Thursday, January 17, 2008

Will Peter Hain Please Just Fuck Off?

It has been commented on elsewhere, and I have mentioned before that I have no time for the odious Peter Hain, but it is absolutely staggering that Peter Hain still has his job. But even more so, the reason why Hain is still in power is even more staggering - that the fucking Prime Minister thinks it is ok for Hain to keep his job – after all, the perma-tanned prig isn’t a liar. No, he’s just incompetent. Yep, the man who is secretary of state for one of the countries in our union, and who is in charge of work and pensions in this country, is incompetent. And that’s a reason why he should stay in office.

I’m sorry, but what the ruddy fuck is going on here?

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why the egregiously tanned Hain shouldn’t have been consigned by his evil, glowering, one eyed boss to the scrap heap of history as soon as this scandal came to light. The fact that he is still in power, with his boss’s (albeit grudging) approval is an insult to everyone in this fucking country. Seriously, the standards of the Brown government are so low that it is ok for someone who is a self-confessed incompetent to hold high office.

Maybe it is wrong to focus so much on Hain. After all, other people in Brown’s cabinet have accepted dodgy donations, and other ministers have shown themselves to be completely incompetent. But this is it – our current cabinet is one of the worst we have ever had. Some of them are corrupt, some are incompetent, often they are both. And they should be making every person in this country cringe to the pits of their stomachs with their undignified and desperate clinging to power, despite their incompetence and dearth of any even approaching a moral code.
The worst thing is, owing to the spineless attitude of the git currently resident in Number 10, we have to wait until 2009 at the earliest to show these cunts the door. With every hour of every day that passes until then, these fuckers bring more embarrassment and do more damage to the UK. It is not enough to want them to go at the next election. We should want them all to fuck off right now.

Belgium has survived without a government. In one respect, they are in a better position than us. They survive without a government. We'd be in a much better position if we didn't have our current government.

Which is why, despite my pretensions towards pacifism, I can’t help but wish that our cabinet would suddenly die in some sort of horrific accident. And what I dearly hope is this: that the pressure on Peter Hain becomes so much in a cabinet meeting that his outrageously orange skin breaks, and emits the foul air of smug, utterly undeserved self satisfaction that so bloats Hain’s ego into the cabinet room; thus suffocating his cabinet colleagues with it’s noxious fumes.

Choking to death on the rancid ego of Peter Hain? It is almost too good for our Cabinet.


Simon Fawthrop said...

You omit that one of Hain's supporters defended him by saying he was disorganised. (Wasn't there also a comment during the deputy leadership campaign that his camapaign was so disorganised that it started badly and quickly went down hill after that?)

So what we really have is a known disorganised and incompetent person as a selected to be a Minister of State.

Old BE said...

It really is an indication of how low we have stooped that "incompetent" is now a positive attribute. I'm sure similar praise would go down well in the private sector!

Roger Thornhill said...

To me it is clear.

If Hain stays on it lowers the chance of him getting nailed by a criminal case, even though he has admitted to criminal offences.

If Hain gets a conviction, he has to leave office. I suspect is pension will not be forthcoming...

That, and Brown has precious few allies.

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anthonynorth said...

One can only judge incompetence based on one's own abilities. Applying this to Brown/Hain, is this an admission from our 'esteemed leader' that he's incompetent?

Anonymous said...

Hain is being used as a butt plug if he goes the whole colon full of watery shits will splatter into the pan of history then that gnarly old floater gordon will have to be pushed round the U bend with a bog bush.

Prodicus said...

You and I are receiving the fluence from the same muse today. I too have been getting angrier and angrier all day about the same things: the damage this bunch of immoral, hypocritcal bastards, led by the worst of them all, is able to wreak with impunity. It absolutely chokes me. I tell you, there are days when if it weren't for blogging (venting my own spleen and having you and others do it for me, most satisfactorily) I would go fucking mad with politically impotent rage.

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