Friday, February 15, 2008

Not my fault

This is yet another assault on my faith in humanity.
The mum of a 15-year-old girl locked up for drunkenly filming a "happy-slapping" killing last night said her daughter was ensnared by Britain's terrifying culture of teenage boozing.

The divorced 33-year-old, speaking after the girl admitted aiding and abetting the manslaughter of Gavin Waterhouse by two teenagers, said: "The whole country must fight this violent and horrific problem."

She said: "I suspected my daughter was in with the wrong crowd but you can't keep a teenager locked up."

Er, actually, your teenager has now been locked up. And I hope that she has a really shitty time, too.
"You can scream and shout for help but little notice is taken until something terrible happens.

"Now the whole country is watching and pointing the finger—but what use is that? A man is dead and my daughter is in custody. Surely prevention is better than knee-jerk reactions?

"I can't criticise the individual social worker who has been assigned to my daughter but it's the system that has failed."

She approached Mr Waterhouse and asked him for money before recording the attack.

Afterwards, the attackers showed friends the video footage—even though they were aware their victim had died.

As Mike Power says,
So there you have it. Everyone's fault except the parent. The 'system', the 'culture', the 'social', the supermarkets, alcohol. 'You can't lock them up', says 'student' mum. Really? Well, I've already warned my son that if he get's involved with the 'wrong crowd' and starts any old nonsense two things will happen. Members of the 'wrong crowd' will get a 'visit' from me and he will be chained up in the cellar until he agrees to behave! And he knows I'm not (completely) joking. Ah, Dr Spock, eat ya heart out!

It is your fault, love, and you can keep your daughter locked up. If you do not, then society will: and we do not keep the evil, little harridan locked up for her sake, but for ours.

But, let's be fair: it is not entirely, or even mainly, the mother's fault: the only person really at fault here is the person being locked up. It was her decision to get involved, and stay involved, with this "wrong crowd" and her decision to get involved in the attack. She is guilty as all hell and I hope that her imprisonment is absolutely miserable.

I hope the silly bitch never gets out. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen and she will, no doubt, fall in with the "wrong crowd" again and will eventually be found dead of a heroin overdose in a scabby squat.

And absolutely no one will give a shit.


Anonymous said...

"And absolutely no one will give a shit."

I will. I'll open a bottle of champers.

But her "friends"? No. Of course not. They won't notice she's dead until she starts to smell. Then they'll drift out of the squat and not come back. Her mother will give an interview to a newspaper decrying how 'the system' let her violent little slag down.

Does anyone know what the attitude to this female humanoid will be among fellow prisoners? I'd like to think that violence might be involved.

JuliaM said...

""I can't criticise the individual social worker who has been assigned to my daughter but it's the system that has failed.""

What the hell happened to shame...? She sees nothing wrong with having a social worker assigned to her daughter, ffs!

But then, she appears to have got pregnant at 18 (even though at least she married the man - or a man) so I don't think her mother was any better...

This is what the welfare state is breeding - this girl, and her moronic, hopeless 'friends'.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Locking someone up for manslaughter a 'knee-jerk reaction'? What a completely fucking hatstand cunt she is.

Roger Thornhill said...

juliam, shame is not on the radar. In fact, I do wonder if the attention they get is all part of the perverted, inverted reward system. Having a social worker assigned means abdication and something to talk about with yer mates, p'raps.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Blogger screwed up so here goes again.

In a libertarian society this girl and her lumpen mother would be banished, outwith the city walls, where she could drink herself to death on SunnyD and clog up her arteries with Turkey Twizzlers.

Or... she could have had a clip round the ear when she was a bit younger.

But oh, you get arrested for child abuse.

Homophobic Horse said...

People these days assume that we're all products of socio-historical forces. The welfare state was designed to address this. But what the hell does it do to an individuals soul, the idea that one is a product of inhuman social "forces."

Anonymous said...

The welfare state was designed to address this.

No. The welfare state was set up as a means of control.

Anonymous said...

Your prediction for the demise of this horrible little slag is probably correct.

Alas, before she goes she will have fucked up several other peoples lives (due to being socially excluded of course) and probably spunked out a few more chavettes to take her place on the tax payer's tit.

Neil Harding said...

DK, This "sod 'em" attitude of yours is as bad as the mother in this case. We ALL have a responsibility. I am afraid that is the truth whether you like it or not. If unemployment doubles in a year, you can't just say the number of 'lazy' people has doubled - it is a result of government policy - and that is a responsibility of all of us. The morals of the poor reflect the morals of those at the top. The more selfish and indulgent those on excessive wages are, the worse the social strife - as those at the bottom also follow this example of 'fuck em all'. You are a shining example of this.

Neal Asher said...

Is this Neil Harding deranged? Yup, the doubling up of lazy people is certainly due to government policy - the one of rewarding laziness and punishing those who work for a living. And why should the morals of the poor reflect the morals of those at the top? I know it looks that way what with the bunch of lying thieving scum presently running our country, and certainly they are self-indulgent and on excessive wages...

Anonymous said...

No, Neil - we do not ALL have responsibility for this girl.

YOU do, because you and your fellow travellers have constructed this God-awful welfare state that encourages single parenthood, unemployment, crime and violence.

Anonymous said...

The reinstating of the death penalty would solve a lot of these problems, just as roach spray solves a roach infestation.

It should also be retrospective. As in, if this little rat faced girl is too young to be lethally injected just now, it should be automatic that she be warned that one more offence - of any type, including shoplifting, dropping litter or anything defined as antisocial behaviour - will result in incarceration and a walk to the gallows on her 18th birthday. Or being strapped onto a gurney. Or she could have a choice. In Utah, they give murderers a choice between lethal injection and the firing squad. You can't say fairer than that.

JuliaM said...

"The morals of the poor reflect the morals of those at the top. "

Let's nip this in the bud now - this little waste of oxygen isn't the way she is because she's poor. I doubt she lacks for clothes, mobile phone, the latest mp3 player. She almost certainly isn't starving.

Describing her as 'poor' and equating her behaviour with the poor is an insult to people who raise respectful children who want to make something of their lives on minimum wage.

She isn't poor - she's scum. And she'd be scum even if she had a million pounds. Money doesn't have anything to do with it. Her poverty is poverty of spirit.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Juliam!

And her mother's "poverty of spirit",given that she said locking her daughter up for manslaughter was "a knee jerk reaction".

There is no conceivable reason to feed and house this creature because she is not going to change.

Anonymous said...

Horrid little slag? have you forgotten about the fact that it is indeed a child you are referring to? You ought to be ashamed. And for the record, if this child disappeared off the face of the earth, she would be missed, by the people that do actually love her - NOT her mother. As for the comment about her having everything - you know fuck all, she had nothing, except a cunt of a mother. How would you feel if it was your child, that is if you have any. Fuck the lot of you with your opinionated narrow minded comments. Up yours, know your facts before you spout your mouth! She never asked to be born, she was just unfortunate to be born to that bitch. Who by the way, was raised properly, by two parents and not the fucking state.

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