Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ze conzensus is alvays right, ya?

Mike Power comments on an interesting little article from 3 Quarks Daily.
Judah Folkman: "The father of antiangiogenesis*" dies.

He was shunned by his scientific peers and denied research funding for going against the 'consensus' and the received wisdom of the time (that tumours did not eventually need a fresh blood supply) and he had to turn to nasty old 'Big Pharma' to fund his research.
For much of the next two decades Folkman was treated as a pariah by his peers, who dismissed his theory outright. He was criticized whenever he announced a finding. To continue his unpopular research after all other funding sources dried up, he was forced to take a hefty sum—$23 million—from chemical company Monsanto. Convinced he was on the right track, he persevered in the face of adversity. By the mid-1990s the tide turned in his favor when researchers in his lab discovered that two natural proteins, angiostatin and endostatin, could effectively block angiogenesis.

* Antiangiogenesis - Prevention of the growth of new blood vessels.

Nice to see yet another story demonstrating, beyond a shadow of a doubt, proof that a scientific concensus is always correct.

Oh, wait...


Anonymous said...

The UK got a vote and reached a consensus and we got gorgon..nuff said.

Anonymous said...

The consensus of opinion is that politicians are trough snuffling, lying, nose picking, shirt stabbing,brown nosing,doner grabbing,etc. fuckwits. please dont tell me that consensus is always wrong.

Roger Thornhill said...

It is not only proof of that, but shows how the State, being almost a cult now, operates as an enforced monopoly and can stifle innovation.

The same thing is occurring in Fusion research, but it seems the Americans - bless'em - have pulled the funding plug from the State mandated and rigorously enforced monopoly on fusion called ITER.

Newmania said...

I think the concensus on population growth in the 60s which was wildly exaggarated is most comparable to the Enviromental "Concencus"

You have to think of who goes into it . How many people doing women`s studies think men are treated badly under UK , divorce laws , none , same sort of thing .

Incidentally DK have you ever come across Drew Belobaba , she is the UKIP PPC for Lewes and has been laying into the Baker fiend with great panache locally

Anonymous said...

Scientists move in herds. The fact that the IPCC and other similar groups are led by non-scientific leftists only makes this trend worse.

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