nation that knows fuck all except "I did it but society is to blame."

Someone with your ability to communicate people's frustrations and outrhight anger with the present state of play will be sorely missed.

Hope you think again or at least keep supporting UKIP in the Euro elections.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Frederick Davies,

I'm not sure the LP have all that much in common with UKIP, if this is an indication of what some of its representatives are like: http://www.democracyforum.co.uk/conservative-party-general-issues/44422-tories-hit-rock-bottom.html- Mikeuk, AKA Mike Smith, was UKIP's candidate in Portsmouth North.

I flirted with the idea of joining UKIP a couple of years ago, but opted to join the Conservatives instead, for practical reasons (I won't be renewing my membership, however, for various reasons). I've met UKIP members and a number of them seem to be civilised and pleasant, but increasingly I suspect that a large chunk of UKIP is made up of those nasty bastards who used to be in the Conservative Party years ago (no loss to the Conservatives, in my opinion).

I hope DK is happier with his new party- I think he will be much more comfortable with his own thoughts and ideas. The one thing about UKIP that made me wonder was how it conspicuously missed out the 'moral' issues from its manifestos and policies- ie, drugs, licensing laws, personal freedoms etc. I suspect this was quite deliberate, with the intellectual wing of UKIP perhaps having quite different views to the grassroots?

Unfortunately for me, I can only take the most pragmatic route in politics, given the nature of our electoral system.

If the LP constitution allows, it's possible that I would consider joining the party and carry on actively supporting the excellent Conservative parliamentary candidate in my area- I'm not tribalistic about these things, nor do I think that we should be.

Anonymous said...

Were those mugshots all taken with a fisheye lens? Or do all Libertarians have tiny craniums and huge faces?

I kid, I kid. I consider myself a libertarian, if not a Libertarian.

Oh god! What's happening to my face?

Devil's Kitchen said...

S. Weasel,

Hahahahaha! I don't know about the others, but for me the problem came because I was having to take a picture of myself...


Devil's Kitchen said...

P.S. 'Sides, you know what they say: big face, massive... er... character...?


Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Out of interest, DK, roughly how many have joined the LP so far? I'm just wondering if it got off to a (deservedly) good start and got much of a boost from the word-of-mouth nature of the Blogosphere?

Will LP members (or potential members!) be able to find out about LP members and events in their area?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Hmmm. It's just me and Gregg Beaman then.

Mark Wadsworth said...

And Vindico, of course.

pommygranate said...


We set up a libertarian party here in Australia a couple of years ago. Detailed policies can be found here,


We stood 59 candidates for the recent Senate elections. Got nowhere but it's a marathon not a sprint. Hardest part is obtaining funding. If you can find a way to do this, then you have cracked it. Good luck!

Our discussion blog is the ALS, www.alsblog.wordpress.com

Anonymous said...

Frederick Davis above has the right idea. All these little parties are fragmenting votes and support - not to mention money. The Libertarian Party will not ever get a toehold, I guarantee you.

Your mugshot is indeed rather cute, DK, and you are to be congratulated for dropping out of university to follow your own star.

Patrick Vesey sounds awful beyond belief. Not only does he look slovenly, but he "has held posts both [why not 'and'? rather than worked in?] within[why not 'in?] the public (Local Authority and NHS), and the private sectors"... Not "has worked in the public and private sectors". Sorry, this was too sloppily constructed even to deconstruct. What a wordy, self-elevating bunch of overwritten rubbish.

And he has a child outside marriage. I don't like that.

Andrew Withers should get his collars starched. Another one with a "partner" who he doesn't want to commit to, but has a child with. "Extensive travel in these regions of the world has underlined to Andrew that we live in a country that has achieved its freedoms through the hard work, and sometimes blood, of its citizens over the centuries." [NSS! You had to go overseas to learn the bedrock of British history? ]

"Keenly aware [not just aware, but "keenly" aware!] that it would be all too easy to give these freedoms away to a political elite that uses the State to support itself, Andrew's enthusiasm to prevent this from passing lends much needed zeal to his role as Party Chairman."
. Uh-huh, The slipping of our ancient rights and freedoms from under our feet has been widely, not to say obsessively, discussed by the British public for the past 11 years.

Dear God! What wordy, self-serving, badly-written, pretentious drivel. They sound like someone going for their first summer job after getting their GCSEs. Inflation, inflation, inflation.

At least Carpenter has lived overseas, although the reasons he thinks Hong Kong trumps Singapore are not listed. In my own experience, they have one thing in common: Chinese people with an unrivalled entrepreneurial instinct. But he has experienced it personally and thought about it - the libertarian vs the controlled. And he has articulated it clearly, without pretentiousness.

Carpenter sounds anchored, worldly and stable. Also, he is the best dressed. The rest of you look as disfunctional as Gordon Brown.

I'd vote for Dave before I would even take a second look at this ramshackle, pretentious, elderly studentish outfit with its embarrassingly overwritten, empty cvs.

Mr Carpenter looks the business, though. He should be the Leader and sack the other two drips. And keep Chris on for the charisma factor. And also, Chris can write.

Other than Anderson, and Chris, this reeks of amateurishness, but not in a good way. They should join the Libertarian Alliance.

Other than that, I don't really have an opinion.

pommygranate said...


Why did you leave UKIP? I was told they were moving toward a more libertarian agenda?

A word of caution from our two years so far - the media will hate you if you intend to espouse typical libertarian policies such as relaxed gun laws and a scepticism toward evangelical environmentalism. you'll need some good PR people to help you.

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