Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blame the cleaners

Sometimes one gets an inkling that all is not as it should be; a couple of things certainly springs out from this post (which is worth reading in its entirety, as a demonstration of why the NHS is a shitty, evil fucking system that should be destroyed immediately).
A big fat, demanding woman takes up a lot of the rest of my time. Etoh. She constantly calls me to re-arrange her bed side table, or to "pick her up and put her on the commode". I explained to her many times that I will not under any circumstances be lifting her in any way, shape or form from the chair to the commode. But Sister comes in, and forces me to assist in lifting her up. Because her feet start to slip she grabs on to me—and again, Sister forces me to take the weight of a woman who is probably at least double my weight.

To get her off the commode again takes six of us. That’s nearly all the staff nurses on the ward for that shift. Social services and physio come in to observe what’s going on- afterwards they interview the woman who says that she "needs a little bit of help getting on and off the toilet, but can walk on her own". She must weigh about 20 stone, she has a bad hip, stiff knees and grossly oedematus legs. Her diet mainly consists of scotch whiskey and she sleeps, and spends most of her time in a reclining chair. A little bit of help?

Now, I happen to know Faith, and she is not a big girl. In fact she's about 5'2" and there is simply no fucking way that she should have been carrying the weight of this woman; this should have been a job for a hoist. (Alright, in my nursing home, we occasionally used to lift heavy patients but I'm six foot and a couple of the other nurses weren't much shorter than me. And we still would have balked at the size of this woman.)

And it gets worse.
Sister then possibly absent mindedly, throws a filthy shit covered blue pad onto the floor—which lands on my foot and smears infected faeces all over my trousers and my shoes—Jesus. I'd have laughed, but I'm too tired and my body is shaking with the effort of trying to support the excessive bulk of this woman.

Now that is what I call infection control, eh? What the fuck? You never chuck shit-smeared pads onto the floor: you place them directly into a bag which you should have hung nearby for that purpose. I can only hope that these two were wearing gloves.

But, of course, all of these dirty hospitals are entirely down to the evil private cleaning contractors, eh? Fucking hellski.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, no, DK! You've almost aroused my sympathy towards evil Broon's war on fat people.

What on earth can be done with such people?

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