Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lord of the dance

It appears that Fidel Castro has decided not to retake the reigns of the Cuban Presidency.
Cuba's ailing leader Fidel Castro has said he will not accept another term as president, ending 49 years in power.

"I neither will aspire to, nor will I accept, the position of president of the council of state and commander in chief," he told the newspaper, Granma.

There will, I suspect, be a number of Labour MPs and BBC journalists—not to mention the entire staff of The Grauniad and most university lecturers—who will be sobbing into their pints tonight.

The US seems to be remarkably conciliatory too. Perhaps they are hoping to import Cuba's dancing skills? For my impecunious Athenian friend points me to this entry by Stephen Pollard.
Forget all the commentary on Castro. By far the most insightful comment comes from the singer, Craig David, whom I have just heard being interviewed.
INTERVIEWER: So you did some of your new album in Cuba?

CRAIG DAVID: I had lots of misconceptions about it being a communist country and all that. It's true that they're not as privy as we are with inventions, food and so on. But they make up for it with incredible dancing.

Given the way that NuLabour is going, perhaps we should all learn to dance? In which case, I'm a bit stuffed, because my dancing is a cross between the styles of Fat Bob and Tim Booth...


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Cuba will hold an election with only one candidate to take the Presidency

I wonder if Raul and Fidel ever had a Granita moment all those years ago.

The parallels are quite alarming, don't you think?

RobW said...


I always have a soft spot for colourful dictators. Especially those that annoy the US.

Also Fidel has done pretty well to dodge the CIA for so long.

dkpw said...

I laughed out loud at Craig David's ineptitude and political naivety. To contrast though, I heard an anti-Castro exile in Florida compare him to the Nazis and Stalin.

No Castro was only ever a third rate dictator.

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