Sunday, February 03, 2008

Every day and in every way...

Samizdata finds a wacky idea.
It seems thespian Wesley Snipes has been duking it out with vampires the IRS based on the rather reasonable notion he should not have to pay them his hard earned lucre.
Wesley Snipes' attorneys admitted his ideas were crazy - that Americans have no obligation to pay taxes and the IRS cannot legally collect them. [...] Co-defendants Eddie Ray Kahn, the founder of a known tax protest group, and Douglas P. Rosile, a delicensed accountant, were convicted Friday by the same jury of tax fraud and conspiracy. Both face up to 10 years in prison.

Oh yes, the notion the state has no right to your money is... crazy.

That's right, it's completely fucking insane, that is. I'm surprised that they haven't sectioned Mr Snipes yet, to be honest.

On a related note, here's Polly.
The question between now and the next election is whether Gordon Brown will go on shovelling more money to the grossly rich in the futile hope of appeasing them - or do what Labour governments are elected to do and reform an unjust tax system, both its unfair official rules and the flouting of them by those with the sharpest accountants?

Polly is one of the country's most influential columnists and a general opinion-whore for hire. She... er... communes with Gordon Brown and influences many government people.

And in Polly's eyes, not stealing people's money equates to "shovelling more money" at them. Do you see? All our earnings actually belong to the state and the bit that is left, after tax, is merely what the state graciously allows us to keep.

Now do you see how crazy Mr Snipes really is?


Roger Thornhill said...

Polly should have no escape from that paragraph - it reveals so much about her twisted mindset. Of course, all these people having money shovelled at them have done the ultimate - being paid more than Polly, who, as we know, is the most VALUABLE person IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Unknown said...

"And in Polly's eyes, not stealing people's money equates to "shovelling more money" at them."

In Sipes's eyes too, which is why I'm quite entertained by the IRS going after his hypocritical, liberal derriere.

Mike Power said...

If anyone has a couple of hours to spare there is Aaron Russo's 'Freedom to Facism' which argues the case for there being no legal justification for personal income tax in the US. It's a well made and interesting film whatever your views on taxation are.

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