Monday, February 04, 2008

Jews obviously legitimate targets

Since we appear to be on a religious theme, by which I mean that I am swearing at the wank-monkeys of a Muslim persuasion—Tom Paine flags up a particularly delicious morsel for us today.
THE Holocaust Memorial Day marking the genocides of the 20th century was marred on Sunday when a gang of youths stoned Jewish tourists on a guided tour of London's East End.

A group of 96 visitors looking at sites of Jewish interest were attacked by youths hiding behind a fence in a back street in Whitechapel.

Two were struck by the missiles, an American woman just starting a new post at London's Metropolitan University and a Canadian lecturer.

The woman had blood pouring from her head and needed hospital treatment.


An eye-witness said: "Stones started to come down on us and some in the group were scared and ducked.

"I looked over the fence and saw four Asian youths throwing stones. They were laughing, then ran away."


There was condemnation across the political spectrum at the multi-faith service at the synagogue later.

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets blamed it on "narrow religious views" in the community.

Ah, so what he actually means is that a bunch of Muslim youths decided that stoning Jews was a fun idea. Isn't that what this amounts to? Yes, it is.

Good. Get eye-witness accounts, hunt these fuckers down and deport them. If they are, in fact "British", then we need to set an example: send them to prison, for life. No parole, nothing. If that doesn't send out a strict enough message, then we can start beating them every day, too. Publically.
"It's horrifying this could happen in the East End in this day and age, on Holocaust Memorial Day of all days," Cllr Ann Jackson told the Advertiser.

"We must mediate between the narrow religious views of some in the Bangladeshi community. There is narrow mindedness in all communities. Everyone must realise ours is a tolerant society."

There is no such thing as society, you fool: there are only individuals. If the individuals are not tolerant, then society is not either.

What we must do is to ensure that these bigots are not allowed to act on their bigotry and, if they do (as they have), then they are made to rue the fucking day. They have infringed on other people's life, liberty and property: I don't give a shit about their motivation, but these people must be punished. Punished and publically humiliated.

Just for once, I concur with Sunny's pithy comment.
This is disgusting...

Yes; yes, it is. So, hunt these bastards down and, if they are convicted, strip them naked in the town square, publically flog them, and then send them down for a very, very long time.

P.S. I feel that I should point out that I don't give a crap about what religion someone is: the law is the law and should apply to everybody equally regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. etc. No exceptions, no special circumtances, and without fear or favour. OK?


Anonymous said...

So you favor life for attacking Jews, but a reward for attacking Muslims? Yeah, you're a true humanist.... fuck you, ya cunt.

Devil's Kitchen said...

I'm sorry, but where did I say that I favour a reward for attacking Muslims? I favour punishing these fucks far more strictly than we currently do, sure; but then I favour far heavier penalties than we now have for just about any crime.

I particularly loathe all religions: anyone who believes in a fucking sky-fairy may as well be mentally unhinged as far as I am concerned.

But, these fuckers should be hunted down and punished because they assaulted people, not because they are Muslims.

Get knotted, cunt-face.


IanPJ said...

And where was Red Ken whilst all this was going on....probably as pissed as a fart in a corner somewhere.

Anonymous said...

DK - You lost me with your nouveau "sky fairy" meme. Fairies are weak and flutter. Dieties aren't like that. They have power. Get a better term for your contempt.

Equally, "I looked over the fence and saw four Asian youths throwing stones. They were laughing, then ran away."

Were they Chinese? Japanese? Indonesian? What? Or were they Pakistanis and Bangladeshis? These people are from the Sub-Continent; not "Asia". Why are the British, alone in the entire planet, afraid to say "Pakistani" or "Bangladeshi" and thus driven to use the inept "Asian" (I'm sure introduced by BBC correspondents)? Even The Times of India, an august organ to be sure, calls Bangladeshis 'Banglas'. They call Pakistanis 'Paks'.

Puir wee, cowed, timourous Britain. Two men robbed 60m of their identity and their sense of self: Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell. You deserve everything that's coming to you.

The British are so easily cowed. that's why in another 20 years, they won't have a country.

Anonymous said...

"Dieties aren't like that."

This would be the Great God Atkins would it?

If the deities are so powerful how come I've never seen one do anything? If you are a Christian it is odd that you refer to deities in the plural (unless you mean the Trinity) - I thought the whole point of the Abrahamic religions was that there is only the one God? If only the religious could just be a little more coherent and logical more of us might be convinced by your spiel.

Anonymous said...

It is astonishing how little coverage this was given in the press, when you just know that if it had been Muslims who were on the receiving end, the newspapers would have had it all over the front pages.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Totally agreed.

Anonymous said...

If there's only one god, then by definition he/she/it never gets a shag (except for the occasional act of bestiality* with human girlies who are no better than they ought to be ... hmmm, must be a he then), so must be into having a wank.

So god's a wanker then. Just so we all know.

*Sex between different species. Like those yappy bastard little dogs that keep trying to shag your leg ... you know: the ones that keep getting a good kicking.

Roger Thornhill said...

Nail them. Absolutely.

It is ironic that the East End saw Oswald's bunch of knuckle-scraping fascists repelled, yet now is home to a mindset of equal or greater fascism.

Pogo said...

Dieties aren't like that. They have power.
Don't be silly, of course they don't... Otherwise they'd be giving us orders in huge letters of fire written in the sky rather than having loads of otherwise unemployable blokes in strange clothes "interpreting" their godly wishes.

Anonymous said...

Ken does not give a fuck for Jews or indeed any other minority in London that will not deliver the votes he needs to keep him in power. He is in bed with his new bestest mates the muslims, who as we all know share Ken's highest regards for the rights of women, gays, freedom of religious practice, animal rights and all round loving tolerance.

Anonymous said...

Saw this on Cranmer yesterday
Can someone explain the logice to me?
Accuser: You are violent and a threat to society
Accused: Say that again and I'll kill you

Sums it all up nicely I think. Whay is this country so scared of tiptoing around it?

Anonymous said...

palestinian kids who throw stones to jewish tanks must keep being killed.. so the world will learn...

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