Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fattening us up for the slaughter

It seems that some senior EU members have some interesting ideas.
In the past few weeks we have seen the agregation of arbritary power in the European Parliament and the sorry end of the Tillack saga. Yet [Jack Straw] seems to be singing from the same song sheet as Hans Gert Poettering was when he told us that Europe has given us rights for the first time. He also said that with rights come obligations,
"The Charter of Fundamental Rights is the first document of its kind to give economic and social rights the same status as political rights and basic freedoms".

The thing is he said this a few years back at a meeting of EPP Parliamentary assistants,
H-G P: "Europe will have both rights and duties"
EH: "Excuse me but what do mean by the term duties?"
H-G P: "Oh, taxation and military service".

My blood ran cold.

Military service, eh? I wonder when our politicians will spring that one on us? Will nice Mr Cameron's "summer camps" suddenly morph into boot camps, I wonder...?


Anonymous said...

EU - Strength Through Joy anyone? Ode to Joy as ' european national anthem' which all of our 'MEPS' (bar UKIP)stand up for.

Well, that is the situation and the question I ask to all fellow bloggers is what do we do about it?

Roger Thornhill said...

Duties? EU Arbeit Macht Frei...

I do not hate them, for hate is a waste of my energy on such valueless scum. No. I do not hate them just as I do not hate cockroaches that used to land in my courtyard in Singapore. Cockroaches do as cockroaches do. It is in their DNA. EUrocrats and Authoritarian scumbags all over do what they do and we must spray them with poison, crush them and render our world inhospitable to them so they do not breed within.

Our UK home is now a cosy warm nest for these vermin, with plentiful resources to feed on and scope to reproduce. We need to make it a living hell for their kind, so they do not darken our door again.

Anonymous said...


Where are your guts, your pride in European civilisation, your sheer love of an expanded 27 state, borderless political construct that you would not be prepared to lay down your life for the EU?

There could be no greater glory than to die oneself, or see your sons and daughter fall, under the glorious ring of stars banner.

I am going to volunteer at the first chance for the EU army (course I will have to lie about my age to get in) but then that is what brave Tommies did in WW1 - which incidentially the EU Sgt Major (nice German chap with a spiffy uniform and very shiny boots) tells me was not really a war but a spat between best European friends and all best forgotten.

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