Monday, February 18, 2008

Conservative Future: present hilarity

Even though a couple of my friends are members, I don't usually pay much attention to Conservative Future on the grounds that I am not—and never have been—a member of the Conservative Party.

However, skullduggery and shenanigans appeal to me on many levels, not least when I have no interest in the outcome: as such, I can entirely indulge in my very favourite Schadenfreude.

And dear, oh dear, it seems that CCHQ-based National CF organiser, Michael Lunn, might possibly have been a little indiscreet. Like Dizzy, I have been forwarded a number of email chains which indicate that Conservative Central HQ may have been attempting to parachute a preferred, female candidate into the post of CF Chairman.
Back in November, there appears to have been plans for a quasi-CCHQ backed launch of a female candidate for the CF chairman position by the CF national organiser Michael Lunn, who said in an email to the potential candidate that he had "reservations" about the current candidates that were running.

In the emails it is made clear by Lunn that he "cannot endorse any candidate" but he later goes on to say that he has "some reservations over the current national candidates" and that the party chairman and David Cameron would welcome a female chair if she was to run. The emails go on to say that "[i]t would be great if you would be willing to stand for cf chairman, the centre is very keen to have a fresh start and attract more women in general, happy to meet you and discuss if u are interested."

There are some stonking lines in the emails; my favourite passage, by far, is this one from Michael Lunn. It was written from his personal account, rather than his address.
Be careful how you use me, if you need to consult me can you please do it personally. I cannot afford a whole long paper trail on my involvement or
even remote support.

Happy to help and review stuff as and when I have the time.

This is, of course, absolutely hilarious, although this is pretty good too.
Just to let you know we have definitely had a leak.

Yes, Michael, you have indeed had a leak. Whoops! As Dizzy says...
Now correct if I'm wrong here, but I believe that is what is called a paper trial isn't it? Or perhaps a noose around his neck might be a more apt analogy? I've also been led to believe that an official complaint was made to the party board about this and no action was taken.

Indeed. Personally, I am just amused when such hubris is revealed, student of human folly that I am.

It seems that the Conservatives are just as keen to ensure that their minions are "on message" or, at the very least, tick the right phenotypical boxes as NuLabour are. But then, since there is very little to choose between the two main parties—whether in the matter of their policies or in the way in which they operate—I can't say that I am surprised.

Given the various interests involved this one could run and run, thus providing me with continuing amusement for a while...


Anonymous said...

What a corker. Hives of intrigue, gossip and backstabbing - supposedly hidden from Joe Soap. All this to make a good impression on the BBC. But who takes notice of the BBC any more?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, looks like some good old-fashioned match fixing going on here.

Who was the female candidate, by the way? I'm voting in the CF elections so would be fascinated to find out... (feel free to email me!)

Anonymous said...

COuld it not just be that both Lunn and Cameron think that she is the best candidate? Not because she is female?

Or am I just naive?

Anonymous said...

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