Monday, February 11, 2008

Morrison's still driving me to drink

I see that the Daily Mail is reporting that Morrison's are IDing everyone who attempts to buy booze.
One of Britain's largest supermarket chains is asking all customers—even pensioners—if they are over 21 before selling them alcohol.

Morrisons has ordered the move to avoid heavy fines for selling booze to under-18s.

In the biggest crackdown so far by a major retailer, checkout workers at dozens of stores in "high risk" areas—where under-age drinking is rife—have been told to ask customers of all ages for proof of identity.

Of course, this is not exactly a new story: it cropped up in September last year. Memo to the Mail reporters: do try to keep up.

Anyway, I appreciate that supermarkets are under a lot of pressure from this hideously authoritarian government, but could they not actually show some fucking discretion?

Bag has a novel idea of how to deal with this particular brand of stupidity.
Anyway, perhaps now is the time to have fun with Morrison’s. Pile your shopping trolley full of goods including freezer items and a single bottle of booze. Unless of course you are a drinker in which case load up with your weekly stock. Then when you hit the checkout put the booze on the conveyor and when they ask for id just say I don't have any. When they refuse the sale just say how insulted you are and walk out without buying anything. Then go to Tesco’s and buy everything.

Alternatively, just boycott Morrison's and, preferably, write to the CEO and let him know why you are boycotting them, i.e. you don't shop at places that treat you like a fucking child (quite literally).


Tomrat said...

That they will lose customers because of this is a given; Morrison's have probably compensated for this pressure in several dozen ways. However, I dont take offense at this for 2 reasons:
1. The wage for a till worker are quite low - as such they tend to attract people under the age of 18 to work in these roles and anyone with a working knowledge of licensing laws will know that you cannot sell alcohol if you yourself is underage without an adult (thus shift supervisors tend to be older) being present; this is quite an obvious measure to prevent fraudulent sales of alcohol to minors.
2. It would take just one report in a major tabloid (left or right leaning) of a minor being involved in some drunken yobbishness/accident/assault brought about by several cans of tescos/morrisons/M&S's etc. high strength, own brand lager, with pictorial records of said booze in the offenders hands to completely destroy the reputation of a supermarket and to antagonize an already anti-capitalist environment further. Worse still, Labour's creeping socialism would set to work on further encroachments to civil liberty - imagine the headline: "Gordon Brown Leads The Charge In Curbing Underage Alcohol Sales In Our Supermarkets" (between the lines: GB doubles alcohol duty, making life yet more unbearable for the masses while maintaining thin veil of respectability).

Before we start flapping our mouths off against the supermarkets lets just remind ourselves that their sales depend on very low margins, are increasingly (and necessarily) becoming more complex/sophisticated to entice customers hit hardest by taxation, and that the actions of a few irresponsible corner shops/bargain boozers/parents and peers(for their are many in the sink estates surrounding the northern Morrison stores) have allowed this to propogate.
Where are the police shutting down these bargain boozes when they are so obviously serving underage kids or revoking their licenses? or the social workers penalising benefits for parents not keeping a tight leash on their children?
(disclaimer: I do not work for a supermarket - the last time I did was as a till boy at 16-17 for M&S over a decade ago.)

Anonymous said...

Lisheen mate, lisheen ahm fucking telling yer, who needs shupermarkets for yer cheap drink.

Age checks, fuck yerself mate, abdul's mini mart franchise on every town on every corner (open 6am till the last fucking penny can be squeezed), excpet for the time when he has his arse stuck up in air for some reasoon will sherve any cunt aged from 6 to 600.

The old bill wont do fuck all in case they are called rachists, rachests, you know what I fucking mean doncha.
So fuck the shupermarkets mate, who fucking needs em - christ I've just pissed meself and made a right mess out of me bench

RobW said...

I remember these problems when I worked in a pub a couple years back.

The problem is that the person serving can be fined heavily as well as the company.

I used to ID loads of people. And yes it could be insulting. But I couldn't afford a hefty fine.

The government need to fuck off on this one. The laws surrounding this issue are a disgrace.

Pogo said...

"Tomrat" and "Rob"... All, I assume, that is being suggested by DK is that the company exercises a smidgeon of common sense with its ID policy. If you're 21 you might be a tad miffed if asked to prove your age, but it's not an unreasonable request. The insanity comes when they start asking obvious wrinklies (like wot I am) to prove same.

Tomrat said...


Too true, but you must remember that the MSM, nor the government are respectors of "common sense", only the lowest common denominator; their vote base, and whatever is floating their vote that day. As has been demonstrated by Dr. Crippen these last few days the MSM and politicians think nothing of ripping into the coalface workers, big business or even each other if they think it will benefit themselves; Morrisons are merely protecting themselves from this greasy-pole-climbing cleft-monkeys.

The funny thing is that I support DK's anger; I just think it is misdirected - as #6 orated so beautifully(though a little prejudicial; not all corner shops are owned by non-caucasions) police are avoiding the true culprits of this problem - the corner shops who aren't as exacting in the word of the law.

What would it take:
-video evidence and police monitoring corner shops near areas of underage drinking and lawlessness.
-court-ordered revocaion of a few alcohol and tabacco licenses fast-tracked in precise area clamp downs.

Eventually the shops will get the idea; they will follow the same line as the supermarkets, people will get mad but will adapt and the kids will have one major source cut off from them.

Anonymous said...

To suggest that they apply a little common sense when asking for ID implies that the staff are up to the task. Morrisons stand head and shoulders above their competitors in employing staff with lower IQs than the plastic bags they dole out. So don't hold your breath.

Roger Thornhill said...

Bag's idea - snap.

Ideally, multiple people should synchronise presentation at the tills so all are clogged up by a mass walkout.

Anonymous said...

See Finland's rules on special offer multi-pack lager sales in supermarkets for real idiocy.

It will happen here.

Dom said...

In Lincoln if kids want booze all they have to do is go to the 24 hour Tesco on Wragby Road and buy it via the automated checkout.

john b said...

"See Finland's rules on special offer multi-pack lager sales in supermarkets for real idiocy. It
will happen here."

Bet you a trillion pounds that it doesn't. Rather, some idiots will make a fuss for five minutes until either next trivial non-issue to whine about comes along, or something worth whining about comes along [nothing like a good dose of recession to wipe out the spurious made-up moral panics that we self-indulge in during times of plenty...], and then it'll all be forgotten.

"In Lincoln if kids want booze all they have to do is go to the 24 hour Tesco on Wragby Road and buy it via the automated checkout"

No, doesn't work: it's hard enough to buy booze as a grown-up from the auto checkouts, precisely because they're worried about kids treating them as an obvious loophole. Unless the manager of the Tesco in Lincoln itself is so dedicated to the sheer love of selling booze to kids that he's overridden the store's national policy and reprogrammed the auto tills, which would be a little surprising.

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