Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The cost of The Scum

The estimable Wat Tyler has been doing a little research and worked out how much the gaggle of corrupt fucking shits in the UK Parliament cost us. The whole post is worth reading in full, to see how it all breaks down, but here's the conclusion.
  1. Total cost of Parliament

    Drawing this together, the total cost of Parliament is now running at around £0.5bn pa.

    Now you might say that £20 pa per household is not a great deal of money. But we say £20 is much more than we want to spend on funding a plush London club. Especially when its members routinely lecture the rest of us on how to live while simultaneously helping themselves to the petty cash.

    The trust has gone.

Anyone who says that we should pay these bastards even more money is a total and utter cunt—end of story.

As far as I am concerned, if 70% of our legislation is effectively made in the EU (which it is), we should be cutting MPs' salaries and expenses by 70%, not proposing to pay them more. Besides, as I have always maintained, if MPs are scrabbling around trying to make a living, they will be too busy to think up new laws to oppress us with.

And for those who worry about "big business" buying MPs, well, I'll direct you to Timmy's comment.
But [Monbiot] seems to have missed PJ O’Rourke’s point. When legislators decide what can be bought and sold the first thing to be bought and sold will be the legislators.

You’ll not take the money out of politics until you take out the profitability of putting money into politics.

So, an argument for MPs being able to do as little as possible: in other words, this is a stone-cold argument for minarchism.


Nick said...

GBP20 pa per household is one way of looking at it.

Yet another way of looking at it is that is GBP773,000 for every member of the commons.

Fuck me. That's a bundle of cash for a bunch of by and large useless, sometimes malignant cunts.

Devil's Kitchen said...


That figure includes the Lords.

The Commons costs us £567,000 per MP.


Unsworth said...

Is this not a case for Trading Standards? In any event, I want a refund. They have never provided the goods and services I've paid for, nor what was written on the tin.

Anonymous said...

The cost of being governed in this way is even higher when you factor in whatever it costs for us to send Euro MPs to that chamber of darkness to rubber stamp a bunch of other nations demands.

Once any new laws are approved by these international freeloaders (as if there would be any danger of it not being passed) it is handed on to our well-paid rubber-stampers.

To use a phrase popular with the ordinary folk who pay so generously for all this, "Fucking hellfire..."

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