Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Libertarian Party party

The Adam Smith Institute blog picked up on the Libertarian Party this morning.
It's so newborn that there’s little in the way of policy on their website, but we should be able to safely assume that it will be based on the idea of self-ownership and limited government, and most importantly: freedom!

The arrival of Nick Clegg and David Cameron to the leadership positions of their respective parties has seen a sprouting of liberal (in its original meaning) ideas, albeit ones still couched in the language of the state. Perhaps a libertarian party can push them towards removing the state from people's everyday lives. It remains to be seen what can be achieved with a libertarian party, since as with any party it will be a mixture of all the creeds of libertarian thought. The problem is assembling policy that is truly libertarian, yet appealing to all within and without.

The surest way to make the state smaller is to explain and champion individual freedom and win the hearts and minds of the many. Hopefully a libertarian party will be able to help in that.

Indeed. The Libertarian Party aims to bring the concept of libertarianism to all and sundry and to communicate a positive libertarian vision. An initial policy framework will be out for discussion on the forums within the next few days so that all members can have a say in the party's direction; and, now, for the very first time, ladies and gentlemen, you can join a UK Libertarian Party for a mere £10 per year.

We live in interesting times, do we not...?

UPDATE: Tom Paine has a picture of the Libertarian Party Flag flying from his yacht in Second Life. Now that's class...


Perry de Havilland said...

Watching with interest. Not sure it is a good idea, but I would be truly delighted to be proven wrong. I certainly wish them well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, but it's broken. Try http://lastditch.typepad.com/lastditch/2008/02/the-uk-libertar.html

Devil's Kitchen said...

Fixed. Cheers for the heads up, Tom.


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