Friday, February 29, 2008

More power to your elbow

Watching this video, I can only echo Vindico's call of "Go, Nigel!"

Do watch the whole thing because it is absolutely excellent—and slightly terrifying.

Near the end of the video, that evil little bastard, Richard Corbett MEP, expresses the opinion that the European Parliament were holding a democratic debate.

Here's the thing, Richard: on the vast majority of votes, it is not recorded which way MEPs vote. I cannot hold my MEP to account if I am not allowed to find out how that MEP has voted and, as such, it is not a democratic institution.

Democracy's most important function is not to elect leaders: its most important function is as a mechanism to remove those whom we deem unsuitable. If you know not how they have voted, how can you possibly know who is suitable and who is not?

For MEPs to vote against Amendment 34, to allow referendums in all countries on the Constitution, and Amendment 32 (and this included three Tory MEPs: Beazley, Purvis and Atkins), to respect the result of the vote in Ireland, is not the act of those who believe in democracy—in that, they are entirely in tune with the EU itself.

The Libertarian Party's policy is not to put up candidates in the Euro elections: we have no interest in ruling over other countries. As such, I have no hesitation in endorsing, and urging you to vote for, UKIP in those elections.

UPDATE: Elaib and Trixy have the voting record for Amendment 34.
Worse far worse than this is what happened when amendment 34 was voted upon, flagged up by Trixy,
Firmly believes that, since the choice involved will have a profound impact on the future, a European treaty should be ratified in all the Member States by means of a referendum, following a pluralist debate on the substance of the treaty and the issues at stake

Again I would suggest that this is pretty uncontroversial amongst those parties that profess to believe in a referendum in the UK, so how did the votes go?
Yes: 85
No: 526
Abstain: 53

And who amongst the Brits voted which way?
Batten, Booth, Clark, Farage, Knapman, Nattrass, Titford, Whittaker, Wise, Allister, Mote, Lucas

So that is UKIP, one Green, the former DUP and Ashley Mote,
Attwooll, Bowles, Davies, Duff, Hall, Ludford, Lynne, Newton Dunn,
Wallis, Watson, Atkins, Beazley, Chichester, Karim, Nicholson, Purvis, Cashman,
Corbett, Ford, Gill, Honeyball, Howitt, Hughes, Kinnock, McAvan, Martin David,
Moraes, Morgan, Simpson, Skinner, Stihler, Titley, Willmott, Smith

So that is the Lib/Dems, Labour, the Ulster Unionist, one of the two SNP and five Tories including the delegation leader Giles Chichester.
de Brún, Hannan, Helmer, Ashworth, Bowis, Bradbourn, Bushill-Matthews, Callanan, Deva, Dover, Evans Jonathan, Harbour, Jackson, Kirkhope, McMillan-Scott, Parish, Stevenson, Sturdy, Sumberg, Tannock, Van Orden, Evans Jill, Hudghton

Here we have Sinn Fein, the Tories—barring those who voted against one Green and the other SNP.

It isn't rocket science, this was a simple demand that there should be a referendum.

Five Tories! Including the delegation leader! Go on, count them.

Obviously Mr Cameron's MEPs are not of the same mind as he himself is, although Dan Hannan has defended himself (and I may have seen it sooner if the fucking Telegraph's blogs loaded properly).
Dan has responded to the criticism quite correctly,
I voted AGAINST the report Hagar refers to, the Mendez de Vigo / Corbett report, which supported the constitution. So did all but three Tory MEPs. I also voted IN FAVOUR of the various Ind/Dem amendments calling for ratification to be frozen until intelligible drafts of the treaty were available. And I voted IN FAVOUR of the motion calling for the wishes of the Irish people to be respected.

I am personally in favour of referendums in every country. But I don't believe it is up to the EU to mandate the form of ratification. That is for each nation to decide, according to its own traditions. Obviously, I'd like the Greeks and Finns and Slovaks to get the vote. But I'm not a Greek or a Finn or a Slovak, so it isn't up to me.

Ah, the niceties of political discourse, eh?


Tim J said...

And it would, for example, be extremely difficult for the EU to order Germany to ratify the treaty by referendum given the constitutional block on referenda there - for pretty sound historical reasons you might say.

Anonymous said...

Corbett is such a wheedling wee cunt. Teacher's pet.

Anonymous said...

Good for Nigel Farage. He has remarkable stamina for the fight against the EU. Even though I disagree with him on some issues.

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