Monday, February 04, 2008


One of your humble Devil's guilty pleasures is a little-known BBC2 programme called Coast [iPlayer link]. It's fronted by an ebullient Scot (Glaswegian, I think), Neil Oliver, who brings the almost mystical enthusiasm to the study of Britain's coastline that only a Scot could possibly embue to such a programme.

Coast has been going for some time and, if you want to know just how fantastic and diverse this wee island of ours is, I highly recommend it. They examine local rock formations, industries, engineering, history and culture in a way that makes you appreciate how amazing this country is. (And I fucking love the Scots, as I've said before.)

Watch them—they're just wee fifteen minute shorts; you won't regret it.


Anonymous said...

Of course you love Scots: we're the only ones who consider your level of alcohol consumption to be not only normal, but part of the advised 5 a day.

Anonymous said...

"Little known?"

Eh? Both the original and subsequent series were a roaring success. As an ex-archaeologist, I note (smugly) the large number of 'em involved.

Anonymous said...

You just fancy the doc, don't you, DK


Anonymous said...

I've met the doc - she's lovely.

Anonymous said...

doh, that last comment was from me.

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