Friday, February 08, 2008

A communication

Your humble Devil has received an email, on the subject of the hand-washing, from a gentleman whom we shall call "Mohammad".
I myself am a Medical student in Liverpool university and, unlike most Muslims in the UK, I grew up in a Muslim country—Kuwait to be exact (which would make me an international student).

I'm surprised at the level of extremism of these Muslim students and I have to say that it is real from what I've seen. But you have to ask yourself, why is it that Oman (a Muslim country) is the seventh best country when it comes to Medicine, as listed by the WHO?

It's astounding, and here's the kicker. Most early Muslim Physicians, who were either Arabs or Persians, never used their religion as an excuse to harm a patient. It would be seen as a betrayal of an unspoken contract between doctor and patient, a contract which dictates that a doctor must do everything to improve his or her patient's condition.

Needless to say that most Muslims are "cafeteria Muslims" nowadays: they only pick what they like from religion and then they distort it to serve whatever fakakta bullshit ulterior motive they have.

Most Kuwaiti, Saudi, Qatari, Emirati, Omani or Bahraini medical students never ever attract this kind of negative media attention, male or female.

And I'm not indicating superiority or anything but only pointing to the cold hard facts.

Yours truly,


Make of that what you will...


Anonymous said...

I tend to believe that. I spent five years of my life in Oman. Another two in Qatar. Another one in Saudi. The first two resemble the third not at all culturally. Qatar is closer, but still different. Oman is entirely different. So much so that I've said for years that if Saudi is Arab, then Oman isn't. Not down in Dhofar anyway.

Oman and Qatar would not be on my eliminate list if I had the nuclear weaponry. Pakistan (where I suspect most of our Muslim med student problems come from) would top the list.

Racist? ... whatever. Just depends how you define your terms.

A westernised Afghan acquaintance of mine (a woman in her fifties) says the war in Afghanistan is being fought by Paks, not Afghans. Another friend of mine has a son on his third tour there as I type - the son says the same. The woman's husband used to be a general in the Afghan army fighting against the insurgents when the Russians were there. I guess she and the soldier currently on tour ought to know what they're talking about.

The woman says the only way we can win that war is to kill the Paks. ALL of them.

Other countries get Morrocans and Iranians, Jordanians and Egyptians etc. - generally people who know what civilised behaviour is, and understand the concept of 'when in Rome ... '. What do we get? Paks and bloody Somalis. Go figure.

And if you call me racist - define your terms first.

Anonymous said...

You should also note an incident that was posted on the Kurdish Bloggers Union 2 years ago where they detailed a British Kurd in Iraq being so much more extreme then them and was worshipping Bin Laden, but then turned round and started raving about desperate housewives.

I wish I had the URL still.

I think you will find that the largest percentage of extremists based on the general population tend to be in the West and I think the UK must be top of that list, there are a number of reasons for this, not least that many of the extremists were given asylum, another example of doing good drops you in the shit!

Anonymous said...

You forgot the "pbuh"


Anonymous said...

My grandmother who was quite a religious muslim didn't like pakis and wahhabis too. She called the wahhabis heretics.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Islam can only be understood if you first understand what an inferiority complex is, and how it can be manipulated in others

Roger Thornhill said...

This chap sounds like a Muslim describing Islamists.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

If you ask me the British Raj did themselves a massive disservice by partitioning India

Anonymous said...

This blog is a creepy joke. It calls itself the devil and then claims to be spokesman for the church fuck off. This is crap. Why is it the sun newspaper which is just scum slag newspaer has the gall insult the pious bishop. He di not call for the retun of sharia law extreme elemets he called for moderate lemts of it.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

somebody can't type very well that's for sure...

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Return? And when did Britain ever have sharia law?

Please don't keep me in suspense

cassandra said...

ANNON 12.50
(Dirty Euro socialist)

Is that you DES/poisonous Kevin? Where have you been, hospital? We have missed your crazy posts mate!
Er the thing that you seem to have missed with you post is, when one element of the evil sharia is let in it will give the green light to the extremists to push and push for more!
The Islamists will never EVER be happy with this bit or that bit, they want the full Monty. When you give in to the bullies at your 'special school' it only makes them worse, yes?
Pehaps you dream of being a jihadist yourself?
Whatever floats your crazy world mate!

PS keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

15:00 So we should ban all religions then as it gives the green light to extermists.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

we should do what Kemal Ataturk did and make a secular state and remove all religious nonsense from running the state

Anonymous said...

And look what has just happened in Turkey - The Return of the Burqa!

Love the bit of Yiddish in Mohammed's text.

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